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Additional low level sound drivers for Linux

This directory contains some low level sound drivers.
These drivers are used to be (when Linux sound drivers was OSS/Lite) external
drivers, not maintained by Hannu Savolainen and not touched by him.
Now things are changed: the new Linux sound driver code maintained by Alan Cox
include these lowlevel drivers and they are no more neglected (thanks Alan).

The following low level drivers are included:

- ACI MIXER for miroPCM12 by Markus Kuhn
- Audio Excel DSP 16 initialization driver by Riccardo Facchetti
- SB32/AWE synthesizer driver (Emu8000) by Takashi Iwai

You can find documentation for these drivers in the Documentation/sound

[ File edited 17.01.1999 - Riccardo Facchetti ]
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