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-- $LynxId: CHANGES,v 1.496 2010/08/25 09:20:04 tom Exp $
Changes since Lynx 2.8 release

2010-08-25 (2.8.8dev.5)
* modify convert_to_idna() to check for malformed urls (Debian #594300 reports
  this as CVE-2010-2810) -TD
* correct typo in po/makefile.inn from removal of in dev.4 (Debian
  #592078) -TD
* correct a sign-extension error in UpdateBoundary(), used for MIME boundary
  computation, broken in dev.4 compiler-warning fixes -TD

2010-06-21 (2.8.8dev.4)
* check for SSL error when reading response from "GET".  This incidentally
  exposes a longstanding bug in GNUTLS:
  (google the message "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received")
  which prevents connection to
  (report by Ignac Vucko) -TD
* fix ifdef/define's in LYMain.c to show GNUTLS version in user-agent when
  built with tidy_tls.c -TD
* improve format of X509_NAME_oneline() in tidy_tls.c, making it compatible
  with the OpenSSL function so that no post-processing is needed -TD
* correct typo in configure --enable-gnutls-compat option, which sometimes made
  it enabled as a side-effect of setting --with-gnutls -TD
* add configure option --enable-wais, for test-compiles with freeWAIS -TD
* fixes to build with VMS -Christoph J Gartmann
  + created [.src]multinet_ucx.opt with a single line
  + modified to have an additional option "Multinet with
    UCX emulation"
  + modified for the same reason
  + modified [.www.library.implementation]www_tcp.h for the same reason
  + provide definition of IS_CJK_TTY for HTWAIS.c by adding include of
* fix typo in users's guide -PBM
* drop and MKINSTALLDIRS symbol from makefiles, using "mkdir -p" -TD
* limit parsed URIs with new config parameter MAX_URI_SIZE, default 8192
  (RedHat #605286, forwarded by Vincent Danen). For arbitrarily long URIs,
  alloca() could run out of stack space -TD
* several changes to configure script, from ongoing work on xterm, etc -TD
  + workaround for broken ".pc" file for X Toolkit, which omits the ICE
  + modify CF_NCURSES_CONFIG to use CF_CURSES_HEADER to pick out the particular
    flavor of ncurses.h, e.g., <ncursesw/curses.h>
  + add parameter to CF_CURSES_HEADER to allow looking for specific
    subdirectory ncurses/ncursesw/etc + restructured CF_X_ATHENA to use
    pkg-config, if available.
  + CF_GNUTLS eliminates duplicate libraries when configuring with pkg-config
  + modified several macros to quote params of ifelse()
  + CF_AR_FLAGS allows $ARFLAGS to override the choice of ar-flags, in
    particular check if a given choice is part of the current $ARFLAGS
  + workaround CF_XOPEN_CURSES for (temporary) problem with ncurses headers,
    which did not account for the fact that _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED may be
    defined in a system header.
* remove redundant updates for CFLAGS and LIBS in configure script which are
  now done in CF_FIND_LINKAGE macro -TD
* fix a problem with configure script which broke "--with-gnutls=/usr" (report
  by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* resolve warnings from "clang --analyze", tested with Fedora 12 and clang
  2.6-0.5.pre1.fc12, 2.7-1.fc12 -TD
* further improvements to print_wwwfile_to_fd() -TD
  + corrected length used for radio/checkboxes.
  + fill in wrapped fields.

2010-04-25 (2.8.8dev.3)
* modify print_wwwfile_to_fd() to add field values to the printed form (Debian
  #574940) -TD
* add check for magic (header bytes) before trying to decompress, since zlib
  does not provide this check (Redhat #503921) -TD
* add workaround in CF_SSL configure macro for broken openssl pkg-config script
  on Redhat, CentOS -TD
* add configure option --disable-rpath-hack -TD
* allow IPv6 addresses without "http://" prefix (Redhat #425879, patch by Kamil
* build-fixes for OpenSolaris aka Solaris 11 -TD
* add/use CF_RPATH_HACK, for constructing rpath references to libraries in
  nonstandard locations -TD
* improve configure macros CF_CURSES_TERM_H and CF_FIND_LINKAGE -TD
* add synopsis entries for -get_data and -post_data options to
  (report by Dallas E. Legan II) -TD
* fix a possible conflict between CF_HEADER_PATH and CF_LIBRARY_PATH by setting
  their respective target variables, not appending -TD
* improve configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE by removing rather than undefining
  preexisting symbols as they are added to the definitions -TD
* add configure check for -lnetwork, from tin -TD
* when renaming/copying a bookmark file, e.g., to delete a bookmark, modify
  its permissions for compatibility with IsOurFile() (Redhat #486070) -TD
* fix most gcc writable-strings warnings -TD
* update config.guess (2009-12-30), config.sub (2009-12-31)

2009-11-25 (2.8.8dev.2)
* modify trimming of URI in LYSetCookie() to eliminate trimming of final leaf
  (Debian #460108) -TD
* document the various xxx_PATH settings in lynx.cfg -TD
* modify to improve formatting of cattoc.html -TD
* split-up top-level makefile install-html rule to allow generating the
  htmlized cfg without doing an install -TD
* suppress positioning for editor when using it to edit files via dired -TD
* modify samples/lynx-demo.cfg to suppress external file-utilities, since the
  intent is to make the installer work standalone, but allow extension -TD
* add traces for builtin dired operations -TD
* modify built-in "touch" for dired to use binary mode when opening file -TD
* remove check from 2.8.5dev.11 which prevents user from moving a directory in
  dired unless the external program "mv" is provided -TD
* regularize use of isEmpty(), non_empty() -BL
* match built-in "positionable" editor names more liberally -BL
* promote some experimental options to normal, tidy up related EXP_xxx vs
  USE_xxx symbols -TD
  The scrollbar, progressbar, sessions and session-cache options are now
  enabled by default.
* modify scanning in HTRules.c to only trim comments where '#' is either at
  the beginning of a line, or follows whitespace (patch by Kihara Hideto).
* correct a place where LYStrExtent2 was used where byte-count is needed
  (patch by Bake Timmons).
* modify LYExecv() in LYLocal.c to allow win32 applications to use this
  function -TD
* modify ok_stat() in LYLocal.c to retry with "." appended when the path syntax
  indicates that it is probably a directory name -TD
* fix an old typo in configure macro CF_CHECK_FUNCDECL -TD
* change library dependency for gnutls from crypt to gcrypt, originally in
  2.8.5dev.15 (Debian #555579) -TD
* update de.po from
* fix some tidy- and linklint-warnings in help-files -TD
* amend change from 2.8.7dev.14 to not use clrscr() function in stop_curses()
  if using PDCurses, since clrscr() is not in the win32 api -TD
* modify configure script to check if linkage for bzlib and zlib succeeded,
  before defining symbol which makes the compiler uses these libraries -TD
* update lynx_help_main.html to point to "release/lynx2-8-7" documentation -TD

2009-08-28 (2.8.8dev.1)
* add <sys/types.h> include in socklen_t configure check (from OpenBSD CVS)
* eliminate UCPutUtf8ToBuffer() - redundant -TD
* use memset's to simplify some initialization in HTML.c, extending a change
  made in 2.8.7dev.10 (prompted by issue in OpenBSD) -TD 
* add optional support for IDNA using GNU libidn (Debian #352596) -TD
* ignore LEFT-TO-RIGHT-MARK (U+200E) in HTML files (Debian #408835) -TD
* correct check for return-value from gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2(), which
  in conjunction with unclean internals of gnutls caused caused some sites to
  be treated as if they were version-1 X.509 CAs (Debian #231609,
  Ubuntu 293708) -TD
* revise dired-mode's modify_tagged() function, correcting and extending the
  source-paths to validate against the target path.  Before, lynx's current
  working directory was used to validate against target path, i.e., when moving
  all tagged files to a new location.  Lynx's check to ensure that
  source/target paths are distinct prevented users from moving tagged files to
  the current directory (report by Jasper) -TD
* change compiled-in default for SYSLOG_REQUESTED_URLS to false (prompted by
  Debian #537907) -TD
* adjust ifdef in change_sug_filename() so that paths containing square
  brackets are trimmed on VMS only (report by Gaute Strokkenes) -TD
* amend change to ifdef in LYMain.c (from 2.8.7dev.14), since it prevents build
  on NetBSD, whose libintl.h does not include locale.h (report by Thomas
  Klausner) -TD
* modify configure macro CF_GCC_ATTRIBUTES to make it more self-contained -TD
* improve configure check for _XOPEN_SOURCE for HPUX 11 to ensure mbstate_t is
  declared -TD
* update config.guess (2009-08-19), config.sub (2009-08-19)

2009-07-05 (2.8.7rel.1)
* update metrics for 2.8.7 release -TD
* fix ifdef'ing for cfg_bad_html (report by Gabor Z Papp) -TD

2009-06-23 (2.8.7pre.6)
* update lynx.pot file -TD
* add "Bad HTML messages" to Options menu, letting the user disable the
  warning message, write the detailed messages to the LYNXMESSAGES: status
  buffer (suggested by BL) -TD
* finish checkbox for send-useragent from pre.3 changes -TD
* make the size of LYNXMESSAGES configurable in lynx.cfg with

2009-06-06 (2.8.7pre.5)
* add missing ctrl_chars_on_previous_line when computing 'spare' value in
  split_line() for the wide-curses configuration.  The justified line was
  shorter than expected when justifying text -TD
* fix a special case of trailing whitespace not shown in pretty source, at the
  end of a closing tag -TD
* remove "Bad HTML" warning for buttons outside a form, since those can be
  inline, according to the HTML 4 DTD -TD
* provide navigation to script-buttons, to make them more visible, showing
  their name -TD
* change default for send_useragent option to true (prompted by discussion on
  lynx-dev) -TD
* correct check for default type of HTML BUTTON, which is "submit".  The code
  treated this as "button" (prompted by discussion on lynx-dev) -TD

2009-05-25 (2.8.7pre.4)
* update lynx.pot file -TD
* fix a typo in change for Debian #388622 -TD

2009-05-25 (2.8.7pre.3)
* suppress check for "disabled" attribute in a select, as a workaround
  (Debian #525934) -TD
* accommodate (in)compatibility "feature" in HTML5 draft which replaces
  ISO-8859-1 with Windows-1252, as indicated here:
  (Debian #514897) -TD
* remove check for -dump option from HTHandleAuthInfo(), allowing Lynx to -dump
  or -source NNTP urls (report by Dallas E Legan II) -TD
* amend fix for Debian #388622 to allow the user to save names to the home
  directory, e.g., ~/foo -TD
* add an Options menu checkbox to tell if Lynx should send a user-agent string.
  Unless the useragent restriction is set, the default for this checkbox is
  off, so that Lynx will not send the string.  The corresponding setting,
  send_useragent, may be saved to ~/.lynxrc, but normally is not -TD
* correct type for HTNewsGetCharacter() in HTNews.c, which could return a
  sign-extended character mistaken for EOF (report by Dallas E Legan II) -TD

2009-04-26 (2.8.7pre.2)
* update it.po from
* update lynx user's guide section on Options Menu -TD
* modify prompt in LYLoadCGI() from 2.8.6dev.15 to always prompt user (from
  FEDORA-2008-9597), and modify compiled-in configuration default for
  consistency with other lynx.cfg settings to require that lynx.cfg be set to
  permit use of lynxcgi scripts -TD
* correct parsing of "--" command-line parameter (Redhat #311031) -TD
* check for malformed select before adding last-option (Redhat #152146) -TD
* change default for --enable-ascii-ctypes to true -TD
* modify Lynx's DTD information to allow it to display form-related tags that
  are inline, even without being in a form as indicated in
  for %inline.forms and %misc.inline (Debian #398986) -TD
* finish dtd_util, making it able to load and save data from a flat file that
  can be edited -TD
* correct length of padding with underscores in LYhighlight, which used the
  wrong variable based on glyph count rather than cells (Debian #519199) -TD
* fix a few cases where PUTC's intended for pretty-src would display in the
  HTML view (Debian #521489) -TD
* fix some mismatched BOOL vs BOOLEAN from compiler warnings due to dev.13
  change to LYStructs.h -TD
* add TNS SNI support for the OpenSSL configuration -Phil Pennock
* add docs/README.cookies and docs/README.options -Stefan Caunter
* update docs/README.sslcerts -Stefan Caunter
* add NO_PAUSE setting to lynx.cfg, .lynxrc and Options menu (request by
  Stefan Caunter) -TD

2009-03-17 (2.8.7pre.1)
2009-03-17 (2.8.7dev.14)
* modify command-passing for Win32/DOS to use double-quotes -TD
* adapt features from vile's install-script to set registry variables, etc. -TD
* modify LYgetenv() for Win32 platforms to check also in the system registry
  for settings, adapted from vile -TD
* modify SGML_write() to check for UCS-2 BOMs, to provide support for UCS-2
  pages (prompted by comment by TG) -TD
* modify SGML_write() to check for UTF-8 BOM, using that as a hint to set the
  default document charset to UTF-8 (prompted by mailing list comments) -TD
* modify stop_curses() function to fix missing DJGPP and MinGW code -DK, TD
* modify config.hin to fix prototype for getttimeofday() with MinGW -DK
* ifdef to avoid conflicting definition of set_timeout() in DJGPP -DK
* modify ifdef in LYMain.c to avoid possible conflict between libintl.h and
  locale.h -DK
* modify configure script to avoid using symbolic links for MinGW, in case
  the script is run in Cygwin -DK
* modify makefile.msc to add LYIcon object -TD
* modify configure script to add LYIcon object for MinGW -DK
* add sample scripts for configuring MinGW version using Cygwin -DK

2009-02-01 (2.8.7dev.13)
* modify definitions in LYStructs.h for union to cast to a void* rather than
  a long, to help with 64-bit ports -TD
* modify CF_SSL configure macro to check for -ldl needed for recent OpenSSL
  versions -TD
* modify CF_SSL configure macro to build with MSYS for MinGW configuration -TD
* modify scanning of floats from lynx.cfg to allow Lynx to read POSIX values
  in non-POSIX locales -TD
* modify configure script to check for msginit, needed to generate "en" po
  file, and omit that target if msginit is not available, letting lynx build
  with older gettext versions -TD
* improve drawing of menus for multibyte characters by changing the way the
  number of fill-characters is computed in LYpaddstr -TD
* fix some uses of gettext in options menu and info page where a translated
  string might contain angle-brackets or ampersand -TD
* modify AM_WITH_NLS configure macro to add the iconv library dependency for
  intl library when checking for the latter -DK
* fix breakage of display of UTF-8 in UCTransUniChar() from cleanup in dev.12
  (report by TG) -TD
* rename variable defined by CF_PATHSP to PATH_SEPARATOR, use this consistently
  to ease use in later autoconf versions (prompted by patch by DK) -TD
* fix a typo in CF_ADD_LIBDIR which broke check for libintl (report by
  Jose H Espinosa) -TD
* modify configure script to append to CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS rather than prepend,
  to better match the user's intent -DK, TD
* modify UCSetBoxChars() to let line-drawing work with PDCurses, as well as
  any fancy-curses implementation that is running in ASCII or Latin-1 -TD
* add a configure check for curses type "chtype" -TD
* fix for an ASCII dependency in LYKeymap.c -PG
* update fr.po, id.po,, sv.po, tr.po, vi.po from
* change configure script to check for "ar" archiver options, from tin bug
  report for FreeBSD 8.0 which requires a "-" before the options -TD
* update config.guess (2008-12-19), config.sub (2008-12-11)
* use putenv() in preference to unsetenv() in LYReadCFG.c, noting that it is
  a deprecated BSD interface -TD
* miscellaneous fixes for gcc type-conversion warnings -TD
* remove trailing comma from enumeration UCStatus which causes strict-compiler
  warning -TD

2008-12-31 (2.8.7dev.12)
* add configure option --enable-ascii-ctypes to enable EXP_ASCII_CTYPES -TD
* move EBCDIC tables to separate file LYebcdic.c to simplify building test
  driver for parsdate.c on z/OS -PG
* fix an off-by-one difference between UTF-8/non-UTF-8 comparisons in
  HText_appendCharacter() which would leave an extra character wrapped in some
  cases, e.g., in the options menu when field-numbering was turned on -TD
* remove logic in GridText.c for ignoring "excess" characters in a field when
  fields are numbered, since highlighting of wrapped multiline links works,
  and this feature is incompatible with it -TD
* remove obsolete CF_VARARGS configure check -TD
* modify configure script to build with MinGW and MSYS -TD
* modify configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE to define _ALL_SOURCE for AIX 6.x -TD
* implement a LONG_LIST equivalent for ftp, configurable as FTP_FORMAT -TD
* adapt some of the SH_EX ifdef'd features (TD):
  + extra keypad conversions in LYgetch_for() are for PDCurses.
  + add -show_cfg option.
  + entify embedded blanks in HTDOS_wwwName().
  + treat null file-pointer in HTParseFile(HTFormat() as end-of-file.
* change the phase during which "-help" option is processed, to allow it to
  reflect the configured values of the options in the help-message (prompted
  by discussion with Dan Jacobson regarding Debian #507083) -TD
* modify havevisible() and UCTransToUni() functions to process UTF-8 input,
  fixing a problem saving bookmarks whose title is UTF-8 (prompted by patch by
  Takao Fujiwara) -TD
* restore logic in HTLoadHTTP() to strip matching square brackets from host
  name and certificate host (comments by TG) -TD
* modify UCdomap.c to work with Solaris iconv and handle additional encodings:
  + if "TRANSLIT" feature (an extension of glibc) does not succeed, retry
    the call to iconv_open without "TRANSLIT"
  + add check for any MIME name beginning "iso8859", mapping to "iso-8859"
  + recognize "eucjp" MIME name as alias for "euc-jp"
  + recognize "pck" MIME name as alias for "shift_jis"
  + recognize "ansi-1251" MIME name as alias for "windows-1251"
  (patch by Takao Fujiwara)
* add "*.dbg" to suffixes to ignore in autoconf script when checking for
  executables and objects produced by C compile (report by PG, for z/OS) -TD
* modify parsdate.y to convert between EBCDIC/ASCII to work on z/OS -PG, -TD
* modify src/ to make it simple for a build script running in a
  separate directory to regenerate parsdate.c (prompted by discussion with PG
  regarding building on z/OS which uses EBCDIC) -TD
* add configure check for yacc (report by PG) -TD
* fixes to make configure --help agree with INSTALLATION (report by PW) -TD
* add id.po from
* add a null-pointer check for content type, fix for dev.11 changes (Debian
  #509321) -TD
* improve configurability with regard to pkg-config by adding --with-pkg-config
  option, which can be used to enable/disable use of the program as well as
  specify the pathname used (prompted by comments by TG) -TD
* correct handling of --with-ssl option when pkg-config is not found -TD

2008-12-14 (2.8.7dev.11)
* add support for HTML5 rel=author in link (mailing list comments) -TD
* modify cookie-writing to not write if no cookies were read from the file
  and none are available (Debian #354282) -TD
* fix src/tidy_tls.c X509_get_issuer_name to actually take the issuer DN of the
  present certificate and not hope that it is the same as taking the subject DN
  of the "next" certificate which may or may not exist (Debian #499945, patch
  by Thomas Viehmann)
* modify exit code when doing a "-dump" to exit with error if the server
  returned an error status for the page (Debian #299711) -TD
* fix ipv6 literal command-line parsing (Debian #180654, analysis by Fabio
  Massimo Di Nitto) -TD
* extend configure macros CF_SSL and CF_GNUTLS to check for pkg-config, using
  that for the default if the corresponding openssl or gnutls packages are
  installed (suggested by PGNet) -TD
* add fi.po from
* update fr.po from
* correct handling of the option value from configure "--with-ssl", which was
  not being used in the search-list (report by PGNet) -TD
* update configure script macros -TD
  CF_CURSES_LIBS - add "pdcurses", e.g., to link with MinGW
  CF_UTF8_LIB - use CF_FIND_LINKAGE to better work with BSD ports.
  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE - add case for dragonfly
* document width-limitation in manpage, fix a few stray 1024's still in the
  source (report by Barry Haddow) -TD
* add "read_timeout" to lynx.cfg, and -read_timeout option to command-line
  (prompted by Dries De Moor report on mailing list) -TD
* modify to handle a special case where the content-type is given as one of the
  compressed types, to check if the address (after stripping the file suffix
  for that compression) has a suffix that lynx could present -TD
  For example:
  would display the uncompressed "bar.html" rather than offering to download
  the file.  This also allows one to add SUFFIX commands to lynx.cfg to display
  the corresponding plain files.
  For example:
* workaround for STRING redefinition in parsdate.c on DJGPP -GV
* improve configure-check to determine proper fallback when no long-long
  printing format is available -TD
* update win32 makefiles/build scripts to add LYmktime, parsdate modules -TD
* update config.guess (2008-04-14), config.sub (2008-06-16)

2008-09-21 (2.8.7dev.10)
* remove rw.po, since the translation project no longer supplies it -TD
* implement "readonly" attribute for TEXTAREA and TEXT fields -TD
* update Lynx's tables of HTML attributes to cover (except for events) the
  keywords from HTML 4.01 -TD
* modify initial active link in download-page to be the first download
  action rather than the "help" link which is provided in Novice mode
  (Debian #376259) -PBM, TD
* implement "chunked" transfer-encoding to work with servers that ignore the
  version number in HTTP get's -TD
* change initialization of trace file, handing this during the first part of
  argument parsing along with -help and -version, to show steps done for
  initialization of presentors, etc -TD
* minor fix to LYstartPopup() to handle a case where the popup menu was too
  large for the screen -TD
* fixes for srcdir!=objdir (report by FLWM) -TD
* modify to work from subdirectory, e.g., its parameter would be
  "../" -TD
* set POSIX locale for and since they use character
  ranges -TD
* add switch -xhtml-parsing and lynx.cfg XHTML_PARSING setting to control
  whether the extensions for XHTML 1.0 are used (prompted by bug report by
  FLWM, as well as discussion on lynx-dev) -TD
* modify external editing of TEXTAREA to not do tab-conversion -TD
* modify LYhighlight() to limit display of multicolumn characters -TD
* rewrite LYRefreshEdit(), to display multibyte/multicolumn characters properly
  when using wide-character curses -TD
* revise introductory comment written to ".lynxrc" (Debian #461158) -TD
* discard anchor's post_data field in HTLoadDocument() if Lynx is about to
  reload a document.  That would happen if the result of the form includes a
  link back to the form.  Removing the data causes Lynx to prompt the user,
    Resubmit POST content to http://localhost/cgi-bin/ ? (y/n)
  to offer the user the choice between revisiting form or re-POST'ing the
  data that was on the form (report by Andreas K Foerster) -TD
* fixes for LYHighlight() when the highlighted text is empty -TD
* translate named entities, etc., for "content" field of refresh-URL, cf:
  2.8.5dev.13 (report by Ivan Shmakov) -TD
* suppress computation in TrimmedLength() for source-view, which is not needed
  for Debian #204515 (patch by Mike Knight)
* add check-po rule to po/makefile -TD
* modify top-level makefile to work with configure --srcdir -TD
* add update-po rule to top-level makefile -TD
* update fr.po, nl.po, tr.po, vi.po, zh_TW.po,sv.po from
* parse doctype for xhtml, to tell when empty tags such as "<textarea />" can
  be discarded (report by Nils Dagsson Moskopp) -TD
* parse xml processing-instruction to turn on UTF-8 decoding, as well as
  disable upper/lower case transforming in source view (discussion on
  lynx-dev) -TD
* fix typo in Lynx_users_guide.html (report by Kristof Zelechovski)
* minor fix to documentation in lynx.cfg -PW
* use off_t rather than long for representing file sizes, e.g., when used to
  print progress messages (reports by LP, Tomas Liska, TG, PG) -TD
* use dtd_util to replace most of HTMLDTD.h and HTMLDTD.c with source generated
  from the existing tables in those files -TD
* add program dtd_util which can be used to dump the SGML tables in readable
  form -TD
* change calls to LYhandlePopupList() to turn on (or off) numbering when
  keypad_mode is not NUMBERS_AS_ARROWS -PBM
* move close of session-file outside ifdef for VLINK_IN_SESSION, closing
  session file properly if that ifdef is disabled.  Add a null-pointer check
  for visited links that are saved -PBM
* make auto_session and session_file configurable with ENABLE_LYNXRC -PBM
* separate configure "--enable-sessions" option from "--enable-session-cache"
  option -PBM
* add ncurses scroll-wheel support, which requires the extended-mouse configure
  option of ncurses (Debian #476394) -TD
  Caveat:  if running on a local terminal, setting the ESCDELAY environment
  variable to 0 (zero) helps, since the event rate is rather high.  That would
  not help on a network with delays (this is true of all text applications that
  use xterm's mouse protocol, such as gpm and ncurses).
* adapt/extend parsdate.y from tin to improve parsing of cookie expiration
  times (Debian #480144) -TD
* update de.po (patch by Fabian Fingerle)

2008-04-27 (2.8.7dev.9)
* update nl.po, vi.po from
* additional def7_uni.tbl conversions (patch by Tim Larson).
* update config.guess (2008-03-12), config.sub (2008-03-08)
* add --enable-gnutls-compat option and associated files to configure with
  GNU TLS without its gnutls-openssl library, whose newer versions are
  available only under a restrictive license (reports by Andreas Metzler,
  Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* update README.sslcerts -SC
* add POSITIONAL_EDITOR setting to configure editors which accept a "+line"
  parameter -PBM
* pass a newline after the start of PRE-section in HTGopher.c to force the
  first newline between records to be seen and cause the lines to split
  (report by Ciprian Dorin Craciun) -TD
* use TRST_MAXROWSPAN and TRST_MAXCOLSPAN limits in Stbl_reserveCellsInTable(),
  to help the non-color-style version work with table using rowspan/colspan
  set to "0", as well as correcting limits from original 2.8.3dev.14 changes
  (report by George Sigletos) -TD, PBM
* modify behavior of "-nonumbers" option for -dump so it can be combined with
  -listonly to obtain a list of the URLs without reference numbers (Debian
  #398283) -TD
* typo in description of SESSION_FILE in lynx.cfg -PBM
* build-fix for WWW version on Windows -TD

2008-02-17 (2.8.7dev.8)
* add "nano" to list of editors accepting +number option (patch by Tim Chase)
* add configure --with-nss-compat option, for building with NSS library's
  OpenSSL-compatible interface (patch by Zdenek Prikryl)
* minor fix for version message to ensure WWW version shows when not building
  with OpenSSL -GV
* make "--more--" message configuable -PBM
* improve multibyte editing (patch by Sergej Kvachonok)
* add XWINDOWS / NON_XWINDOWS environment-variable field to DOWNLOAD, etc., in
  lynx.cfg to specify whether a downloader (printer, etc) is enabled when
  the X display variable is set -PBM
* add configure script options --enable-session-cache and --enable-progressbar
  for PBM's experimental session and progressbar features -TD
* add session save/restore feature -PBM
  + bind ^X to toggle view of page showing session information
  + add binding for ^U to previous-document (outside of line-editing).
  + documented command-line options and configuration data for this feature.
  + document -child_relaxed option in Lynx users's guide.
* use vasprintf() if available, fixes Fedora #462449 -TD
* several small changes to configure script to work with MirBSD build
  environment -TG
* show progress message in X509 callback -TG
* modify definition of lynxrc and cookies files in LYMain.c and LYrcFile.c to
  make it simpler for build script to override -TD
* reviewed patches at
  improved buffer allocation limits in makeuctb.c -TD
* add support for the X.509 extension subjectAltName using GNUTLS -Joey Schulze
* add SSL_CERT_FILE to lynx.cfg -Joey Schulze
* fix spelling error in HTAccess.h comment (report by Paul de Weerd) -TD
* add null-pointer checks to cover a special case of exit on error while
  reading from the standard input (report by Pascal Terjan) -TD

2007-08-02 (2.8.7dev.7)
* restore top-level descrip.mms due to error in patch -TD

2007-08-02 (2.8.7dev.6)
* update cs.po from
* add a script for Inno Setup, incorporate/adapt configuration files from
  an installer created by Claudio Santambrogio -TD
* use struct dirent64 when it is declared via configure script -TD
* additional def7_uni.tbl conversions (patch by Tim Larson).
* quiet a message in HTFWriter.c -RS
* improve IsOurSymlink() from 2.8.7dev.5 changes, allowing the symbolic link
  to be relative to the directory -RS, TD
* rewrote several autoconf macros to use extended searches in non-system
  and CF_WITH_ZLIB (prompted by LV comments) -TD
* modify popup for externals added in 2.8.4dev.20 to number the entries if
  keypad mode is set to one of the numbered forms -PBM
* free leaks of LYLeaks.c, to make it simpler to check it with a second
  tool such as valgrind -TD
* rewrote cached_styles[][] to use memory allocated to match screen size
  (report by RS) -TD
* fix typo in SGML.C -RS
* correct display_lines when -notitle is used while in novice mode -PBM, TD
* add -child_relaxed option (patch by Andrew Belov).
* minor typos from OpenBSD (patch by Daniel Dickman).
* modify VMS build-scripts to accept "TCPIP" parameter, for TCPIP Services
  (discussion with Dominic Stephens) -TD
* add IDE-files for building with Visual Studio 6, 2003 and 2005 Express.
  These are respectively the files in BUILD-VS6, BUILD-VS2003 and
* modify def7_uni.tbl to display U+2212 without a leading blank
  (Debian #428536) -TD
* add definition for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS in CF_LARGEFILE, needed for Solaris
  64-bit compiles (from ncurses) -TD
* change order of includes (-I options) in makefiles so build-tree is found
  first (report by PBM) -TD
* ensure MIME_LIBDIR has a trailing "/" -TD
* add new -trace-mask codes to cleanup the trace file a little -TD
* remove redundant call to show_cert_issuer() -TG
* correct typo in Lynx_users_guide.html (prompted by TG's patch) -TD
* modify HTDoRead() to add elapsed time to its debug trace -TD
* fix a case in LYGetfile.c which was broken by 2.8.7dev.3 changes to use
  LYTildeExpand() to expand embedded "~" -TG
* update config.guess (2007-05-17), config.sub (2007-06-28)

2007-05-17 (2.8.7dev.5)
* build/install "en" po file so that GNU gettext LANGUAGE environment variable
  can find the corresponding English message file (request by Chuck Houpt) -TD
* add LYNX_HELPFILE environment variable to allow override of location of the
  help-file -Chuck Houpt
* make install-bin and install-lss makefile rules a little quieter (prompted
  by discussion by Chuck Houpt and TG) -TD
* fix an off-by-one in HText_canScrollDown() and total_pages in GridText.c -TH
* rewrite strcasecomp_asterisk() to support wildcards as in RFC 2818 (prompted
  by less-complete Debian patch for #401447, see also #268102) -TD
* improve X.509 certificate validation -TG
  This is tested for OpenSSL, ifdef'd to not break gnutls.  Changes:
  + peer certificate is cached, no need to call SSL_get_peer_certificate()
  + support foo.domain:port and [] and []:port and
    [i:p:v:6:ad:dr:es:s] and [i:p:v:6:ad:dr:es:s]:port
  + add support for checking X.509v3 SubjectAltName extensions (of type DNS -
    tested - and IP - untested) when the X.509 commonName check fails.
  + when displaying a list of failed CNs, change format from foo:bar:baz to
    CN<foo>:CN<bar>:CN<baz>:SAN<DNS=foo>:SAN<IP=> so that we know where
    what comes from (in "Your recent statusline messages")
  + if the peer certificate can *NOT* be verified, output a message to the log
    as well
  + fix a possible use of an uninitialised value ssl_all_cns
  + output certificate issuer to the logs as well (so that you can, before
    entering your online banking PIN, see if the certificate has been issued
    not only _to_ your bank but also _from_ a place you trust, in case
    /etc/ssl/certs/ contains a lot of Root CA certs)
* quiet a gcc warning regarding do_system() -TG
* if iconv_open() using transliteration fails, retry without the
  transliteration feature -TG
* change keymap for "CHANGE_KCODE" from CTRL-L to "J" -TG
* remove "local" section from lynx manpage -TG
* log SSL/TLS (HTTPS connection) X.509 certificate issuer information into the
  "recent statusline messages" (accessible via the backspace key) -TG
* modify po/makefile.inn to use DESTDIR -Thomas Klausner, TD
* add --with-destdir configure option to set a default value for the DESTDIR
  variable in makefiles, and modified makefiles to ensure that setting
  DESTDIR in the top-level makefile propagates to lower levels (prompted by
  NetBSD patch for port) -TD
* correct two places in HTML.c which compared element_number to HTML_H6
  twice rather also to HTML_H5 (report by -TD
* improve change for UCSetBoxChars() from 2.8.6dev.16 for
  EXP_CHARTRANS_AUTOSWITCH which assumed that the line-drawing character set
  was always different from the display character set.  If both are US_ASCII
  for example, ASCII lines would be drawn, which is not good -TD
* change exit's in configure script test-programs to return's to reduce
  problems with declaration of exit() -TD
* use "install-sh" rather than "" to reduce problems with Sun make
  program -TD
* add configure-check for ncurses functions _nc_freeall() and
  _nc_free_and_exit(), to help with memory-leak checking -TD
* change a few options such as --enable-locale-charset option to
  non-experimental -TD
* correct lynx.cfg parsing of SYSLOG_TEXT which is miscoded as a boolean -TD
* add --enable-local-docs option to link doc-directory from help-page
  (request by PW) -TD
* change default for MIME_LIBDIR from /usr/local/lib/mosaic to /etc -TD
* add --with-mime-libdir option to set MIME_LIBDIR in userdefs.h file -TD
* remove "lynxstuff" from help-page, it no longer exists (report by PW) -TD
* correct loop-limit in print_crawl_to_fd(), which broke
  "lynx -crawl -dump" from 2.8.6dev.9 changes (Mandriva #29785) -TD
* replace BROKEN_PROFTPD and BROKEN_WU_FTPD logic with configurable list of
  strings in lynx.cfg, i.e., BROKEN_FTP_RETR and BROKEN_FTP_EPSV, and add
  "spftp/" to the predefined values for the former.  Prompted by report by
  Fred Kasner for
  which has a broken RETR command -TD
* add -passive-ftp option -TD
* ifdef'd -ftp option in case ftp is disabled, for consistency -TD
* ifdef'd options menu so that if ftp is disabled, the corresponding options
  are not shown -TD
* improve pretty-src in a few places by passing-through whitespace as
  demonstrated by
  (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* change user-messages in HTFWriter.c to info-messages, which are generally
  faster (prompted by patch by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* fix pretty-src for "attribute without value" case (patch by Rado Smiljanic)
* correct tab "abbr", was "abbrev" (patch by Rado Smiljanic)
* modify ifdef's in HTTCP.c to allow building Cygwin configuration without
  NSL_FORK, broken in 2.8.5dev.5 (report by Holger Lange) -TD
* modify IsOurFile() to allow its parameter to be a symbolic link to one of
  the user's files (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* check if there is piped-in data when starting without "-" or "-stdin"
  options, warn about the ignored input data in that case (prompted by report
  by Toralf Foerster) -TD
* use POSIX macros for decoding system() return value in UCAuto.c -TD
* use POSIX macros for decoding system() return value in LYEdit.c
  (adapted from an incomplete change in OpenBSD CVS) -TD
* modify CF_SRAND to recognize the asymmetric variant of arc4random() -TD
* updated configure script macros CF_SUBDIR_PATH, CF_XOPEN_SOURCE,
* update config.guess (2006-12-22), config.sub (2006-12-08)

2006-11-14 (2.8.7dev.4)
* use RFC-822 encoding for filenames passed via file-upload forms (Debian
  #181165) -TD
* correct check of return-value from FindLeadingTilde() in dev.3 cleanup of
  "~" parsing -TD

2006-11-12 (2.8.7dev.3)
* change the default HELPFILE to the 2.8.6 release directory since the
  page on contains obsolete information -TD
* eliminate references to obsolete url
  using the 2.8.6 release directory instead, e.g.,
  This is useful mainly for platforms which do not use the configure script -TD
* update et.po from
* modify CF_PDCURSES_X11 to use xcurses-config script if available -TD
* improve parsing for embedded "~", ensuring that it is interpreted as a
  user's home directory only if it follows a pathname separator (Debian
  #388622) -TD
* ensure that PERSONAL_EXTENSION_MAP and PERSONAL_MAILCAP are absolute
  pathnames, performing tilde expansion as needed.  Pathnames that are not
  given in absolute form will be sought under the user's home directory as if
  they began with "~/" -TD

2006-11-06 (2.8.7dev.2)
* ensure that the configured values for GLOBAL_EXTENSION_MAP and GLOBAL_MAILCAP
  are absolute pathnames -TD
* modify logic for reading PERSONAL_EXTENSION_MAP and PERSONAL_MAILCAP to
  ensure that they are files that are controlled only by the user.  The
  default values for these allow lynx to read configuration information
  from the user's current directory at lynx's startup (Debian #396949) -TD
* use CF_NCURSES_CONFIG to simplify linking against rpath'd library -TD
* fix CF_LARGEFILE so --disable-largefile works (from ncurses) -TD

2006-10-12 (2.8.7dev.1)
* update embedded version numbers for starting 2.8.7 development -TD
* setup locale before writing version-message -TD
* update version message to reflect the fact that most of Lynx is copyright
  the Lynx Developers Group (this would have altered message files) -TD
* update the ".po" files line-numbers (not done during the release cycle since
  no new messages were added) -TD

2006-10-12 (2.8.6rel.2)
* update version numbers in documentation -TD
* change embedded URL for HTML'ized lynx.cfg to point to example in current
  release -TD

2006-10-10 (2.8.6rel.1)

2006-10-10 (2.8.6pre.6)
* minor formatting fixes to CHANGES and CHANGES2.8 to facilitate scripted
  analysis of contributions -TD
* predefine _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED on HPUX to make color-style build -TD
* broaden the conditions on which to reload the color-style information to
  cover any (re)initialization of the screen, e.g., when resizing using
  ordinary curses (report by PG) -TD

2006-10-02 (2.8.6pre.5)
* modify to use "use vars" rather than "our", to allow it to work
  with perl version 5.5 -TD
* use curses nodelay() function for BeOS to make HTCheckForInterrupt() work
  on that platform -TD
* filter out obsolete URLs from the customizations saved during install of
  lynx.cfg -TD
* add a configure check for zError() to allow using old zlib's -TD
* fix configure --disable-largefile (from ncurses changes) -TD
* applied lynx's changes to updated files from to take
  advantage of less restrictive copyright (report by Klaus Singvogel) -TD
* workaround for PDCurses versus color-style; reload color style information
  in start_curses() since PDCurses discards that information in endwin()
  (report by Lawrence Armstrong) -TD

2006-09-18 (2.8.6pre.4)
* updated link in user's guide to HTML 3.0 reference (report by TH) -TD
* remove coloring for lh- and high-tags from LYStyle.c and sample ".lss" files
  since that tag is nonstandard (report by TH) -TD
* update da.po from
* add script samples/oldlynx, which gives the non-color-style scheme using
  an executable built for color-style -TD
* add DEFAULT_COLORS item to lynx.cfg to allow disabling the default colors
  feature at runtime, allowing better matching of old color scheme via a
  script -TD
* update VMS descrip.mms files, adding the ability to build with slang -TD

2006-09-10 (2.8.6pre.3)
* add NESTED_TABLES setting to lynx.cfg to allow site override of the built-in
  default (see 2001-08-15 comments by TH) -TD
* update tr.po from
* fix a different aspect of Debian #171312, ensuring that if the side-effect
  of getfile() is unneeded, we restore the link number as well as the line
  number (Debian #386561) -TD
* modify makefile.msc to allow building with slang configuration -TD
* fixes for keyboard input of slang configuration in win32 (not MinGW) which
  was broken in 2.8.3dev.5 -TD
* fix LYgetTableString(), making the monochome appearance with an empty ".lss"
  file for color-style look like the non-color-style (Debian #386216) -TD
* fix change made to LYwaddnstr() which did not update the position in LYwin
  after writing text to a subwindow.  This caused some cases where the status
  line would be cleared by the filler color -TD
* modify noviceline() function to account for trailing newlines in the message
  text which caused the message to be displayed on the wrong lines (report
  by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* make "lynx -version" work in the absence of ".cfg" or ".lss" files -TD
* add docs/README.metrics to support the changes to COPYHEADER -TD
* update COPYHEADER to reflect the ten years of development after release
  of Lynx 2.4.2 -TD

2006-09-03 (2.8.6pre.2)
* change configure script to put the ".cfg" and ".lss" files by default in the
  --sysconfdir, e.g., $prefix/etc, and the help-files in lynx_doc and lynx_help
  directories under --datadir, e.g., $prefix/share/lynx_doc,
  $prefix/share/lynx_doc.  To obtain the old behavior, use
	configure --sysconfdir=/usr/local/lib --datadir=/usr/local/lib
  (patch by Rado Smiljanic).
* simplified stop_curses(), ensuring that it does what it claims (report by
  William McBrine) -TD
* corrected placement of statements used for quiet compiler warnings for unused
  variables in fancy_mouse() (reported by Rado Smiljanic, Nelson Beebe) -TD
* simplify ifdef's in HTCheckForInterrupt() to make it clearer that the win32
  PDCurses configuration uses nodelay() as an alternative to select() -TD
* correct fix for PDCurses on win32, i.e., the workaround in LYStrings.c
  myGetChar() (report by William McBrine) -TD
* replace a couple of wmove(LYwin,y,x) calls with LYmove(y,x) -TD
* modify configure macro CF_PATH_SYNTAX to account for the --prefix and
  --exec-prefix options, making the --with-cfg-file and --with-lss-file options
  have the expected behavior of using the given prefix (reported by PG) -TD
* modify ifdef's for Current_Attr variable to allow scrollbar feature to build
  with slang configuration on Windows (report by Gisle Vanem) -TD

2006-08-31 (2.8.6pre.1)
2006-08-31 (2.8.6dev.19)
* add --enable-widec configure option to allow building lynx without wide
  character support using ncursesw, to accommodate users with older releases
  of ncurses (request by Emanuele Giaquinta) -TD
* add -stderr option to write error messages when doing a -dump -or -source.
  Normally these are written to the status line but that does not exist when
  dumping to standard output (Debian #375736) -TD
* fixes for GNU TLS configuration (also addresses Debian #231609) -TG, TH
* add check for failure to write to disk, e.g., on disk full, and report
  error condition via HTAlert() -PG
* updated README.sslcerts -SC
* add example of -source in manpage to explain how HREF's are constructed
  (Debian #347989) -TD
* fixes to make redraw_part_of_line() to work with double-width characters.
  This is used in color-style to repaint an inactive hyperlink -TD
* ensure the number of "extra" blanks in a line is greater than zero before
  attempting to perform text-justification (Debian #363538) -TD
* improve wrapping logic in LYwaddnstr() by using a derived window.  This fixes
  a problem with wrapping of multibyte character links -TD
* repair fix for Debian #171312 by ensuring that it is only invoked if the
  document was not being reloaded, or popped off the history stack.  See logic
  for popped_doc vs LYSetNewline() in LYMainLoop.c (report by TH) -TD
* add error-reporting for the PRETTYSRC_SPEC data in lynx.cfg
  (prompted by discussion by OpenMacNews and Thorsten Glaser) -TD
* add a carriage-return in stop_curses() to work around PDCurses leaving the
  cursor position other places than lower-level when stopping curses (report
  by DK) -TD
* add an explicit wmove() in display_line() to accommodate some wide-character
  pages which are not handled well by the nested-table logic, resulting in
  unexpected wrapping (report by Dan Jacobson) -TD
* modify limit for CJK double-byte characters in display_line() to accommodate
  a test-case rightSideEdgeTest.html provided by TH -TD
* add a workaround in LYStrings.c myGetChar() for PDCurses, which may return an
  ERR value which is not -1 (reports by DK, William McBrine) -TD
* remove ifdef from 2.8.2dev.14 which omitted bindtextdomain() call from DJGPP
  NLS configuration -DK
* modify autoconf macro AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST to account for executable suffix
  in win32 environment -DK
* correct a mistyped parameter to CreateThread() (report by DK) -TD
* do not use LIBOBJS symbol directly in configure script except to support
  AC_REPLACE_FUNCS, since the autoconf macros dealing with that symbol changed
  incompatibly in autoconf 2.54 (report by DK) -TD
* fixes to work with BeOS 5.0 -Nigel Horne
* use portable TXT_R rather than "rt" for popen() mode in clip_grab() (reported
  by Antonio Maria Borneo) -TD
* modify makeutcb.c to avoid compile-time dependency upon gettext, in case it
  is used in cross-compiling -TD
* modify expression for ws_read_per_sec in ws_netread() to avoid potential
  divide-by-zero on a network error
  (reported by David Potter) -Hataguchi Takeshi, -TD
* modify fix for Debian #335593 to ensure that only image maps for the current
  page are listed (report by DK) -TD
* correct URL for HTML'ized description of all settings in lynx.cfg (report
  by DK) -TD
* use configure macro CF_SIGWINCH to work around special case on Mac OS X
  which leaves SIGWINCH undefined -TD
* add configure options --with-cfg-file and --with-lss-file to allow one to
  specify the names and paths of the default configuration and color-style
  files -TD
* change configure script --enable-color-style so it is enabled by default
  (prompted by request by Jason Spiro) -TD
* add COLOR_STYLE setting to lynx.cfg -TD
* change default initialization of color-style code when no lss file is given
  to simulate the non-color-style code.  There are some visual differences,
  e.g., links that contain a mixture of styles will display with mixed colors,
  but overall the visual effect matches the non-color-style code well enough
  to change the default configuration.
  If an empty string is given for the lss filename, this is treated as an
  empty style file, and lynx will not use its built-in default color style.
  To make the behavior easier to diagnose, lynx will now exit with an error
  if it cannot find the lss file.  cf: 2000-07-16 (2.8.4dev.5) -TD
* fix a sign-extension in alignment case-statement in split_line() which could
  cause a large indent for lines which are wider than the display (Debian
  #360832, #372670) -TD
* fix ifdef's in LYOptions.c to make --disable-menu-options work (report by
  PW) -TD

2006-05-29 (2.8.6dev.18)
* suppress OpenSSL URL from version message if it happens to be built using
* change default for DEFAULT_INDEX_FILE in lynx.cfg to
  since the Mosaic MetaIndex file is defunct (suggested by SC)
* update makelynx.bat (report by FLWM) -TD
* add presentation for text/css, to allow browsing ".css" files -SC
* modify LYPrint.c suggested_filename() to strip bzip2's ".bz2" suffixes as
  well as ".zz" suffixes -TD
* modify configure script macro AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST to allow for DOS device
  letter, and to override $PATHSEP with $PATH_SEPARATOR if the latter is
  set -DK
* modify ifdef in LYCurses.c to avoid using nonfunctional PDCurses 2.7
  newterm() -DK
* update config.guess (2006-04-26) and config.sub (2006-05-13)
* improvements to configure script macros -TD
  + don't use curses_colr on HPUX 11
  + split-out CF_CURSES_HEADER to simplify comparison with CF_NCURSES_HEADER
  + modify AM_WITH_NLS	to make it look in non-system locations, e.g., to
    work with FreeBSD ports system
* modify HTLoadHTTP() to interpret leading asterisks in common name fields as
  wildcards -Thorsten Glaser
* remove SH_EX hardcoded Latin-1 table for strcasecomp() -TD
* fixes for compiling in Cygwin environment -TH
  + modify not to check d_ino when __CYGWIN__ is defined because it
    does not seem to be supported by Cygwin now.
  + modify to use fill_rehostent to avoid segfault in _fork_func,
    which is used in Win32 environment (includes Cygwin).
* fix some printf formats -Thorsten Glaser
* fix some non-POSIX syntax in scripts/ -PG
* modify to ensure that scripts are prefixed with $(SHELL), in
  case packager has stripped executable permissions from scripts, e.g., by
  using CVS (report by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* add a null-pointer check in handle_LYK_HEAD() to cover a case where doing
  a HEAD on a link failed because there was no submit action associated with
  the link (report by Walter Ian Kaye, SC) -TD
* improve script to cover the ranges and approximations used in
  def7_uni.tbl -TD
* additional def7_uni.tbl conversions (patch by Tim Larson).
* fix ifdef's for repeated-include of winsock.h for Visual Studio 6 -TD

2006-01-22 (2.8.6dev.17)
  + correct an ifdef in HTMIME.c
  + correct the behavior of encoding a text in input element,
    when the type is hidden and the text is japanese encoded utf-8.
  + correct "//TRANSLIT" position in iconv_open() parameter.
* remove redundant size-check in change for HText_trimHightext() in 2.8.5dev.8
  to fix highlighting for this case:
    <a href>Line 1<p>Line 2<p>Line 3</a>
  (report by Andrew Belov) -TD
* add U+213B FAX to def7_uni.tbl (Debian #344275) -TD
* adjust anchor extent to discount trailing blank which is trimmed when
  rendering.  If the blank is not trimmed, link highlighting in color-style
  will show a spurious character (report by Karl-Heinz Weirich) -TD
* fixes to source-view of ftp:// and file:// URLs, i.e., eliminate redundant
  PRE's, add DOCTYPE and meta tags (Debian #347989) -TD
* modify makefile.msc to ease scripted building of various configurations
  without needing to edit that file -TD
* fixes to allow building with Visual C++ .NET 2003 -TD
* modify configure script checks for gettext to supply include- and lib-paths,
  e.g., to work on partly broken platforms such as FreeBSD -TD
* modify parsing of filename from Content-Disposition so that the name is not
  truncated on embedded whitespace.  For most systems, the blanks will be
  retained.  For VMS and MSDOS, the blanks are translated to underscores
  (Debian #291716) -TD
* add a range-check for references to the style cache -Andrew Belov
* modify fmt_tempname() to avoid the possibility of long random sequences that
  do not yield an unused filename (report by FLWM) -TD
* modify install rules for lynx.cfg to allow for pathnames on OS/2 EMX that
  begin with a drive letter rather than a slash -TD
* move scripts that are not part of the configure script into scripts
  subdirectory:, cfg_edit, -TD
* improve workaround for line-drawing characters with font-switching by
  checking if the loaded font has line-drawing characters in the same positions
  as the terminal description, rather than simply ignoring line-drawing when
  the codeset differs (report by Karl-Heinz Weirich) -TD
* fix some ifdef's that did not work when disabling all features -TD
* fix a typo in LYMap.c from Debian #335593 changes (report by Jens
  Schleusener) -TD
* really remove pointer to moxienet (report by SC) -TD

2005-12-18 (2.8.6dev.16)
* change configure option default for --enable-justify-elts to true -TD
* change default for JUSTIFY to "false" (suggested by Bela Lubkin) -TD
* update config.guess (2005-11-11) and config.sub (2005-11-13)
* print the contents of image maps, if any, at the end of a dump (Debian
  #335593) -TD
* fix off-by-one line calculation that allowed the last page to be blank
  (Debian #330413) -TD
* modify statusline() to retain one trailing blank if the given string has a
  trailing blank.  This makes prompts easier to read (report by Karl-Heinz
  Weirich) -TD
* modify pipe read in LYGetHostByName() to retry until either the pipe closes
  or the struct passed back from the child process completes.  This is needed
  for OS/2 EMX (report by Karl-Heinz Weirich) -TD
* strip unneeded " " from translation when building info page using
  wide curses (Debian #342877) -TD
* add scripts/, which can be used to generate test pages for the
  charsets from src/chrtrans/*.tbl -TD
* add ISO-8859-13 and ISO-8859-14 chrtrans tables, revise ISO-8859-10
  based on
  Change display name for ISO-8859-10 to indicate the region -TD
* add codepage 857 (DOSTurkish), since console-tools package provides a
  suitable font -TD
* improve UCSetBoxChars(), checking if the current character set does not
  match the character set inferred from the locale.  This reduces the number
  of cases where line-drawing in the options menu does not work -TD
* rename test/iso8859-1.html and test/iso88592.html to test/iso-8859-1.html
  and test/isoi-8859-2.html, corresponding to the proper MIME names to
  simplify test-scripts -TD
* update Linux console font support to use console-tools package (tested on
  Debian).  The configure script checks for consolechars and setfont programs
  (must find at least one).  The corresponding SETFONT_PATH can be set in
  lynx.cfg to provide a choice between the two -TD
* strip special characters such as '%' from parameters passed to external
  programs for EXTERNAL mechanism on Windows platform.  This is ifdef'd
  with WIN_EX (Hataguchi Takeshi).
* modify definition of addch_raw() to allow scrollbar to work with slang2
  (this only works on the Windows platform) -GV
* modify LYSysShell() to use $COMSPEC if $SHELL is not defined -GV
* workaround for codepage support on OS/2 by changing the effect of unctrl().
  Add/use new preferred function use_legacy_coding() to ncurses which provides
  the same effect with the wide-character ncursesw (report by Karl-Heinz
  Weirich) -TD
* fixes for de.po (Debian #313789, patch by Jens Seidel).
* add a null pointer check for HTCurSelectedOptionValue in HText_setLastOptionValue()
  to improve handling of this fragment:
  (Alexey Dobriyan).
* add a null pointer check in HTML_TAB case of HTML_start_element() to handle
  this fragment:
  (Alexey Dobriyan).
* remove pointer to
  since it no longer has useful information about SSL for Lynx (Crouton).
* add description of configure --with-build-cc, etc., to INSTALLATION -TD
* modify Switch_Display_Charset() so the font-switching feature can be turned
  off at runtime, rather than silently re-enabling it every time a new page is
  viewed.  The automatic switching is enabled if the user has configured lynx
  to use one of the automatically-detected fonts -TD
* fix ifdef's to allow building --without-font-switch with OS/2 EMX -TD
* work around bug in PDCurses wrapping by adjusting LYcolLimit macro.  The
  dev.14 change to HText_appendCharacter() exposed this bug in the Options menu
  (report by Hataguchi Takeshi) -TD
* fix change to lynx_default_colors() from dev.14 change to work with the
  bright-blue.lss file (report by FLWM) -TD
* add a configure test for ctermid(), needed for OS/2 EMX (report by
  YANAGIHARA Nobuyuki) -TD

2005-10-30 (2.8.6dev.15)
* update URL for VMS server information in LYCgi.c -TD
* modify LYLoadCGI() to prompt user, displaying the command that would be
  executed, to confirm that it should be.  This makes it easier to notice when
  a local program would be run by activating a lynxcgi link.  This is not done
  in advanced mode, since the URL is already visible in the status line (report
  by vade79, comments by Greg MacManus) -TD

2005-10-17 (2.8.6dev.14)
* add configure script support for large files; some changes made be needed to
  the C code in dev.15 to exploit this -TD
* work around part of the forms-menu extra wrapping from dev.12 by adjusting
  text-field maximum size in HText_beginInput().  There is still wrapping of
  options lists, which has to be treated differently.  The cause for this
  is the fix made to HText_appendCharacter() in dev.12 -TD
* extend experimental option --enable-japanese-utf8, allowing lynx to convert
  EUC-JP and Shift_JIS strings to UTF-8 -TH
* modify CF_BUILD_CC to avoid clobbering environment variable $BUILD_CC
  (from ncurses changes) -TD
* remove special case in CF_XOPEN_SOURCE which suppresses _XOPEN_SOURCE
  definition for Darwin (request by Emanuele Giaquinta)
* fix an off-by-one error in comparison in HText_appendCharacter(), from dev.12
  changes which showed up as wrapped lines in the options menu -TD
* use h_addr_list[0] rather than h_addr in HTTCP.c for POSIX compatibility
  (Emanuele Giaquinta)
* remove references to LIBCMU in HTTCP.c, since it is long obsolete -TD
* force a newline in HTML_end_element() after a </pre>, which causes lines
  containing only whitespace before the </pre> to display a new line, rather
  than putting that whitespace before text that follows the </pre> (report by
  Thorsten Glaser for -TD
* improve fix for LYstartPopup() in dev.6 by keeping the menu width as-is and
  adjusting its position rather than simply using the full screen-width when
  the first try fails (report by Gene Small) -TD
* correct logic in lynx_default_colors() so the color-style configuration does
  not attempt to use default colors on a terminal which does not support it
  (report by Bryan Henderson) -TD
* add/improve limit checks in HTLex.c -Ulf Harnhammar, TD
* ifdef'd out unused code in HTGroup.c -TD
* eliminate fixed-size buffers in LYExpandHostForURL() to guard against
  buffer overflow resulting from too-long domain prefix/suffix data from
  lynx.cfg (report by Ulf Harnhammar) -TD
* add a check for missing ':' in gopher response, to recover from the error
  (patch by Ulf Harnhammar)
* eliminate fixed-size buffers in HTrjis() and related functions to avoid
  potential buffer overflow in nntp pages (report by Ulf Harnhammar,
  CAN-2005-3120) -TD
* correct "escape" character used in HTMake822Word, which was literally an
  ASCII escape character rather than the RFC-822 backslash from 2.8.2dev.3
  changes (report by Frederic Briere, Debian #318034) -TD
* fix:  when first "option" element of "select" had "disabled" attribute, Lynx
  turned the entire "option/choice list" UNMODIFIABLE.  The "disabled"
  attribute of later "option" elements within the same "select" did not have
  this effect.  If the "disabled" attribute is honored, it should disable only
  that element, not parent element or sibling elements (report by Paavo
  Hartikainen) -TD
* make CF_TAR_OPTIONS configure macro work with DJGPP by using $EXEEXT -DK
* update config.guess (2005-09-19) and config.sub (2005-07-08)
* configure script updates from tin and ncurses -TD
* modify LYwaddnstr() to avoid sign-extension from changes in dev.12 (report
  by FLWM) -TD
* modify initialization so that
	cat options.txt | lynx -
  will allow interactive use (report by Arne Kowallik) -TD
* add NO_MARGINS and NO_TITLE to lynx.cfg (request by SC) -TD
* adjust line-position for form fields when -notitle option is used (report by
  Arne Kowallik) -TD

2005-06-07 (2.8.6dev.13)
* add a check in LYnormalColor() to ensure that the color value is really
  a color, i.e., do not do anything for monochrome displays (reports by
  OpenMacNews and Jens Schleusener) -TD
* make -nomargins option apply to Options menu layout -TD
* changes to LYwaddnstr() in dev.12 exposed a case from dev.6 where the title
  string was not truncated to avoid wrapping (report by PG) -TD
* changes to LYwaddnstr() in dev.12 allowed recursion in a case that was only
  designed for iteration (report by OpenMacNews) -TD

2005-06-02 (2.8.6dev.12)
* add rw.po, vi.po from
* modify ".lss" files to work equally well on terminals setup with white text
  on black background, or the reverse.  This also required fixing a few places
  in LYsubwindow() and curses_w_style() to make window backgrounds use the
  colors given in the ".lss" default- and normal-colors lines -TD
* make ".lss" example files somewhat readable by modifying parser to remove
  blanks from the color description lines and modifying the example files to
  use this feature -TD
* modify scripts/ to use strict variable checking, Getopt::Std
  to eliminate a uninitialized variable warning -TD
* modified fix for slang 2.0 which makes it clearer that the last parameter
  of SLexpand_escaped_string is for UTF-8 -JED
* when SOURCE_CACHE_MEMORY is used, avoid repeated realloc's of the same
  memory chunk (really annoying for a long document) -LP
* HTChunk extended to a linked list of chunks, additional put methods added.
  Useful for pool infrastructure -LP
* add ".h" to .SUFFIXES rule in src/chrtrans/ to work around change
  made in NetBSD "make" late in 2003, incorporated into the 2.0 release.
  The CVS change notes:
	  Trim .SUFFIXES to only contain those used in this file.
  (reported by SC, comments by Klaus Klein and Martin Husemann) -TD
* modify LYhighlight() to allow for the case where a form link extends for
  several lines.  It was not providing enough padding to fill in the "_"
  characters past the first line of the link -TD
* modify LYwaddnstr() to account for the case where LYhighlight calls it to
  display a link which extends beyond the current line, i.e., it should be
  wrapped.  When lynx is built to use curses-pads, the highlighting was instead
  truncated since it was computed according to the pad's limits.  Fixing this
  exposes some related problems with off-by-one's in GridText.c -TD
* correct parsing of "key 0xNN" lines in command-scripts, had omitted a "!"
  to invert a check (report by Silvio Moioli) -TD
* correct off-by-one in expression for LYHideCursor(), since dev.6 changes
  modified the LYcolLimit variable, changing it from the last usable column
  value to the number of columns (report by DK) -TD
* correct expression in HText_appendCharacter() which was simplified in
  2.8.5dev.4, but broke a comparison used for text-justification -TD
* adjust wide-character offset computation in HText_trimHightext() to account
  for soft newlines, i.e., the cell reserved to show continuation lines -TD
* modify source-view toggle to keep the current anchor visible.  Toggling
  source view may change the line number on which the anchor is found,
  requiring some adjustment.  This feature is implemented only for source
  cached pages -TD
* remove obsolete ifdef in LYwaddnstr() for ncurses 5.1's experimental UTF-8
  support -TD
* modify HTConfirmCookie() and statusline() to allow cookie prompt message in
  Japanese to not be truncated when using wide-curses -TD
* modify logic for locale_charset configuration variab
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