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Directory lout/doc/expert

This directory contains the Lout source files for the Expert's Guide
to the Lout Document Formatting System.  To produce the Guide, type
the command

	lout all >

in this directory.  This must be done four times to completely resolve
all cross references, although the PostScript file is
printable after the first run.  Auxiliary files with .li and .ld
suffixes will be created in this directory.  A copy of the final is included.  There should be no warning messages on
the fifth run, except this one:

lout file "pre_conc" (from "pre" line 7, from "all" line 25):
   162,1: 13.2c object too high for 8.7c space; will try elsewhere

which just warns about a figure that is not able to be placed on
the first possible page, and so has to appear on the next page.

Jeffrey H. Kingston
24 August 2005
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