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### mgp.el Ver.0.90 -- convert Magic Point file to LaTeX2e


	o README -- This file.
	o mgp.el -- Emacs Lisp program to convert mgp file to LaTeX2e.
	o mgp.sty -- Stype file to be used with the generated LaTeX2e file.
	o sample.mgp -- Same as distributed with Magic Point.
	o sample.tex -- LaTeX2e file generated by mgp.el from sample.mgp


1.1 At first you need Emacs Ver.20.X or Mule Ver.2.3.

1.2 Byte compile mgp.el by Emacs or mule, and copy mgp.el and mgp.elc
to a directory that is in `load-path' of your Emacs.  The directory
/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/ is a good candidate.

1.3 Copy mgp.sty to a directory that your LaTeX system can find.


2.1 Read your XXX.mpg file into Emacs buffer, and do:
	M-x mgp-entex-buffer RET
Then the file XXX.tex is generated.

2.2 Process the generated XXX.tex by your LaTeX system.
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