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2007-06-30 Magnus Hyllander <>
  * Added the listenport option, which lets you select which UPnP port
    to listen to. The port number is passed to UpnpInit when
    initializing the UPnP library. This is useful if you are running
    several UPnP services on your firewall, and only specific ports
    have been opened. Gmediaserver has this option also, for example.

  * Renamed the insert_forward_rules option to create_forward_rules to
    better reflect what it actually does. Fixed the erroneous
    description of the option.

  * Added the forward_rules_append to do what people thought
    insert_forward_rules did, i.e. control whether to append or insert
    rules in the forward chain. The option description also includes a
    tip about what to do if neither insert or append is what you

  * Fixed pmlist_AddPortMapping. It was doing different things when
    using iptables or iptc to create rules. The iptc method was
    inserting in the forward chain and appending to the prerouting
    chain, while the iptables method was doing the opposite. Now both
    methods append to the prerouting chain, and forward_rules_append
    controls whether to insert or append to the forward chain.
  * Added trace output when using iptc to add and delete rules
    (for debug_mode=3).

  * Fixed the parsing of the create_forward_rules and
    forward_rules_append options. The regular expression just wouldn't
    take "no" for an answer :-)

2007-04-23 Rosfran Borges <>
  * Removed unused files on the linux-igd_autotools version.

2007-03-26 Rosfran Borges <>
  * Created the CVS tag 'linux-igd_autotools', to add all the automake/autotools
    related issues.

  * Fixed some installation issues, regarding lib-installing to the
    correct directory, and copying the header files to the destination
    dir (make install).
  * Put 'pkg-config' resource to the Linux IGD library. The name of the
    PKG-CONFIG resource is 'linux-igd', plus the minor and major version.
    Actually, the version is '0.1', so the library config file is:
    'linux-igd-0.1.pc'. You can type: 'pkg-config --cflags --libs

  * Many adjustments in the automake/autoconf configuration files
    (, - some autotools misusage fixed.

  * Fixed some library dependencies.

2007-02-07 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * Fixed interface statistics gathering and streamlined
    into a single function.

  * linux-igd 1.0 released

2006-10-01 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * Fixed compilation on GCC-2.9x, noticed by Vyacheslav Garashchenko.

  * Use bounded string functions, to protect from overflow exploits/stack-smashing.

2006-08-13 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * linux-igd 0.95 released

2006-07-25 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * Added option ALLOW_MULTICAST to init script, which when not
    set to 'no', enables multicast packets to be received by
    internal interface

  * Added '-f' option to run in foreground for debugging etc

  * Validate internal interface name correctly

  * Other minor tweaks, such as making variables local to block
    to save on stack space, interface name length fixes

2006-05-23 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * Added manpage contributed by Jos� Fonseca <>

2006-05-19 Daniel J Blueman <>
  * Protect against bad addresses being passed to inet_addr()

  * Enable compiler optimization in makefile

  * Fix compile warnings and uninitialised variable possible use

  * Some makefile and code cleanups

2006-05-04 mhyllander
  * Updated installation instructions for libupnp 1.3.1, and also
    added a note about installing with precompiled libraries on Fedora
    Core 5.

2006-02-01 mhyllander
  * Fixed problem with multiple children being forked when using
    iptables to modify the netfilter tables. upnpd was doing a
    fork+system without a following exit, so children continued living
    on. Now a fork+exec+exit is done.
  * Included a patch from Juho V�h�-Herttua to fix inserting of
    forward rules when using libiptc.
  * Added handling of port mapping duration. Port mappings will be
    automatically removed when they expire. If the client doesn't set
    a duration, a default duration can be used. The default duration
    can either be set as a relative time (e.g. two hours), or as an
    absolute time of day (e.g. 04:00 every day).
  * You can force upnpd to delete all port mappings by sending it the
    SIGUSR1 signal. The SIGINT and SIGTERM signals terminate upnpd.
  * Made parsing of the configuration file more secure by guarding
    against buffer overflow.
  * In the configuration file, the path to the iptables command is now
    specified between quotes, to allow all characters to be used in
    the path.
  * syslog messages are now sent to local6. Trace output is sent to
    LOG_DEBUG. You can specify the log level in the configuration file
    by setting debug_mode between 0 (no output)  and 3 (all output).
  * added an example init.d script: etc/upnpd.rc.
  * Some code cleanups, like only defining globals in one place
    (i.e. not in an include file), and some improvements to the
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