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uClinux-2.4 for H8/300 README
Yoshinori Sato <>

* Supported CPU
H8S is planning.

* Supported Target
1.simulator of GDB
  require patches.

2.AE 3068/AE 3069
  more information 
  Akizuki Denshi Tsusho Ltd. <> (Japanese Only)

  Under development
  see (Japanese Only)

* Toolchain Version
gcc-3.1 or higher and patch
see arch/h8300/tools_patch/README
binutils-2.12 or higher
gdb-5.2 or higher
The environment that can compile a h8300-elf binary is necessary.

* Userland Develop environment
Tempolary used h8300-hms(h8300-coff) Toolchain.
I prepare toolchain corresponding to h8300-elf.

* A few words of thanks
Porting to H8/300H is support of Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan.
I thank support.
and All developer/user.
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