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GNU mailutils TODO list. 2008-08-20
Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,
2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* Configuration callback functions should not modify node->tag and node->label.

* Debug handling in cfg vs. argp

* Fix folder_imap_list in libproto/imap/folder.c

* Documentation

* Review the code and use mu_vartab_* and mu_kwd_* functions where

* mailbox 

** Generic search interface

** Locking

*** Implement a read/write locker_lock() flag so that when MU_LOCKER_WRONLY
is set in the locker flags, only write locks actually lock the file,
read locks don't do anything.

*** what kind of locking should mh use? See FIXME in mbx_mh.c

*** why does mimetest fail on a symlink, but succeed on a dotlocked file?

*** implement a force unlock mode... so that when a mailbox
is closed or destroyed it can make sure that the lock
is definitely gone.

** mailboxes don't remember whether or not they've been opened

** does IMAP do an EXAMINE instead of a select if the mailbox is being
opened readonly? Does list return whether a mailbox is readonly?
Check against CMUs anon server, it is a read-only mailbox.

** mu_cpystr - the size_t* size outputs only give strlen(), not the
actual length?
Sam Roberts:
  My recollection is that when you give a buffer to output APIs, you give
  the total size. But the size_t* that returns the required size, returns
  the required size, minus the NUL. The units are different, in a sense.

** need code to find a "real" envelope from... an actual email address
that DSNs can be sent to.

** need to be able to map some addresses (like mail to "root") to a
user for the box, a la nullmailer, perhaps
Sam Roberts:
  If you have a really simple workstation with a basic mail system,
  you  may want mail.local to deliver all email addressed to "root" and
  "postmaster", etc., to a particular user, like yourself. 
Sergey Poznyakoff:
  In short, that is kind of aliasing support. We have aliasing support
  in MH, possibly it could be used in libmailbox as well.

** mailer_t: the SMTP mailer isn't as fully implemented as the sendmail

** make the smtp mailer calls usable standalone, as well as url based,
and use them in mail.remote.

** support AUTH=anonymous (imap://

** filter_trans needs readline method.

* pop3

** pop3d_readline - should this use select(), avoid the race condition,
and touch the lockfile in time intervals smaller than MU_LOCKER_EXPIRE_TIME?

* imap4d

** Check interaction with various imap clients. Currently tested with:
mail (from mailutils itself), mutt, pine, netscape, mozilla.

** Better support of multi-access mailbox

** implement charsets in search: 1 SEARCH CHARSET ISO-8859-2 TEXT ...


* Implement extensions:

 - QUOTA     : RFC 2087
 - ACL       : RFC 4314
 - CHILDREN  : RFC 3348
** Consider implementing the following extensions:

 - ESEARCH   : RFC 4731

* Mailcap API

The framework is implemented. Needs extensive testing.

* Mime.types API is available in mimeview. Do we need to move it to

* examples

** unify the mbox-* and mimetest examples with messages, it would be nice
to have a general purpose tool

* mh -- see mh/TODO

* sieve

** run as daemon, sieveing mail on arrival (need interface for notification
of message arrival, this is supported by imap, but we'll have to fake
for pop and local spools my polling, why can't you select() on a unix

* utilities

** mimeview: support nametemplate

** all

* Testsuite:

Tcl is not able to handle binary data properly. This makes impossible
to test some aspects of MU functionalities. Following testcases are

** mailbox/testsuite/mailbox/base64.exp

The ability of the test program to read given file instead of the
stdin is used to override the issue.

** mailbox/testsuite/mailbox/encode2047.exp

Input data are represented in octal format (see

** mailbox/testsuite/mailbox/argcv.exp

The affected testcase is not run (see mailbox/testsuite/Argcv and
search for FIXME). 

* add nightly build

* add more features

* optimize everything

* test everything

Local variables:
mode: outline
paragraph-separate: "[ 	]*$"
eval: (add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'time-stamp)
time-stamp-start: "list. "
time-stamp-format: "%:y-%02m-%02d"
time-stamp-end: "\n"
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