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Here are some demos of how to use the matplotlib.  

-- - a convenience module to load some data from the
      data dir

-- embedding_in_gtk - The Figure class derives from gtk.DrawingArea,
   so it is easy to embed in larger applications.

-- - 2D histograms; requires the jdh.mlab module

--  - the basic 2D line plot

-- - how to do multiple axes on a single plot

--   - working with straight lines

-- - working with large datasets.  Click on the plot and
      launch the navigation tool; wheel mouse over the navigation
      buttons to scroll and zoom.  There are 58 days of minute by
      minute stock quotes for two tickers.  The plot lib uses
      Numeric's super speedy searchsorted routine to extract the
      clipping indices so only the data in the viewport are handled.

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