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This is the README file for LIRC, the Linux Infrared Remote Control
package. The main documentation of this package is available in HTML
format.  Please refer to the file doc/html/index.html for more

If you want to know what LIRC is and where you can get current
versions of LIRC read the ANNOUNCE file.

LIRC uses autoconf to make installation as easy as possible for its
users. The INSTALL file describes generic installation instructions
for packages that use autoconf. However you will only have to read
this file if you want to do something unusual during the installation
process which is described in the documentation very detailed.

If you are upgrading from an older version of LIRC take a look at the
NEWS file which contains all user visible changes between
releases. Also at least read the "Updating from lirc-x.y.z" sections
in the main documentation.
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