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This tool can be used to create a root filesystem that will fit on a floppy.
You can then boot the kernel on a floppy and use this root disk and boot into
a functional linux operating system.

This can be used as a recovery disk, to put linux on systems that do not
have a hard disk. For instance to boot a PPC32 F50 machine you may do the

1. dd if=<compressed kernel image> of=/dev/fd0h1440 bs=1k (floppy 1)
2. create a root filesystem using mkrootfs, use options to choose the
   appropriate file system support. (floppy 2)
3. insert the floppy 1 and cycle the power, at the Open Firmware (OF) boot
   prompt type the following.
   ok> boot floppy:,\<kernel image> load_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=128000
   root=/dev/fd0h1440 video=keep (hit enter)
4. when prompted for root disk, remove floppy 1 and insert floppy 2 (hit enter)

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