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maxima for Debian

What's new in 5.9.1:

readline support is now toggled automatically depending on your
terminal environment.

gnuplot is now the default plotting mode.

Additional useful documentation on maxima, which is not
redistributable, can be found at

What's new:
Preliminary readline support: To activate readline support in maxima,
execute the following on startup:

	:lisp (si::init-readline)


If you know some lisp, are mathematically inclined, and would like to
contribute to maxima, please see the following url regarding

Items to cleanup:
	Have to duplicate info files in /usr/lib/maxima-5.5-beta/info for
		describe() to work
	Have to duplicate gcl source
	Have to load and init readline module by hand at startup

 -- Camm Maguire <>, Wed Feb 23 19:37:03 2005
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