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mgltools-pyglf - GLF library Python extension to write text in OpenGL…  more info»


This package contains a Distutils interface for building GLF Python 
extension and creating a source distribution.
GLF is multiplatforming library for displaying text in OpenGL (see ./src/readme.txt)

SWIG (version 1.3.21 or higher) is used for generating a C wrapper code
(can be downloaded from

To build and install the extension:
	python install
This creates (python shadow classes) and  in build/lib.<platform_specifier>/pyglf . 

The pyglf package is then installed in 
sys.exec_prefix/lib/python`Version`/site-packages (default location)
To specify the install directory use --install-platlib option:

	python install --install-platlib=INSTALL_DIR

To build the extension only: build
this will build GLF python extension in build/lib.<platform_specifier>/pyglf.

To build the distribution:
	python sdist

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