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These instructions are for building a new lifelines 
release, in your cvs working directory, and actually
releasing it.

Fetch latest cvs if desired, eg 
  $ cvs -z3 up -d

Edit the version number, setting it to the new release:
(Running, eg, "cd build; sh 3.0.19; cd .." does this)
(NB: requires bash3)
  build/msvc6/btedit/btedit.rc (4 occurrences)
  build/msvc6/dbverify/dbVerify.rc (4 occurrences)
  build/msvc6/llexec/llexec.rc (4 occurrences)
  build/msvc6/llines/llines.rc (4 occurrences)
  docs/ll-devguide.xml (2 occurrences)
  docs/ll-reportmanual.xml (2 occurrences)
  docs/ll-userguide.xml (2 occurrences)
  docs/llines.1 (& year & month as well)

Run autotools:
  $ sh

Note: There are several reports which do not build
correctly in UTF-8 locale. Therefore, if you use
a UTF-8 locale, do something like so:
export LANG=en_US.ISO-8859-1

Build local copy in ./bld subdirectory:
  $ rm -rf bld
  $ mkdir bld
  $ cd bld
  $ ../configure
  $ make

Update master message catalog template (for i18n):
  $ mv ../po/lifelines.pot ../po/lifelines.old.pot
  $ cd po
  $ make lifelines.pot
  $ cd ..

Build distribution tarball:
  $ make dist
  $ cd ..

Add an entry mentioning the new version in the

Commit changes (new version number, new message catalogs):
  $ cvs -z3 ci

Announce new version to Free Translation Project.
 <Merely send the URL of a packaged distribution to Use the string
  "DOMAIN-VERSION.pot" somewhere in the subject line
  of your invoice. Beware that a POT file may only
  be processed once by the Translation Project.>
Free Translation Project page for lifelines:

Build any other files (eg, other tarball formats,
MS-Windows binary packages, rpm packages).


debian: lifelines is a supported debian package
         and has a debian maintainer (q.v.)


Go to lifelines admin page, and create a new
beta release. Paste in top part of ./NEWS file
for ChangeLog entry, and copy & paste release
notes from previous beta release, updating md5
signatures to those of new release files.

Upload the release files (tarball etc.) to From the release page
(above, opened from project admin), refresh
and attach the release files, and set properties
appropriately (can look at previous releases to
see how to set them).

Tag the cvs source via (for example, for version 3.0.25)
  cvs tag v3_0_25

Send an announcement to the LINES-L mailing list
 (send to user LINES-L at domain LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU).

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