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    locpol package tries to cover Local Polynomial estimation with weights, 
who has been used by the author to study and make inference for lenght biased 
data and biased data in general. 

. José Antonio Cristóbal Cristóbal, José Tomás Alcalá Nalváiz (U. of Zaragoza)
  who introduced me to the problem of Local Polynomial estimation for biased 
  data and the compensation.
. Hiroyuki Kawakatsu (Business School, Dublin City University) who pointed 
  some bugs in code and docs.

. 01/07/2002 Implementation of main Local polynomial estimators with weights.
. 01/04/2005 Compilation of functions in an R package.
. 01/08/2006 Simple Rd file documentation added.
. 01/01/2008 First release of the locpol package.
. 01/10/2009 Fix for some documentation and code related to the degree. Some
  simple bivariate estimators added.

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