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maq - maps short fixed-length polymorphic DNA sequence reads to reference sequences…  more info»


Mapass2 is a software that builds mapping assemblies from short reads
generated by the next-generation sequencing machines. It is particularly
designed for Illumina-Solexa 1G Genetic Analyzer, which typically
generates reads 25-35bp in length.

Mapass2 first aligns reads to reference sequences and then calls the
consensus. At the mapping stage, maq performs ungapped alignment.  For
single-end reads, maq is able to find all hits with up to 2 or 3
mismatches, depending on a command-line option; for paired-end reads, it
always finds all paired hits with one of the two reads containing up to
1 mismatch. At the assembling stage, maq calls the consensus based on a
statistical model. It calls the base which maximizes the posterior
probability and calculates a phred quality at each position along the
consensus. Heterozygotes are also called in this process.

For more information, see also maq website:
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