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Directory lout/doc/design

This directory contains the Lout source files
for the report entitled `The design and
implementation of the Lout document formatting
language'  which appeared in Software--Practice
and Experience, vol 23, pp1001-1041 (September
1993).  To produce the report, type the command

	lout -r3 all >

in this directory.  The -r3 flag causes Lout to
run over the document three times, which is
needed to completely resolve all cross references,
although a readable PostScript file
would be produced after one run if -r3 is omitted.
Auxiliary files with .li and .ld suffixes will be
created in this directory.  A copy of the final is included.

The second and third runs should produce no error
messages (although changing the paper size might
produce one or two benign ones).

Jeffrey H. Kingston
14 October 2008
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