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These are libcURL bindings for lua 5.0 and lua 5.1, the ones used in FreePOPs
(see The newest version of the package can be found

Note that the source package is the one with the -freepops suffix (since two
implementations exists). They should compile cleanly using curl from version
7.9.5 to 7.11.2. It is tested against 7.15.4 and should compile with newer
versions too, but no flags newer that 7.11.2 are bound. Only the libcURL easy
interface is bound. See the first lines of the Makefile for some compilation
flags. The following variables can be overridden:

 LIBTOOL=libtool --silent --tag=CC
 LUA=lua5.1 # use lua50 to compile for lua 5.0
 LUADOC= luadoc

This software is distributed under GPL or MIT license (the same as lua
5.0 and lua 5.1) at your option. No warranties.

The documentation in doc/curl.html contains some examples too.
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