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Linux can read, but not write, OS/2 HPFS partitions.

Mount options are the same as for msdos partitions.

  uid=nnn	All files in the partition will be owned by user id nnn.
  gid=nnn	All files in the partition will be in group nnn.
  umask=nnn	The permission mask (see umask(1)) for the partition.
  conv=binary   Data is returned exactly as is, with CRLF's.  [default]
  conv=text     (Carriage return, line feed) is replaced with newline.
  conv=auto     Chooses, file by file, conv=binary or conv=text (by guessing)

There is one mount option unique to HPFS.

  case=lower	Convert file names to lower case.  [default]
  case=asis     Return file names as is, in mixed case.

Case is not significant in filename matching, like real HPFS.

Command line example
    mkdir -p /os2/c
    mount -t hpfs -o uid=100,gid=100 /dev/sda6 /os2/c

/etc/fstab example
    /dev/sdb5	/d/f    hpfs    ro,uid=402,gid=402,umask=002
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