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LifeLines Source Release, Version 3.0.54

This is a brief description of the directory layout.

Source Code Directories


    Some of the scripts needed for autotools based development
    README.DEVELOPERS has some information about autotools


    m4 macro files needed by gettext (the GNU internationalization package)


    Unused & empty


    Project files for Miscrosoft Visual C++ 6


    spec file used to create rpm (source & binary) distributions
    (rpm is RedHat package distribution format)


    Local gettext implementation, which substitutes in appropriate language
    translation strings on the fly.


    m4 language macros for the Autoconf/Automake system, mostly
    for the gettext intl subdirectory.
    The contents of this directory will be entirely created by 
    the autotools during development.


    Translations (gettext message catalogs).


    Library of replacement functions missing on some platforms.


    btree (database) implementation, with access functions.
    Used by the rest of lifelines to access the binary database.


    Implementation of the INDISEQ type.
    Implementation of NAME & REFN records.
    Node functions (extracting from & sending to db, and some top-level
     node conversions, eg indi_to_event).
    messages (attempt to put together all strings for hopeful localization).
    miscellaneous other stuff (including initialization code & options).


    Header files.
    screen.h is curses-specific, and will probably be moved eventually.


    Headers for win32 implementation code.


    Report generator program interpreter.


    The frontend logic and GUI code of the LifeLines application.
    Code to implement import & export, editing, & merging records.
    The curses interface is somewhat but not entirely separated 
    from the application.
    Curses specific:
      browse.c lbrowse.c loadsave.c main.c menuitem.c pedigree.c screen.c, show.c tandem.c
    (Although browse, lbrowse, & menuitem embody the main command handling, and will have to
    be duplicated in other versions, unlesss they can be reused ?)


    Common data types & functions used by other LifeLines modules,
      lists (in double.c), tables, sequences, string stuff
    These are all independent of LifeLines or GEDCOM.


    btedit - edit the binary records in the btree (database) itself
    dbverify - check a database for errors


    Will contain UI-specific code for obtaining input and displaying


    Code from the win32 port, used only when creating win32 target

./win32/hdrs/ (OBSOLETE)

    Headers used in win32 port (before ./hdrs existed)

Non-Source Code Directories


    Documentation in various formats, including old quickref, and 
    the new users guide and report manual (and developers guide).


    Lifelines language reports (*.ll)


   Translation tables, for character set conversions for users
   without iconv, or for custom conversions.

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