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This file is licensed under the terms of the expat license, see the file EXPAT.

 + Prevent completion from overlapping
 + Fix tab order when restoring session
 + Ignore accidentally middle click search
 + Implement bookmark export to XBEL
 + Provide scroll hotkeys, default to Vim
 + Store and complete search in location
 + Fix opening externally with multiple windows
 + Only use icons in panel buttons
 + Fix build with different GTK+ versions
 + Omit micro version and arch from ident string

 + Improve relocatability for Win32
 + Implement 'Close other tabs' menu item
 + Use new GTK+ accessors where available
 + Allow searching freely in History panel
 + Re-implement completion based on sqlite
 + Re-implement completion suggestion popup
 + Simplify sqlite use towards efficient calls
 + Move panel icons to the bottom
 + Merge Netscape Plugins and Extensions panels
 + Implement 'about:version' special page
 + Implement 'Preferred languages' preference
 + Improve window raising behaviour
 + Allow Ctrl+Right-click to suppress javascript menu
 + Add 'Open link as web app' in context menu
 + Add 'Block image' menu item to Adblock
 + Location progress and compat code refactored
 + Implement 'Paste and proceed' in location
 + Move DNS prefetching into the core
 + Allow selecting and deleting multiple cookies
 + Support attaching/ detaching web inspector
 + Always enable web inspector
 + --diagnostic-dialog command line switch
 + Faster file existence checks
 + Simplified, faster adblock implementation

 + Turn libnotify into a proper build-time dependency
 + Use Ctrl + Return to open tabs from the location entry
 + Support right-click on bookmark menu items
 + Support -e in midori -a and with multiple commands
 + Make Middle click open selection search if needed
 + Make Ctrl+C work as expected again
 + Fix order of History, Trash and Recently opened pages
 + Revise Shortcuts dialogue to fix oddities
 + Perform Form history completion case insensitive
 + Add 'Web Cache' to Delete Private data dialogue
 + Load accels from /etc/xdg if present
 + Improve XBEL format compatibility and performance
 + Fix inline find by correcting key handling
 + Add option to open panels in separate windows
 + Support Portrait orientation in Fremantle
 + Support Hildon MIME and URI handling
 + Check status before caching in Web Cache
 + Show popup menu on news feed icon if needed
 + Support Colourful Tabs with Tab Panel
 + Tweak sqlite and dbus handling for Win32
 + 'Run as web app' and 'Show in toolbar' for bookmarks
 + Add 'Small icons' toolbar style
 + Fix build with Glib < 2.20 and GTK+ < 2.12
 + Add Import bookmarks for XBEL, Opera and RDF
 + Add Open Link in Foreground/ Background Tab menu
 + Allow closing all tabs
 + Hildon file chooser support

 + Fix Mouse Gestures to work after activation
 + Explicitly link to X11 to support gold
 + Implement various Hildon specific features
 + Hide the navigationbar in fullscreen
 + Implement permanent storage of form history
 + Support keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Tab or "a"
 + Make creation of new windows fast
 + Introduce the Tab History List extension
 + Load icons laziy at startup to speed up startup
 + Introduce a Web Cache extension
 + Refactor and tweak the Preferences dialogue
 + Implement combos to choose external applications

 + (Kinetic) drag scrolling on touchscreen devices
 + Workaround a speed dial crasher
 + Faster Adblock with element blocking, for all WebKitGTK+ versions
 + Stripped menu, toolbar and tap on hold on Maemo, and 5.0 menu support
 + Add a DNS prefetching extension
 + Better IDN handling
 + Add a form history extension
 + Restore scrolling positions from the session
 + Keep typed address when switching tabs
 + Avoid storing duplicate history items per day
 + Fix multiple duplicate HTTP authentication dialogs
 + Pass mailto: links to the email client
 + Improve context menu with WebKitGTK+ 1.1.15
 + Checkbox "Remember password" in HTTP authentication
 + Fix a crasher when modifying bookmarks
 + Support page icons other than favicon.ico
 + iPhone identity in Network preferences

 + Fix freezing when opening multiple windows
 + Revamp Adblock with WebKitGTK+ 1.1.14 API
 + Greatly improve the address completion
 + Always show news feed icon
 + Better handling of feeds in the feed panel
 + Add Gtk+ and WebKit version to the About dialog
 + Improve tab panel and support minimized tabs
 + Implement disabling of extensions in crahs dialog
 + Don't make the web inspector transient
 + Tidy up the Preferences a bit
 + Load default bookmarks and config from /etc
 + Do not use xprop at runtime
 + Use GNOME proxy server if libsoup-gnome is installed
 + Integrate Save As with transfers
 + Save HTTP logins in a text file
 + Support Undo and Redo with WebKitGTK+ 1.1.14

 + Preserve navigation history with new tabs
 + Implement clearing private data when quitting
 + Ellipsize and show close icons in the tab panel
 + Allow hiding panel operating controls
 + Integrate Tools with the compact menu
 + Fix User scripts, User styles and Plugins panel
 + Remove the bookmarkbar popup
 + Add New Tab to the tab context menu
 + Implement minimizing tabs

 + Initial support for extension unit tests
 + Set a "browser" role on browser windows
 + Support typing search tokens to open websites
 + Fix focus loss when switching search engines
 + Rewrite Netscape Plugins panel backed by javascript
 + Implement a compact menu if menubar is hidden
 + Provide a context menu for tab labels
 + Implement Tab Panel as a tabbar replacement
 + Remember the last active tab
 + Read and write XBEL metadata internally
 + Implement -e, --execute to perform commands
 + Support socket based single instance
 + Move Go button inside the location entry
 + Fix the ident string after Midori updates
 + Bind Alt + n to switching to the n-th tab
 + Revisit conflicting mnemonics
 + Add a Toolbar Editor extension
 + Add a Shortcut Editor extension
 + Implement context menu in the Transfers panel
 + Simplified Extensions and Addons panels with tick marks
 + Fix Mouse Gestures often ignoreing gestures
 + Use one cookie manager model in all windows
 + Support building Midori for Win32
 + Add an entry to specify Fixed-Width font size
 + Implement Save As in the download dialog
 + Use one history model in all windows

 + Save the activation status of extensions
 + Catch and ignore mouse buttons meant for horizontal scrolling
 + Improve panel detaching and how panels handle it
 + Add a Feed Panel extension
 + Add a Fixed-width Font Family preference
 + Support spell checking
 + Implement (optional) Speed dial feature
 + Support nicer error pages with WebKitGTK+ 1.1.6
 + Implement middle click to open menu items in tabs
 + Implement -s, --snapshot command line switch
 + Use libnotify (runtime dependency) for finished transfers
 + Add a Go button to the address entry
 + Always append tabs opened via middle/ double click on the tab bar
 + Implement Open new pages in: New window preference
 + Implement inline find with direct '.' and '/' hotkeys
 + Add basic support for @-moz-document in user styles

 + Add Delete All to transferbar
 + Show search in context menu
 + Implement 'Default' search engine
 + Show only icons in Statusbar Features
 + Implement Clear private data
 + Support News Feed icon and external aggregator
 + Fix reloading of Not found pages
 + Fixup spaces when middle click opening
 + Fix possibly wrong identificaton string
 + Optionally search engines in completion
 + Optionally Gtk 2.16 entry progress and icon
 + Experimental panel detaching
 + Support external download manager again
 + Implement '-a', '--app' argument
 + Implement '-c', '--config' argument
 + Fix a bookmark saving issue
 + Support data: URIs in the address entry
 + Several performance and memory leak fixes
 + Load cookies idle to accelerate startup
 + Support mailto: links
 + Save tab reordering in the session
 + Add a Cookie Manager extension
 + Fix crashers in Colourful Tabs

 + Add a Colorful Tabs extension
 + Support downloading with WebKitGTK+ 1.1.3
 + Load and save settings of extensions
 + Drop internal source view
 + Require WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1, Glib 2.16 and libsoup 2.25.2

 + Automatic inline find can be disabled
 + Implement an Encoding menu
 + Add Open all in Tabs for bookmarks and history
 + Bookmarks can be moved to other folders
 + Fix blank page 'loading' and HTTP authentication
 + Display history dates in the local format
 + Allow editing of completion items

 + Sidepanel can be aligned on the right
 + Bookmarks can be organized in folders
 + Support find as you type
 + Support international domain names
 + Tweak location completion
 + Provide default search engines
 + Integrate with Maemo if available
 + Implement Mouse Gestures extension
 + Implement a Plugins panel
 + Editing the toolbar via a context menu
 + Introduce Zoom Text and Images preference

 + Open new tabs by clicking on the tabbar
 + Refactor and speed up location completion
 + Show a Crash dialog after crashes
 + Dynamically save files when needed
 + Support Back/ Forward mouse buttons
 + Support javascript: bookmarklets
 + Implement Proxy and Identification string
 + Implement cookie storage on disk
 + Remove autotooled build system
 + Add a new Extensions panel
 + Implement opening of new windows
 + Display tooltips in Preferences

 + Reimplement page holder as an extension
 + Introduce a C extension interface
 + Introduce unit tests for automated testing
 + Implement history based location completion
 + Support the Web Inspector in new WebKit versions
 + Bookmarkbar properly reflects changes
 + Improve overall OS X integration
 + Add a Text Editor Preference
 + Add a Compat sidebar Preference
 + Add an Open external pages in Preference
 + Implement source view and cached favicons with libsoup

 + Allow for hiding the menubar
 + Make the navigationbar customizable
 + Implement a History panel
 + Remove the HTTP Proxy hack
 + Add an Always Show Tabbar Preference
 + Implement 404 error pages
 + Remove the Primary Clipboard hack
 + Provide user documentation
 + Display Not found errors when possible
 + Remove Stylesheet and Zoom Stepping preferences
 + Make dialogs more compact
 + Ellipsize extremely long menu items
 + Save the trash again when quitting
 + Implement enabling/ disabling addons

 + Update some translations
 + Show progress in location when statusbar is hidden
 + Alt + Enter in location should issue a new tab
 + Warn at configure time if GVfs is not installed
 + Remove GVfs code that could caused huge problems
 + Update wad to 1.4.4 to fix building on some systems

 + Single instance support using Unique
 + Make it clear that WAF is preferred
 + Provide an 'extension' icon
 + Load user styles from ~/.local/share/midori/styles
 + Use Ctrl+Shift+T for Undo Close Tab
 + Add "open-tabs-next-to-current" preference
 + Use rsvg-convert instead of imagemagick's convert
 + @name in the meta data of userscripts is recognized
 + Remove "small-toolbar" preference

 + Improved Greasemonkey compatibility
 + Improve multiple window support
 + Use WAF buildscripts, still keeping autotools
 + Install and use Midori logo
 + Support zooming and printing
 + Enhance Gjs functionality
 + Refactor in some places, particularly Web Search
 + Implement favicons and source view with GIO
 + Introduce new fancy location entry
 + Detect and show news feeds on web sites
 + Save the session as needed, not only on quit
 + Reintroduce Download Manager preference

 + First attempt at userscripts and extensions.
 + Show hidden location/ web search temporarily when needed.
 + Turn prefs into MidoriPreferences
 + Fix background tabs, strings and new tab focus.
 + Switch configuration to MidoriWebSettings.
 + Remove 'External programs' logic
 + Append the closed tabs items as a proper submenu.
 + The location is empty and focused by default
 + Implement proper menu positioning.
 + Implement the Console panel for script messages.
 + Implement localization via Gettext.
 + Initial refactoring work, regressions expected
 + Build fix: Webkit's header and pkgconfig name have changed.
 + Implement Fullscreen mode

 + Add a preference to choose a user stylesheet.
 + Implement a few preferences with new settings API in WebKit
 + Implement Add Bookmark and a small panel toolbar
 + Escape search engine name and description.
 + Cleanup and WebKit API update
 + Make sure selection actions have a widget.
 + Allow Find Next and Find Previous when the findbox is hidden.
 + Fixed the header of the KatzeThrobber
 + Move XBEL implementation to katze.
 + Implement a throbber widget.
 + Always enable Select All if an editable widget is focussed.
 + Previous/ next tab menu items should be disabled when not needed.
 + Handle the context menu on button press, not release.
 + Open the default page only if there is no session and no uri on the cli.

 + Implement editing menu items for the web view.
 + Implement the bookmarks panel with editing capabilities.
 + Prevent repeated checks for the desktop environment.
 + Fix coding style in sokoke.c/ sokoke.h, particularly variable names.
 + Don't update the remembered window size when maximized.
 + Don't remember the window position but the size only.
 + Command line uris should replace the default page.
 + More effective status updates and less entry flickering
 + Enable inline find for websites
 + Make the progressbar work properly again
 + Build fix: Adapt WebKit api changes
 + Add Tab Size to preferences dialog

 + Build fix: Remove search api

 + FIX Reopening a tab from the trash causes a crash
 + FIX An untitled website keeps the previous title
 + FIX When switching tabs the location/ title isn't updated correctly
 + FIX Issues with the preferences dialog
 + Disable location completion for now
 + Save tabtrash to file
 + Restructure some code
 + Remove color picker and throbber
 + Change the license to LGPL

 + Adapt WebKit api change, remove engine wrappers, remove dialog hack
 + Improve XBEL loading and saving
 + Show dialog and backup files on startup errors
 + Rearranged and removed some menus

 + FIX Improve flawed window creation
 + Build with and eliminate all compiler warnings
 + Implement clipboard handling menus
 + Allow editing of search engines
 + Update search engines properly
 + Implement bookmarks saving
 + Implement session saving and loading
 + Cleaned up and revised most code
 + Remove legacy webi code

 + FIX Back/ forward and initial check menu item states
 + Remove rather useless debugging helpers
 + Improvements on the preferences
 + First attempt at websearch
 + Preserve typed uri on tab switch
 + First attempt at bookmarks, readonly for now
 + Add an animated throbber

 + FIX Can crash on context menu or new protocol
 + FIX Location isn't updated on tab switch
 + Remember last window position and size
 + Implement Open menu item
 + Allow using location and web search if hidden

 + FIX Close tab not insensitive for only one tab
 + FIX Debug output is broken
 + Display uri when hovering a link
 + Implement link uri related part of context menu
 + Implement alt/ middle/ shift click link
 + First attempt at external protocol handlers
 + Initial download manager integration
 + Adapt WebKit api prefix change
 + More code reorganization and cleanup

 + FIX Crash when invoking document context menu via keyboard
 + FIX Can't build with debug = yes on GTK+2.12
 + Changes related to icons in the gui
 + Reorganize code by splitting into several files
 + Switch from WebkitGdk to WebkitGtk

 + FIX Make settings finally work flawlessly
 + FIX Can crash when settings are opened
 + Handle all panels in a general way
 + Install xdg compliant desktop file
 + Implement location and web search menu items
 + Display a loading icon on tabs again
 + Changed the settings dialog again

 + FIX Closing an individual tab doesn't work correctly.
 + FIX Doesn't build with gtkwebcore.
 + Reimplement menus and and navibar with GtkUIManager.
 + Improve document handling in general.
 + Finished tab trash menu.
 + Implement searchbox default text.
 + Remove some gtkwebcore code.
 + Use Xfce style dialog in Xfce.
 + Implement a few settings.
 + Change the panel's look.
 + Implement a 'pageholder' panel.

 + Implement a few more signals for WebkitGdk.
 + Add tooltips to navigation toolbar buttons.
 + First attempt on a settings dialog.
 + Reimplemented color picker.
 + Autocompletion for location and searchbox.
 + Changed menu items and incremental findbar.
 + Implement tab switching via keyboard.

 + FIX Midori segfaults when quitting.
 + FIX Config loading and saving is broken.
 + Switch WebkitGdk to gtk api and make it the build default.
 + Register custom stock icons instead of icon theme magic.
 + Implement dynamic window menu.
 + First attempt on resizable panels.
 + Add about dialog.

 + FIX Refresh via menu or shortcut crashes the browser.
 + FIX Assertions with and visibility of the progressbar.
 + FIX Tabs are not reorderable.
 + Package versions in ./configure result and --version output.
 + Improve view menu and add tools menu.
 + Replace deprecated functions and macros.
 + Implement settings saving and loading.
 + Fill the common context menu with items
 + Allow multiple homepages, seperated by '|'.
 + Make code typesafe and C++ friendly.
 + Initially support WebkitGdk directly.
 + Urlify location inputs automatically.

 + Dynamic tab trash menu.
 + Update UI when page is changed.
 + Enhanced WebkitGtk support.
 + New function sokoke_dialog_run_modeless.
 + Finished on_document_request_script_prompt.
 + One name and version, visible in the user agent.
 + Changed some accelerators and menu items.
 + Create and destroy color picker properly.
 + Ctrl + Wheel resets the zoom level.
 + Escape in the location entry resets the uri.
 + Use gtk-webcore prefix instead of osb now.
 + Save keybindings on quit.
 + Fancy autotools build setup.

 + Initial release
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