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The address and IRQ used by the 3c505 driver can be configured at boot
time by typing 'ether=eth0,15,0x300' (replace IRQ and base address with
ones that tell how your adapter is jumpered).

If no base address is given at the boot time, the driver will look for
a 3c505 adapter at addresses 0x300, 0x280 and 0x310 in this order,
possibly messing up any other hardware residing in these addresses.
If a base address is given, it will be verified.

There's two #defines one may need to change in the 3c505 driver:
 this exists just to adapt the driver with pretty wide range of kernels.
 See 3c505.c for exact information.

 some DOS drivers seem to get the adapter to some irrecoverable state
 if the machine is "warm booted" from DOS to Linux. If you experience
 problems when warm booting, but "cold boot" works, #defining this
 to 1 may help.

Known problems:
 when 'ifconfig up' is run for the first time after bootup, the driver
elp_interrupt(): irq 15 for unknown device.
 There should be the IRQ the ELPlus adapter is using. IF the IRQ doesn't
 match, something is seriously wrong.

 The driver is mainly written by Craig Southeren, email c/o
 Parts of the driver (adapting the driver to 1.1.4+ kernels,
 IRQ/address detection, minor changes) and this (lousy) 'readme'
 by Juha Laiho <>.
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