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You need on your system:

* installed mgetty+sendfax package
* g32pbm (use this from gert, it is much faster than this one from the
* pbmtogif (pbm-tools)
* pnmscale (pbm-tools)
* ppmquant (pbm-tools)
* a running httpd
* perl (testet with perl5.001, should run with other versions as well)
* a web browser with forms (on your client side!)


See INSTALL.README and readme.txt in the appropriate package!

Be sure your webserver can execute cgi-bins in users directories.
	if not: you will have to add in every link (generated or not, your
	cgi-bin-path /cgi-bin...)

I'll add a special case for this, if I see that it will be needed.

You can do:

* writing and sending short messages
  - add files
  - choose a cover-page
  - add a short message

* viewing faxes via WWW

If you have questions: ask Simone Demmel,
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