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LICQ(1)                                                      LICQ(1)

       licq - ICQ client

       licq [OPTION]... [-- PLUGIN-OPTIONS]...

       licq  is an ICQ instant messaging client daemon that supports
       a number of interfaces via plug-ins, primarily Qt,  but  also
       GTK+,  console,  and  other  utility  plug-ins.  At least one
       plug-in is required for Licq to function.

       -b DIR Set the base  directory  for  configuration  and  data
              files (default: $HOME/.licq)

       -c     Disable color at standard output.

       -d NUMBER
              Set what information is logged to standard output:
              1 - status information
              2 - unknown packets
              4 - errors
              8 - warnings
              16 - all packets
              Add values together for multiple options.

       -h     Print a help screen on standard output, then exit.

       -I     Force initialization of the given base directory.

       -o FILE
              Redirect standard error to FILE, which can be a device
              (e.g., /dev/ttyp4).

       -p PLUGIN
              Load the given plug-in library.

       To start licq with the KDE GUI plug-in:

              licq -p kde-gui

       This choice is recorded, so next time it  suffices  to  start
       without any options.

            per-user configuration data

       This  man  page was written by Zed Pobre <> and
       Peter Eisentraut <> for the Debian project.

                             08 Oct 2006                     LICQ(1)
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