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The English messages are compiled into man, and are used
when it cannot find a message catalog.

Before printing a message, man does a  catopen("man_messages", 0);
which means that it tries to open the file obtained from the environment
variable NLSPATH by substituting "man_messages" for %N, and $LC_MESSAGES
for %L (older implementations use $LANG instead)
When NLSPATH is not set, the value
is used. If no information about the language is available, "C" is used.

Because the catalog routines are not generally available, I have enclosed
a copy of the gencat source.

If you add a new message catalog, say for language dk, then verify that
the labels are used correctly by doing
	makemsg mess.en x.en.h x.en.c
	diff x.en.h
	rm x*
The files x.en.h and should be identical.
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