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   -- libevent, (libevent-dev)

If using Linux, you need a kernel with epoll.  Sure, libevent will
work with normal select, but it sucks.

epoll isn't in Linux 2.4, but there's a backport at:

You want the epoll-lt patch (level-triggered).

If you're using MacOS, you'll want libevent 1.1 or higher to deal with
a kqueue bug.

Also, be warned that the -k (mlockall) option to memcached might be
dangerous when using a large cache.  Just make sure the memcached machines
don't swap.  memcached does non-blocking network I/O, but not disk.  (it
should never go to disk, or you've lost the whole point of it)

The memcached website is at:

Want to contribute?  Up-to-date pointers should be at:
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