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This is my Linux hardware level driver for Teles compatible ISDN cards. It is 
meant to be used with isdn4isdn4linux, an ISDN Link-level module for Linux written
by Fritz Elfert.

Isdn4linux can be obtained from The most recent 
Teles driver can be found on my homepage,

Teles4isdn4linux is a work in progress and may crash your machine. It has not 
been certified and therefore operation on your PTT's ISDN network is probably 

Teles4isdn4linux only works on Euro ISDN lines and german 1TR6-lines.

For the B channel transparent (HDLC) protocol and X.75 have been implemented. 

When you insmod isdn.o and teles.o (or with the kernel-version, during boottime)
a few lines should appear in your syslog. Look for something like:

Oct 11 16:53:30 jedi kernel: channels 2
Oct 11 16:53:31 jedi kernel: Teles module installed

Remember, that according to the new strategy for accessing Low-level-drivers
from within isdn4linux you should also define a driver-id while doing
insmod: Simply append teles_id=<SomeString> to the insmod-commandline. This
string MUST NOT start with a digit or a small 'x'!

At this point you can run a 'cat /dev/isdnctrl0' and view debugging 
messages. Debugging messages are enabled with the telesctrl tool: 

	teles/telesctrl <DriverId> 1 <debugging_flags>

where <debugging_flags> is the integer sum of the following debugging
options you wish enabled:

	1   Link-level <--> Hardware-level communication
	2   Top state machine 
	4   D channel Q.931 (call control messages)
	8   D channel Q.921 
	16  B channel X.75
	32  Lowlevel (irq and Layer1 stuff)

For example 'teles/telesctrl MyTeles 1 63' enables full 

Check out the FAQ (

If you find any please let me know. 

Special thanks to:

	Erik Bos,Beat Doebeli,Fritz Elfert,	
	Pauline Middelink,Paula de Nie, 	
	Bernd Oerding,Stephan Seidl,Matthias Urlichs, 
	Rogier Wolff


Jan den Ouden

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