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Machine Ball   Version 1.0
  By Benny Kramek

Machine Ball is a futuristic sport with amazing 3D graphics and realistic
physics with very simple rules: Get the ball into your opponents goal. You
can use your machine to push the ball in, or you can collect powerups such
as missles and blast the ball into the goal. Be creative.

Navigating the Menus

When you first start Machine Ball, you will be presented with a menu

Human vs Human  -  Play a game against a friend on the same computer
Human vs Comp   -  Not available
Options         -  Configure the game options
Quit            -  Exit

After selecting Human vs Human, you will be asked to select a court size.
After this, you will be asked to select a ball. All the balls are
different in size and physical properties.

You will then be presented with Match Options menu

Match Type          -  Whether the match ends after a time or goal limit
# Of Minutes/Goals  -  The Time/Goal limit of the match
Nuke Stuck Ball     -  If the ball gets stuck, whether to nuke it
Powerups            -  Powerups Enabled in the match or not
Frequency           -  How often a Powerup appears
Turbo               -  The likelihood of a Turbo Powerup Appearing
Shield              -  The likelihood of a Shield Powerup Appearing
Mines               -  The likelihood of a Mines Powerup Appearing
Missle              -  The likelihood of a Missle Powerup Appearing
Emp                 -  The likelihood of an Emp Powerup Appearing

The match will then begin!

If you select the Options menu from the main menu you will get

Controls  -  Adjust the controls for the players
Audio     -  Adjust audio options
Video     -  Adjust video options

To set the controls:
Move the selection to the key you want to change. Press enter. Press the
key or joystick button that you want to use

How to Play

Your goal is to get the ball into your opponets goal.
Player 1 tries to get the ball into the right goal.
Player 2 tries to get the ball into the left goal.
You can drive around your machine and use your kicker with the "Kick"
control. You can use a powerup with the "Fire" control.

Turbo  (Blue)    -  A speed boost
Shield (Green)   -  A shield around you that protects you from explosions
                    and Emp blasts
Mines  (Pink)    -  Lay down mines that will explode when something touches
Missle (Yellow)  -  Fire a Missle that will explode when it hits something
                    and send it flying
Emp    (Gray)    -  Fire an Emp blast. If this hits your opponent then he
                    will be disabled for a while

There are many different strategies for the many match types. With practice
you will be a Machine Ball expert!



- Rare physical explosions. These are rare, and may be fixed with
  improvements to ODE. Sometimes the ball flys away. Sometimes a Machine
- Setting Player 1's Forward Control to the Down key or setting the
  Reverse Control to the Up key can cause problems
- On 1 test system, the "Intro Movie" had graphical bugs
- Problems with multi-tasking under Windows
- Possible memory leaks causing disapearing Powerups and funny projectile


Programming & Graphics: Benny Kramek

The game uses:
ODE (physics library)      -
DUMB (music library)       -
Allegro (gamedev library)  -
OpenGL (graphics library)  -

Thanks to

Russel Smith, for ODE
Shawn Hargreaves, for Allegro
Ben Davis, for helping me out with DUMB and other stuff

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