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<h3>Mined release history and change log</h3>

<h4>Release history with major enhancements / new features</h4>
(For the detailed change log, see below.)


<p><dd><a href=#2000.15.4>mined 2000.15.4</a>
<ul class=latest>
	<p><dt><b>Maintenance release:</b>
	<li>Further tweaks for MinTTY and DOS/djgpp
		<li>Enhanced handling of MinTTY CJK wide mode.
		<li>Handling of MinTTY CJK wide mode dynamic changing.
		<li>Enhanced handling of DOS codepage detection.
	<li>Workaround for mlterm bug with screen update on bidi text.
	<li>Workaround for "screen" terminal obstructing proper width detection.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.15.3>mined 2000.15.3</a>
	<p><dt><b>Maintenance release:</b>
	<li>Enhanced mouse control
		<li>Menu navigation with mouse without button pressed.
		<li>Mouse click escapes from input prompt.
	<li>Further tweaks for MinTTY
		<li>Detecting MinTTY as modified from 0.4.
		<li>Fixed various character width handling issues.
		<li>Support for dynamic adjustment of CJK width property 
		by font change.
		<li>Adapted encoding handling of window title.
	<li>Mouse operation fixes.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.15.2>mined 2000.15.2</a>
	<p><dt><b>Maintenance release:</b>
	<li>Tweaks for Cygwin console and MinTTY terminals
	<li>Tweaks for DOS versions

<p><dd><a href=#2000.15>mined 2000.15</a>
	<p><dt><b>Character encoding support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Updated to Unicode 5.1; added XHC Hanyu pinyin pronunciation information.
	<li>Enhanced character information display, also in non-UTF-8 text encoding.
	<br>Adding Unicode character name and Unicode decomposition, see Info menu.
	<li>Enhanced character substitution display for non-Unicode terminals; 
	using base character according to Unicode decomposition.
	<li>Encoding conversion from UTF-8 enhanced to all text encodings.
	<li>Enhanced terminal support for cygwin 1.7, including UTF-8 mode.
	<li>Character replacement commands (e.g. ESC _) also unescape 
	URL escape notation (%E2%82%AC) and HTML numeric entities (&_#x20AC;).

	<p><dt><b>Text editing features:</b>
	<li>Enhanced line begin/end navigation, may also go to previous/next line.

	<li>Changed cursor positioning when moving vertically over multi-column characters:
		<li>Turning to the closest side of a TAB.
		<li>Options -T/+T for preference to stay left/right of TAB.
	<li>Enhanced menu navigation (Ctrl-mouse-scroll, initial key word finding).
	<li>Multi-option selection in open Info display ("?") menu.
	<li>Scrollbar mouse control enhancements:
		<li>Scroll direction adapted to other applications (old mode with option -oo).
		<li>Click-and-drag scrollbar scrolling.
		<li>Accelerated scrolling (by half a page) while over scrollbar.
	<li>Added usage hints to messages on typical keyboard interaction misconceptions.
	<li>Help function improvements.
	<li>Tweaked handling of Home/End/Del and modified keypad keys.

	<p><dt><b>Interworking enhancements:</b>
	<li>Distinction of small/numeric keypad keys for djgpp-compiled DOS version.
	<li>Tweaked uterm terminal invocation script:
		<li>Workaround to safely ensure UTF-8 on cygwin.
		<li>Best guess for user preference of rxvt (if rxvt-unicode is found).
		<li>Command line options for user preference for xterm or rxvt.
	<li>Tweaked cygwin script wmined to use mintty if available.
	<li>Tuned keypad assignments to achieve more uniform keypad functions 
	among different kinds of terminals as much as possible.
	<li>Support of additional terminal codepages as supported by cygwin 1.7, 
	also in the djgpp-compiled DOS version.
	<li>Recognising and adapting to PuTTY or MinTTY.

	<li>Added printing feature using notepad /p for cygwin and DOS versions.

	<li>Applying computed dim screen attribute for line indications (in xterm),
	actived by defining an empty environment variable MINEDDIM.
	<li>Revised/enhanced line end handling support:
		<li>Added option +r to convert Unix lineends (LF) to DOS lineends (CRLF).
		<li>Enhanced Mac lineend handling options -R and +R.
		<li>Either of -r/+r can be combined with either of -R/+R.
		<li>Added search pattern "\r" to search for CRLF (DOS/Windows) line ends.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.14>mined 2000.14</a>
	<p><dt><b>Text editing features:</b>
	<li>Case-insensitive search (except when searching for an identifier).
	<li>New command Alt-x toggles preceding character and its hexadecimal code.

	<p><dt><b>Character encoding support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Additional option -E? just determines and displays text file encoding(s).
	<li>Additional option +E? just determines and displays terminal encoding.
	<li>Separated display of "isolated" combining characters (e.g. after TAB).
	<li>Improved text encoding auto-detection:
		<li>Improved detection of CJK encodings vs. 8-bit encodings.
		<li>Added auto-detection of Windows-"ANSI" (CP1252), PC-Latin (CP850), MacRoman.
		<li>Improved configuration of auto-detection.

	<p><dt><b>Character input enhancements:</b>
	<li>New shortcuts for input of plain quote marks (in smart quotes mode).

	<p><dt><b>Interworking enhancements:</b>
	<li>Terminal encoding handling:
		<li>Added options -f / -F to indicate limited font coverage of special characters.
		<li>Detecting and handling non-Unicode terminal with Arabic ligature joining.
		<li>Detecting and handling special width behaviour of rxvt, mlterm, konsole 
		  concerning unassigned characters, non-BMP, or non-Unicode characters.
		<li>Applying display replacement for illegal Unicode characters by default 
		  (codes ending with FFFE/FFFF, surrogates, non-Unicode code points).
		<li>Fixed a lot of other remaining width display inconsistencies.
	<li>Making use of window focus out/in reports (xterm 224).
	<li>Workaround for xterm 224 bug which could lock up the terminal.
	<li>Adjusting display details to properties of gnome-terminal, konsole.
	<li>Considering termcap information of function key escape sequences.

	<p><dt><b>Miscellaneous changes:</b>
	<li>Increased speed of some UTF-8 search operations by a factor of ~ 40.
	<li>Colour highlighting of DOS/Mac line end indications.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.13.2>mined 2000.13.2</a>
	<p><dt><b>Maintenance release:</b>
	<li>Character input support enhancements
	<li>Interoperability enhancements

<p><dd><a href=#2000.13>mined 2000.13</a>
	<p><dt><b>Documentation enhancements:</b>
	<li>Revised manual structure, featuring more comprehensive new 
	chapters on
		<li>Structured editing support
		<li>Character handling support
		<li>Language support

	<p><dt><b>Character encoding support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Auto-detection and explicit selection of UTF-16 with 
	and without BOM (big endian and little endian).
	<li>Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 (final, from beta2 in 2000.12).

	<p><dt><b>Character input support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Added support for multiple accented character input.
	<li>Additional accent prefix keys for most frequent accents of all 
	Latin-based languages (macron, breve, dot above, ogonek, caron, stroke).
	<li>Added support for convenient combining character input with accent prefix keys.
	<li>Added support for convenient quotation marks input with accent prefix keys.
	<li>Support for Greek (monotonic and polytonic).
	<li>Support for Cyrillic accented characters.

	<p><dt><b>Interactive enhancements:</b>
	<li>Revised menu structure to be more intuitive.
	<li>Improved menu handling system.

	<p><dt><b>Interoperability enhancements:</b>
	<li>Making use of xterm 216 mode which provides detection of 
	Alt-/Control-modified digits and punctuation keys.
	<li>Improved support for some legacy terminals.

	<p><dt><b>File handling enhancements:</b>
	<li>Consistent setting of file access modes when cloning a file 
	or creating a new file with executable permission.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.12>mined 2000.12</a>
	<p><dt><b>Character encoding support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 beta2:
		<li>Case conversion, Script information.
		<li>Combining character width properties.
		<li>Han information (from Unihan database) for CJK characters.
		<li>Radical/Stroke input method.
		<li>Added character input mnemonics for new LATIN characters.
	<li>Supplemented Big5 character set with HKSCS-2004 update from
	<a target=hkscs href=></a>, adding more than 
	100 characters.
	Handling covers mappings to two Unicode characters, 
	like for JIS encodings.
	<li>Revised interpretation of locale environment variables to 
	comply with de-facto locale standard but yet allowing flexible 
	locale configuration for both text and terminal encoding.
	This mechanism is supplemented by other options with useful 
	Command line options to specify text or terminal encoding were 
	revised, enhanced, and made more comprehensive.
	<li>Revised terminal encoding handling to support also mapped 
	8-bit encodings including handling of combining characters 
	(with auto-detection).
	<li>Generally revised handling of text and terminal encoding 
	to support all combinations of them.
	<li>Supporting lots of additional 8-bit encodings for both 
	text encoding and terminal encoding. Structured Encoding menu 
	with submenus for concise text encoding selection.
	<li>Optional Unicode Copy/Paste buffer mode with implicit conversion.

	<p><dt><b>Character handling support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Supplemented Cangjie input method with additional mappings 
	from HKSCS-2004 Changjie input code table.
	<li>Case conversion is now always (i.e. in all encodings) 
	based on Unicode.
	<li>Shift-F3 case cycling function now uses actual Unicode 
	title case characters when appropriate and available.
	<li>Smart quotes enabled in all text encodings.
	<li>Updated HTML character mnemonics to HTML 4.01.

	<p><dt><b>Interworking enhancements:</b>
	<li>Improved intuitive assignment of copy/paste functions to 
	keypad, enhanced flexbility of usage.
	<li>Further improvements on terminal interworking (even 
	version-specific), especially with KDE konsole. Added kterm 
	encoding auto-detection.

	<p><dt><b>Other enhancements:</b>
	<li>New password hiding feature, selected by default for "hidden" files.
	<li>Extended default installation by some aliases and wrappers:
		<li>minmacs, mstar, mpico for invocation of mined in 
		emulation modes for emacs, WordStar, pico (alpha), 
		<li>umined, xmined for invocation of mined in a 
		separate terminal window
		<li>uterm to invoke a new terminal window with a 
		maximum of Unicode support achievable on the system, 
		including best-choice font selection

<p><dd><a href=#2000.11>mined 2000.11</a>
	<p><dt><b>Unicode support enhancements:</b>
	<li>Updated to Unicode 4.1.0:
		<li>Case conversion, Script information.
		<li>Combining character width properties.
		<li>Han information (from Unihan database) for CJK characters.
		<li>Radical/Stroke input method (to include new CJK characters).
		<li>Added Hanyu Pinlu and Tang pronunciation information 
		(from Unihan database) to Han information options.
		<li>Added generic and supplemental character input mnemonics 
		for new LATIN characters.
	<li>Indication and character information of Unicode combining 
	characters now refers to the most recent Unicode version, not 
	the actual terminal capabilities.

	<p><dt><b>Interactive enhancements:</b>
	<li>Conciliated keypad assignment preference conflict between 
	Cut/Paste functions (as propagated by mined) and character 
	deletion / line positioning functions (as often commonly expected):
		<li>The more common Home/End/Delete function 
		assignments to the respective keypad keys are also 
		easily accessible (e.g. Alt-Del).
		<li>Documentation for alternative assignment option improved.
		<li>Using Del without a paste buffer gives an 
		additional hint on alternative usage.
	<li>Additional assignment of "Delete single" function 
	(to delete without auto-undent, or to delete the last 
	combining accent only) to F5 Backarrow.
	<li>Additional commands (HOP) F1 F1 / Shift-F1 / Control-F1 / Alt-F1 
	to display a help status line of (shifted) function key assignments.
	<li>Slight revision of function key assignments to improve 
	intuitive usage and compliance with common usage.
	Unification of DOS version function key assignments.

	<p><dt><b>Interoperability enhancements:</b>
	<li>Improved detection of shifted function keys on various 
	kinds and modes of terminals.
	<li>Added keyboard configuration examples for Control-function 
	key detection for rxvt and mlterm to the runtime support library.
	<li>Added script to support Unicode X font installation to the 
	runtime support library.
	<li>Modified xterm start script "uterm" so that with newer xterm 
	versions (from 201) usage of the xterm built-in most recent 
	version of Unicode width data is enabled (which is often more 
	current than the system-provided locale version).
	<li>Provided makefile for Interix.

	<p><dt><b>Feature enhancements:</b>
	<li>Smart arrows added to optional smart input text replacements.
	<li>New word case toggle function Shift-F3 cycling word casing 
	between all small, beginning capital, and all capitals.
	<li>The "search corresponding bracket" commands ESC ( or ESC ) 
	now also match /* */ pairs and #if #else/#elsif #endif structures.
	<li>New TAB expansion option (-+4 or -+8) that expands TAB key 
	input to an appropriate number of Space characters.

	<p><dt><b>Further enhancements:</b>
	<li>Using paps (a Pango printing script) for printing if available.
	<li>Added PC DOS encoding ("codepage 437") to available encodings.

<p><dd><a href=#2000.10>mined 2000.10</a>
	<p><dt><b>Character encoding, CJK, and input support enhancements:</b>

	<li>Printing feature revamped; now working with all encodings.
	<li>Updated character properties to Unicode 4.0.1.
	<li>Added support for major mapped 8 bit character encodings.
	<li>Added transparent handling of UTF-16 encoded files (with BOM).
	<li>Full support for combining characters in CJK encodings 
	and 8 bit encodings, including optional separated display mode 
	and partial editing (within combined character).

	<li>Added Han character information (description / pronunciation) 
	while browsing text or input method pick lists.
	<li>Enhanced character information conforming to ISO 14755.

	<li>Additional input support for CJK, Vietnamese, Thai, Hebrew.
	<li>Added preinstalled WuBi input method (used by professional 
	typists in mainland China).
	<li>Added radical/stroke lookup input method for CJK characters, 
	especially useful for not CJK speaking users.
	<li>Added two Vietnamese input methods (VIQR and VNI) to 
	preconfigured keyboard mappings, as well as a Vietnamese 
	accent prefixing input support method.
	<li>Added two more ways of supporting input of Vietnamese 
	multiple accented characters.
	<li>Revamped mnemonic input support; completed mnemonic patterns 
	and enhanced documentation.
	<li>Enhanced numeric character input support; conforming to 
	ISO 14755.

	<p><dt><b>Interactive enhancements:</b>
	<li>Revamped menu control; added subtitles and flag markers 
	(showing active options); enabled menu navigation by item letters 
	or mouse wheel movement.

	<p><dt><b>Runtime environment enhancements:</b>
	<li>Enhanced interoperability with various terminals; enhanced 
	detection and handling of available menu border styles as well 
	as screen attributes used for scrollbar and special character 
	display for a wide range of terminals.
	<li>Providing runtime support library with X configuration patterns 
	and terminal startup scripts.

	<p><dt><b>Portability enhancements:</b>
	<li>Revamped makefiles; enhanced portability and compilation 
	on legacy systems.
	<li>Enhanced makefiles to provide more installation options; 
	fixed default target directories for a wider range of target 

<p><dd><a href=#2000.9>mined 2000.9</a>
	<li>Position stack and return function also work across files 
	(esp. after identifier definition searches using tags file)
	<li>Smart quotes: auto-detection of quotation marks style on 
	file loading
	<li>Interactive Latin-1 / UTF-8 conversion support
	<li>Support for VIM keyboard mapping files

<p><dd><a href=#2000.8>mined 2000.8</a>
	<li>Major extension of CJK character set support: GB18030, 
	full EUC-JP, CNS (EUC-TW)
	<li>Vietnamese VISCII character set support
	<li>Auto-detection of UTF-8 / CJK terminal features
	<li>Flexible locale configuration for both text and terminal encoding
	<li>Smart dashes
	<li>Multiple paste buffers (emacs-style)
	<li>emacs command mode

<p><dd><a href=#2000.7>mined 2000.7</a>
	<li>Enhanced East Asian input method support; 
	selection menu for multiple character choices ("pick list")
	<li>Support for editing CJK encoded files in UTF-8 terminal

<p><dd><a href=#2000.6>mined 2000.6</a>
	<li>Arabic ligature joining support
	<li>New command "return to previous position"

<p><dd><a href=#2000.5>mined 2000.5</a>
	<li>Bidirectional terminal support
	<li>Keyboard mapping
	<li>Script highlighting

<p><dd><a href=#2000.4>mined 2000.4</a>
	<li>Mouse dragging support
	<li>Clever justification (line-wrapping) with auto-indentation
	<li>Back-TAB (undent)
	<li>Version control system support (checkin/-out)
	<li>Enhanced composed character input support

<p><dd><a href=#2000.3>mined 2000.3</a>
	<li>Documentation revision; manual page source changed to HTML

<p><dd><a href=#2000.2>mined 2000.2</a>
	<li>Input support for indented parentheses pairs
	<li>HTML syntax highlighting
	<li>Enabled newline in search/replace
	<li>Mouse support for DOS versions

<p><dd><a href=#2000.1>mined 2000.1</a>
	<li>Smart quotes
	<li>Context-dependent Unicode case toggle

<p><dd><a href=#2000>mined 2000</a>
	<li>Binary transparency, including different line-end handling, 
	    unterminated lines, and NUL characters
	<li>Unicode combined character handling 
	    (combined or separated display)
	<li>Optional Unicode line-end display
	<li>Cross-file identifier definition search (using tags file)
	<li>Right-to-left input support ("poor man's bidi" mode)

<p><dd><a href=#98>mined 98</a>
	<li>UTF-8 support
	<li>Mouse support
	<li>Pull-down and popup menus

<p><dd><a href=#6>release 6</a>

<p><dd><a href=#5>release 5</a>

<p><dd><a href=#3>release 3</a>
	<li>Paragraph justification
	<li>16-Bit character set support

<p><dd><a href=#2>release 2</a>


<a name=releases id=releases onMouseOver="chapter (this);">
<h4>Change log</h4>


<div class=latest>
<a name=2000.15.4 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.15.3 -> mined 2000.15.4 (July 2009)

For MinTTY:
* Tuned handling of CJK ambiguous width change notification.
* Adaptations for CJK wide mode when changed dynamically.
* Fixed VT100 graphics style menu borders in CJK wide mode.
* Prepared for proper detection of later MinTTY version which should 
  apply LAM/ALEF ligature joining, not to be mistaken for mlterm.

For DOS/djgpp:
* Tuned detection of DOS codepage information for DR-DOS/FreeDOS.
* Fixed handling of failed codepage detection.
* Added detection of ISO 8859 alias codepages (e.g. CP819 etc).
* Not checking locale environment variables anymore as they are likely 
  to confuse the djgpp-compiled version of mined if it happens to be 
  called from a cygwin 1.7 shell.

For mlterm:
* Workaround for mlterm bug with clear-to-end-of-line behind bidi text.

For "screen":
* Transparently applying proper width properties detection within 
  "screen" terminal emulation, provided TERM=screen (which is the default).

Character encoding support enhancements:
Tuned substitution display of single quote marks and combining characters.

Added substitution display support for glottal stop mark 'okina (U+2BB).

Changed script name "wmined" to "wined". It invokes mined in a separate 
terminal session on Windows, using MinTTY if available, otherwise using 
old rxvt with option -uas (if available) in stand-alone (non-X) mode.

Added documentation of new mouse movement menu navigation (without button 
pressed) introduced in 2000.15.3.

Bug fixes:
Fixed combining character deletion anomaly: If the cursor was on a 
combining character not considered combining by the terminal (which may 
be referring to an older Unicode version than mined knows of), Backspace 
would have deleted the combining character together with the character 
left of the cursor.

<a name=2000.15.3 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.15.2 -> mined 2000.15.3 (June 2009)

Mouse click escapes from input prompt.

Enhanced mouse control:
* Menu items can be navigated with the mouse without button pressed.
  - Enabled by default for MinTTY, xterm, gnome-terminal.
  - Enable with option +*, disable with option -*.

For MinTTY:
* Detection of MinTTY 0.4 by terminal type of device attribute response.
* Fixed various character width handling issues.
* Support for dynamic adjustment of CJK width property.
* Handling screen supporting right-to-left but not ligature joining.
  - Also introduced explicit option +UU-U to configure this.
* Handling codepage-dependant encoding of window title (since MinTTY 0.3.9).

For PuTTY, a few tweaks handle differences from MinTTY (e.g. title encoding).

For djgpp version, enhanced codepage detection for FreeDOS.

Bug fixes:
Fixed mouse operation stopped after opening a menu in cxterm and hanterm.

Fixed mouse drag-release-copy operation which used to stop working after 
a menu was opened or the scrollbar was used in MinTTY (due to handling 
of the xterm mouse tracking mode).

<a name=2000.15.2 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.15 -> mined 2000.15.2 (May 2009)

In cygwin terminal (also on Linux/Unix after rlogin), fixed Home/End 
key handling to be consistent with previous versions.

For MinTTY:
* Tweaked screen feature adjustment.
* Disabled scrollbar (workaround for right-to-left problem, like mlterm).

For djgpp version, tweaked codepage detection to work.

Tweaks to make Turbo-C compilation work again.

<a name=2000.15 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.14 -> mined 2000.15 (April 2009)

Text editing features:
Line begin/end navigation (small keypad Home/End keys, or Alt-Home/End keys) 
may go to previous/next line, respectively, if the current position is 
already at line beginning/end.

Character encoding support enhancements:
Updated to Unicode 5.1:
* Added XHC Hanyu pinyin pronunciation information (from Unihan database) 
  to Han information options.
* Updated handling of character properties as appropriate.
* Added mnemos for new Latin characters, revised some redundant mnemos.

Enhanced character information display:
* Showing Unicode information also in non-UTF-8 text encoding.
* Adding character information options for:
  Unicode character name, Unicode decomposition, input mnemonics.
* The character or file information to be shown on the status line is 
  configurable in the Info menu, 
* or with a command-line option (+?...) or entry in the MINED variable.

Enhanced character substitution display for non-Unicode terminals; if a 
character cannot be displayed by the terminal, mined tries to replace it 
with its base character according to Unicode decomposition, and displays it 
with cyan background as a substitution indication.

Enhanced encoding conversion function (Alt-Shift-F11, ESC _) to 
convert from UTF-8 to any current text encoding.

Added supported Unicode version to the About message.

Tweaked auto-detection of text encoding:
* Not counting sequences of 8 bit no-break space (0xA0) as CJK anymore.

No longer interpreting Unicode LS/PS line/paragraph separators as 
line ends if opening a file explicitly in non-Unicode encoding. This 
does not work however if non-Unicode encoding is just auto-detected.

Tuned CJK file encoding auto-detection which yielded too many 
false positives for Shift-JIS.

Support of additional terminal encodings (esp. in support of cygwin 1.7), 
see Interworking enhancements below for a listing.

Revised online help page "Unicode Howto".

Character input enhancements:
Character replacement commands (ESC _ , ESC � etc) also unescape 
* URL escape notation like %E2%82%AC
* HTML numeric character entities (&_#x20AC; &_#8364;)

Additional command line parameter syntax -K=im-im to preselect an 
input method and/or a standby input method (for quick switching 
wich Alt-k). Examples: -K=gr-py (select Greek, standby Pinyin) 
or -K=-py (standby Pinyin).

Enabled keyboard mapping always by default (made option +K obsolete).

Changed cursor positioning when moving vertically over multi-column characters:
* Moving vertically over a TAB now turns to the side of the TAB column range 
  closer to the previous position.
* Revised/added TAB navigation options -T/+T;
* With -T, position stays left when moving vertically over TAB or wide char.
* With +T, position stays right when moving vertically over TAB or wide char.
* Fixed alternating left/right over wide characters.

Menu item navigation with initial keys looks for any word in menu label 
starting with key.

Menus can be switched with Control-mouse-wheel scroll.
Added documentation about mouse control in open menus.

Info display menu ("?" menu): While selecting multiple sub-options 
of displaying char info or Han pronunciations, the menu stays open.

Scrollbar mouse control enhancements:
* Scroll direction adapted to other applications:
  Left-click on scrollbar scrolls towards mouse position, right-click in 
  the other direction (old behaviour left=down/right=up with option -oo).
* New left-click-and-drag scrollbar scrolling.
* Accelerated scrollbar scrolling:
  Mouse wheel scrolling on the scrollbar scrolls by half a page.
  (Mouse wheel on text: 3 lines; with control: 1 line.)

Added usage hints to messages on typical keyboard interaction misconceptions.

Help function improvements:
* Revised Options -> help menu items.
* Revised keyboard help bars (for function keys and accent prefix 
  keys); input keys are consistently marked red, accent functions are 
  marked in cyan highlighting.
* Keyboard help bars can now be invoked with F1 followed by any of the 
  respective keys to get help on 
  (not just (Control-/...)F1 / Control-, / Control-1).

Tweaked handling of modified keypad keys to implement the distinction 
especially between Home/End/Del and Alt-Home/End/Del as described; 
also improved the documentation of keypad interpretation in the manual.
However, available keypad function assignments are unfortunately 
limited by the typical insufficiency of terminal emulators to support 
all kinds of key recognition as it would be desirable.

Interworking enhancements:
Working with UTF-8 mode of cygwin 1.7 console (detected e.g. by 
CYGWIN=codepage:utf8). Note: After rlogin from this console, UTF-8 
indication has to be ensured explicitly, e.g. by environment setting, 
or by mined option +U.

Terminal encoding handling:
* Detecting bidi markers (format controls, RTL etc) to be printable 
  since xterm 230.

Terminal features:
* Handling xterm mode formatOtherKeys: 1 (xterm 235).
* Making use of terminal capability to erase multiple characters.

The djgpp-compiled DOS version can now distinguish keys of the 
small ("editing") keypad and the numeric ("application") keypad so 
especially the Home and End keys are assigned different functions 
as with xterm or (more limited) rxvt.

Revised uterm script (for invocation of a Unicode terminal):
* Tweaked uterm script with workaround to safely ensure UTF-8 with xterm 
  on cygwin.
* Modified uterm to start rxvt-unicode if the current terminal is rxvt 
  (but only if rxvt-unicode is found, e.g. as urxvt on cygwin).
* Added command line options -rx / -rxvt / -xt / -xterm to explicitly 
  select user preference to use rxvt-unicode or xterm.

Tweaked cygwin script wmined to use mintty if available.

New option -O to disable script colour highlighting (for Greek, Cyrillic, 
Coptic, Armenian).
Disabling in cygwin console by default. Option +O enables it.
Making script highlighting brighter on dark terminals.

Sample file conf_user/profile.mined of the Mined runtime support library:
Suggesting different fancy settings for MINEDUTFRET and MINEDUTFTAB 
line end and tab markers, respectively, whether running rxvt or xterm.

New environment variable MINEDBORDER to control colour or menu borders;
suitable values are "35" (magenta), "34" (blue) and "31" (red, default).

Tweaked menu display with a workaround for cygwin buggy colour handling.

New options +F / +FF to indicate a better range of font support in 
case the default assumption of mined for the terminal (or an option -F 
in the environment) preconfigures font usage to be limit.

New option +k to activate "application keypad mode" of the terminal.
This is normally not needed as mined selects this mode automatically 
by the terminal it runs in. If you are running a misconfigured X 
windows system which does not facilitate distinguished keypad 
functions, you can enforce them by using the NumLock function of the 
keyboard and switching on this option.

Workaround for KDE konsole issue rendering text invisible after an 
attempt to fix the screen size (which in turn is a workaround for 
occasional remote login screen size recognition problems; that 
workaround is not applied for konsole anymore).

Tuned keypad assignments to achieve more uniform keypad functions 
among different kinds of terminals as much as possible.

Tweaks for vt100:
* Workaround for buggy terminfo vt100 entries.
* Using application keypad mode.

Recognising PuTTY or MinTTY and tuning screen capabilities accordingly.

Support of additional codepages as supported by cygwin 1.7, 
plus a few more as provided by libiconv.
These are mainly provided as terminal codepages, they do not appear 
in the Encoding menu. However, if you need, you can ask mined to use 
them as either the assumed terminal encoding (e.g. +E=CP1250 or +E:WE) 
or even text encoding (e.g. -E=CP1250 or -E:WE) using the names or 
shortcuts from the list:
	CP737	37	DOS Greek
	CP775	75	DOS Baltic
	CP852	52	DOS Central European
	CP853	53	South European, Esperanto (on request of Rugxulo)
	CP855	55	DOS Cyrillic
	CP857	57	DOS Turkish
	CP858	58	DOS Western, CP850 with Euro symbol
	CP860	60	DOS Portuguese
	CP861	61	DOS Icelandic
	CP862	62	DOS Hebrew
	CP863	63	DOS French Canadian
	CP864	64	DOS Arabic
	CP865	65	DOS Nordic
	CP866	66	DOS Russian
	CP869	69	DOS Modern Greek
	CP1125	25	DOS Ukraine
	CP1250	WE	Windows Central European
	CP1253	WG	Windows Greek
	CP1254	WT	Windows Turkish
	CP1256	WA	Windows Arabic
	CP1257	WB	Windows Baltic

In the djgpp-compiled DOS version, mined tries to detect the codepage 
using the DOS API. This is untested, however.

Added printing feature using notepad /p to the uprint script, 
effective for the cygwin version. This enables mined to print under 
Windows (unless one of paps of uniprint happens to be installed 
which would then be used).

The djgpp version of mined uses notepad directly for printing so it 
can at least print Unicode output if it is being run under Windows.

Added search pattern "\r" to search for CRLF (DOS/Windows) line ends.

Revised line end handling options:
* Added option +r to convert Unix lineends (LF) to DOS lineends (CRLF).
* Mac lineend transformation option -R no longer implies -r.
* Mac lineend handling option +R no longer splits DOS lineends.
* Either of -r/+r can be combined with either of -R/+R.

Applying computed dim screen attribute for line indications (in xterm),
actived by defining an empty environment variable MINEDDIM; the colour 
value is computed from the current foreground and background colours.

Added environment variable MINEDEMPH to configure highlighted parts of 
status line messages separately from line indicators.

Added ".xul" to suffix list triggering HTML/XML style highlighting.

Handling encoding of window title filename display properly in cygwin console.

Bug fixes:
Fixed file position marker update function which spoiled the marker file 
(@mined.mar) when editing a UTF-16 text file (in 2000.14).

Fixed search/replace problem with initial newline in the search pattern, 
which used to skip every immediately following second occurrence.

Backarrow deletes whole combined character left again (broken since 2000.14).

Enabled input of no-break space using Ctrl-Shift-space in prompt input.

Fixed garbage display after ESC _ (or alternatives) on HTML character entity.

Fixed positioning anomaly with auto-indent after right-to-left text entry.

Fixed proper recognition of shifted function keys (broken in 2000.14).

Fixed Shift-F3 word case toggle function for words prefixed by "$" or "_".

Fixed MINED=+E... setting to be accepted in DOS/Windows console.

Suppressing notification of changed input method while input is active 
on prompt line.

Fixed interpretation of Linux console shifted function keys.

Fixed changing position anomaly when moving cursor vertically over 
wide characters multiple times.

Tweaked character selection menu (pick list for CJK input methods) 
display handling to fix some colouring and width problems.

Fixed uterm script to handle resource strings properly.

Fixed confusing message "Cannot undo previous paste" (on Control-F4 
or Alt-Insert) into "No previous paste to exchange".

Fixed interix terminal interworking to assume CP437 rather than CP850.

Fixed some width handling inconsistencies in CJK terminals, especially 
Big5-encoded terminals (e.g. cxterm, rxvt):
* Display width of non-displayable character in Unicode text.
* Positioning of flags after wide quote style flag.

Suppressing display of file loading error message (esp. "Line(s) too long") 
if only using option -E?.

Fixed evaluation of select system call in case it returns -1 (sun cmdtool).

Tweaked weird file protection settings that were inconsistent among various 
operating systems if saving a file after editing text read from a pipe.

Consistently adding bold or dim attributes to different line end markers.

Removed option -t from manual which did not work since mined 2000; 
use environment variable MINEDTAB instead.

Fixed handling of mouse events if the TERM variable is not properly set 
to either xterm or rxvt (e.g. TERM=vt100 after remote login) which did not 
work since 2000.8.

Fixed garbled notification of non-ASCII input method name in non-UTF-8 

Fixed some interference problems with selecting different information 
display options.

Fixed encoding conversion function (UTF-8 vs Latin-1) on bytes FE and FF.

In xterm with different TERM setting (e.g. TERM=rxvt), mouse focus out clicks 
were reported as "Unknown keyboard control sequence" (in 2000.14); fixed.

With option -M (no menu line), the title of a long menu is no longer 
suppressed (since being positioned above the screen). This also:
Fixed big red artefact in DOS version with -M when opening Options menu.

Fixed screen handling of scrolling up when terminal cannot delete line 
or scroll partially (e.g. VT52).

Fixed a bug that would transform a new file name (e.g. after F3) like 
"~/%s" into a formatted string.

Fixed option -X to suppress all actions on window title.

Fixed make auxiliary script mkkmlist which had a shell interworking problem 
on some systems and fail to generate the list of keyboard mappings.


<a name=2000.14 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.13.2 -> mined 2000.14 (July 2007)

Text editing features:
Case-insensitive search (for all small letters in plain search expression).
Not applied when searching for an identifier (current identifier occurence, 
HOP F8, or identifier definition, Alt-t).

New command Alt-x toggles preceding character and its hexadecimal code.

Control-Del (if properly configured with terminal) on combined 
character deletes only the base character, leaving combining accents 
which may then be combined with the previous character.

Character encoding support enhancements:
Additional sub-options -E? and +E? to just determine the encodings 
of text files or the terminal, respectively, print out information and quit.

Always separated display of "isolated" combining characters (like for 
all combining characters in "separated" display mode), occuring at the 
line beginning or after a TAB character, which would otherwise be 
hidden or hardly recognisable on screen.

Tweaked auto-detection of text encoding:
* UTF-8 vs 8 bit detection is no longer affected by terminal encoding 
  (UTF-8 terminal used to set a preference).
  (If auto-detection fails, however, the fallback is still affected 
  by the terminal encoding, or the TEXTLANG environment variable.)
* Improved detection of CJK encodings vs. 8-bit encodings.
* Added auto-detection of Windows-"ANSI" (CP1252), PC-Latin (CP850), MacRoman.
* Improved configuration of auto-detection:
  * Less frequent encodings are not detected by default (MacRoman, VISCII).
  * Shortcut "8" in environment variable MINEDDETECT disables auto-detection 
    of all CJK encodings.

Character input enhancements:
New shortcuts Alt-' and Alt-" for input of plain single and double 
quote marks (while in smart quotes mode).

Interworking enhancements:
Terminal encoding handling:
* Added options -f, -ff, -fff to gradually restrict usage of special 
  graphic characters for display of menu borders, 
  menu selection highlighting, and the scrollbar.
* Added options -F, -FF to restrict usage of special characters for 
  display of line indications and selected menu items.
* Detecting and handling non-Unicode terminal with Arabic ligature joining
  (e.g. mlterm in GB18030 or ISO Arabic encoding).
* Tuned mapped terminal detection to work (as opposed to CJK assumption) 
  in a weird case (mlterm with luit).
* Fixed combining character data version detection for mlterm.
* Detecting and handling special width behaviour of rxvt and mlterm 
  (and different versions of them) concerning unassigned characters, 
  non-Unicode characters, and specific width property deviations, 
  as well as non-BMP width handling of KDE konsole.
* Fixed missing suppression of display of an unassigned Unicode character 
  (or CJK character mapped to unassigned Unicode character, esp. in GB18030) 
  in a CJK terminal. Overridden with +C.
* Applying display replacement for illegal Unicode characters 
  (codes ending with FFFE/FFFF, surrogates, non-Unicode code points).
  Overridden in three levels with +C, +CC, +CCC.
* Fixed handling of CJK width data in Unicode-based CJK terminal.
  - Added missing check for width data version to CJK auto-detection.
  - Fixed Unicode width function to consider this case.
  - Cleaned CJK width function to be generic based on fixed handling.
  - Added handling of wide characters in Latin-1 range.
* Ambiguous width handling: properly handling wide display of 
  surrogates code points by xterm -cjk_width.
* Fixed handling of mapped text encoding characters with double width 
  on CJK terminal.
* Fixed input of Control-@ (NUL, used as Mark command) in mapped 
  8 bit terminal with different text encoding.
* Fixed recognised PC terminals (e.g. TERM=cygwin) to override 
  UTF-8 encoding assumption by locale environment (auto-detection 
  which would otherwise override wrong environment settings does 
  not work with most PC terminals).
* Fixed window title display of non-ASCII characters to work in 
  CJK-encoded konsole/gnome-terminal.
* Fixed display of non-BMP characters in xterm -cjk_width mode 
  (which used to work only for plane 2/3/15/16 ranges).
* Taking care of wcwidth glitch about Yijing Hexagram Symbols.

Using window focus out/in reports (since xterm 224) to improve 
interpretation of mouse clicks (not positioning the cursor when 
the mouse is just clicked to focus the window).

Workaround for bug in xterm 224 which would lock up the terminal on 
mouse clicks (due to mouse highlight tracking mode which is now disabled 
for xterm 224).

Recognising gnome-terminal and disabling usage of fancy menu borders, 
menu selection, and fine-grained scrollbar.

Recognising more "dark colour terminals" (konsole, gnome-terminal); 
improved visibility of selected menu item on them.

Usage of terminal capabilites:
Now mined also considers the termcap information of function key 
escape sequences, in addition to its built-in knowledge of typical 
escape sequences of a large range of terminals 
(where the latter is usually the more effective resource of 
information for recognition of terminal input key escape sequences 
because installed termcap entries are largely incomplete).

Miscellaneous changes:
Increased speed of certain search operations in UTF-8 mode (especially 
starting with ".*") by a factor of ~ 40.

Discarded option +m.

Line end indications: By default, line-end indications for DOS and 
Mac line ends will be the same as for Unix line ends but coloured; 
mined uses blue for DOS line ends and yellow for Mac line ends.
The previous default of distinct line-end indications is preserved 
for black and white terminals.
Environment variables to configure specific indications are retained 

Deletion of combined characters: delete character function tweaked to 
also delete Arabic joined characters with the base character in joining 
terminal (mlterm).

Enabled key navigation also in Quotes style menu.

Option -M only suppresses display of the menu header line 
(including flags) (pull-down and pop-up menus can still be opened 
with keyboard commands), but mouse control remains enabled.
Fixed menu display position in this mode (making menu titles of 
pull-down menus visible).

Tuned selected menu item marking for terminals than cannot reverse 
display or hide cursor.

Detecting slow terminal escape sequences (starting with a late '[' 
or ']' after an escape) and discarding them (rather than inserting 
garbage into the text).

Dropped ESC ] variation of the goto marker command.

Added housekeeping for the position marker file @mined.mar: old entries 
for the current file name are removed. Not used on PC versions (djgpp).

Bug fixes:
Structured search: added recognition of #elif for C macro bracket searching.

Fixed password hiding for multiple occurrences of "password" in a line.

Fixed "HOP -" not to spoil the underlining by applying smart dashes.

Combined character editing:
* Fixed positioning after inserting character into combined character 
  (substituting the previous base character, also with ESC X or ESC U).
* Fixed Control-BackSpace within combinined character to delete base 
* Fixed BackSpace deletion/positioning anomalies when the cursor was 
  micro-positioned within a combined character or (after a TAB) 
  positioned on an isolated combining character.

Combined character repositioning:
* Fixed micro-position within combined character to persist after 
  display refresh (ESC .).
* Fixed micro-position within combined character to persist after 
  reloading file (e.g. in new mined session), also after returning to 
  a file with Alt-Return (marker stack), after help viewing and checkout.

Text encoding handling:
* Added handling of joining characters (Arabic LAM/ALEF) in joining 
  terminal (probably mlterm) and non-Unicode text encoding (GB18030 or 
  8-bit Arabic); both combined and separated display mode.
* Fixed handling of auto-detection vs. explicit encoding (-E) when 
  editing multiple files.

Character input support:
* Fixed ambiguous mnemonics to distinguish between input methods as 
  documented (failed in 2000.13); e.g. ^V'' -> right double quote mark, 
  while ^V space '' space -> acute accent (RFC 1345 mnemo).
* Fixed Latin-1/UTF-8 conversion function Alt-Shift-F11 from also 
  sometimes applying mnemonic conversion.

Fixed hint in manual on properly using xterm VT220 keyboard option.

Enhanced handling of line markers (special line ends) on CJK terminals.

Manual page: fixed descriptions for command variants "with HOP" in 
command reference which were missing in 2000.13.2.

Fixed uterm script in case none of LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, LANG is defined.

Fixed cygwin version from not restoring tty mode after shell command (ESC !).

Reenabled shell escape (ESC !) when mined was invoked with redirected 
input (e.g. in a pipe) which could not access the terminal since 2000.2.
Not working in cygwin version.

Code revision: further factoring out of functional blocks (file 
operations, text buffer handling).

Reenabled QUIT signal from keyboard (sent with ^\ key) to interrupt 
search operations (did not work for ~ 10 years).

Fixed minedmar housekeeping scripts (Unix and DOS). (Also added 
implicit housekeeping, see above.)

Fixed cygwin version from not assuming "modified" with option -r.


<a name=2000.13.2 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.13.1 -> mined 2000.13.2 (December 2006)

Documentation enhancements:
Improved hints on modified function key input:
* Overview of system-specific limitations and remedies.
* Additional hint on workaround to use ESC Fn instead of Alt-Fn for 
  accent prefix functions.

Revised HTML manual file to be displayed properly with other browsers 
than Firefox (IE, Opera, konqueror).

Tweaked man page generation (from HTML manual) to produce improved layout; 
also including ->NEW-> tags in man page.

Interactive enhancements:
Interpreting ESC Fn as Alt-Fn even after ESCAPE delay (for first accent 
key in text input, not on prompt line).

Character input support enhancements:
Additional workaround to use Control-V Fn instead of Control-Fn for 
accent prefix functions.

Added source indications to Input method menu.

Added information message after switching the input method.

Made input method tags unique - thus enabled distinguished selection 
between Kazakh and Katakana - and added check for this to makefile.
(Also added check for uniqueness of character mapping tags to makefile.)

Input methods:
* Replaced previous Thai keyboard mapping of uncertain origin with 
  slightly different Thai Kesmanee keyboard mapping from m17n.
  (Previous method is still included in the distribution and can 
  be enabled by uncommenting its entry in keymaps.cfg.)
* Re-enabled previous Amharic input method called "Ethiopic" (from yudit) 
  but leaving in new input method "Amharic" (generated from Unicode data) 
  above it in the menu (as a preferred method according to user feedback).

Mnemonics and accent prefix keys:
* Enhanced documentation for multiple accent combinations, and special 
  arrangement for accent below.
* Added additional mnemonic for line below, enabling its input with 
  3 times Control-- as a prefix.

Interoperability enhancements:
Terminal keyboard handling:
* Reassigned escape sequence ESC [29~ which is emitted by xterm on the 
  Menu key to invoke HOP rather than Shift-F6. This provides a more 
  easily accessible HOP function for laptops (which do not have the 
  right/numeric keypad) and enables assignment of the HOP function to 
  the middle keypad key ("5") for KDE konsole which is by default 
  deprived from this feature due to a deficiency in the QT framework.
* Using application keypad mode with xterm 216 or later since modified 
  keypad keys (Control- etc) are now distinguished in that mode.
* Added recognition of modified function keys in xterm HP and SCO keys 

Terminal encoding handling:
* Added terminal encoding detection of FreeBSD console and a number of 
  KOI8-R, MacRoman, and ASCII terminals.
* Fixed filename encoding handling in window title of KDE konsole terminal.

Terminal screen handling:
* Tweaked highlighting of selected menu item to ensure good contrast 
  on dark terminal background too.
* In DOS version (djgpp), tweaked highlighting of selected menu header 
  to be more consistent with Unix versions.

Unicode terminal start script:
* Tweaked uterm (the script to invoke a terminal with best-choice 
  Unicode fonts) to not hang if xlsfonts ties up at the server.
* Fixed uterm to work properly with an explicit -display parameter.
* Tweaked uterm to add some X resource preferences for xterm when 
  invoked with an application (-e). (See uterm manual page for details.)

* Tweaked printing script uprint to cooperate with newer version of paps.

Building mined / makefiles:
* Tweaked some makefiles to work also on systems with the termcap API 
  installed only in /lib (not in /usr/lib).
* Fixed makefile problem when makefile.gcc could be used but not gmake 
  (esp. on SunOS without native C compiler).
* Added hint to INSTALL.DOC to build mined with 64 bit libraries on 
  Linux (LIB=64 make) or SunOS (LIB=/64 make).
* Including pre-transformed version of Radical/Stroke input method 
  table in distribution to ensure that mined can be built on Mac OS 
  (where generation of this file fails since neither sed nor gcc can 
  handle long strings there).

Bug fixes:
Menu handling:
* Fixed menu navigation with letter keys which did not work after a 
  menu had been opened with a right-click.
* Fixed middle mouse click on flag (to toggle it) not to apply HOP, so 
  especially toggling the input method works with the middle button.
* Fixed open menu not closing properly after window resizing.

Fixed display error after deleting a combining character that was 
combined with a TAB character (since 2000.6).

Fixed printing script uprint to properly report if neither the paps 
nor the uniprint utility can be found (since 2000.11).

Fixed screen size change handling to work also with ncurses.

The curses version (minced) could not detect some screen properties 
anymore (e.g. combining character support, since 2000.13.1); fixed.

In DOS version (djgpp) running in cygwin console, fixed wrong assumption 
about terminal encoding.

Fixed file name "~" to expand to $HOME, too (like in "~/something"), 
for use with ESC d command.

Fixed a new instance of inappropriate error messages "Unknown 
character mnemonic" to "Invalid character" (when a valid mnemonic was 
not found on first attempt of the new mnemonic lookup algorithm but 
the character found later cannot be inserted in the current encoding).

Fixed a crash condition in cygwin version when using the print command.


<a name=2000.13 onMouseOver="release (this);">
Changes from mined 2000.12 -> mined 2000.13 (October 2006)

Documentation enhancements:
Revised manual structure, featuring more comprehensive new chapters on
* Structured editing support
* Character handling support
* Language support

Equipped HTML manual version with an auto-navigation index.

Character encoding support enhancements:
Enhanced support for UTF-16 files:
* Added auto-detection of UTF-16 without BOM (big endian and little endian).
* Added explicit command line selection of UTF-16.
Now all big/little endian UTF-16 files with or without BOM can be 
auto-detected and explicitly selected. Copy/Paste when editing a 
UTF-16 file was fixed.

Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 (final, from beta2 in 2000.12):
* Cangjie input method codes (as before, supplemented with additional 
  mappings from HKSCS-2004 Changjie input code table.)
* Han information (from Unihan database) for CJK characters (6 fixes), 
  now also including Hangul pronunciation (new in Unihan database).
* Character properties for display indication (one dash association changed).

When TERM=cygwin, mined assumes a terminal encoding that is reduced by 
those Windows Latin characters which are poorly emulated by cygwin.

Unicode character code display (ESC u) now also notifies about 
too long UTF-8 encoding sequences.

Character input support enhancements:
Revised handling of accent prefix keys; turned implementation generic, 
fixing some inconsistencies in accent combination.
* Additional accent prefix keys (like Alt-3, Control-3, Control-Alt-3 
  etc) as attached to modified digits for Vietnamese input, are now 
  applicable also in the prompt line (e.g. for search expressions).

Added support for multiple accented character input:
* Multiple accent prefix keys can be combined, so e.g.
  F5 F6 u enters U+01D8 (u with diaeresis and acute),
  Control-2 Control-7 a enters U+1EB1 (a with grave and breve),
  Control-- Control-: u enters U+1E7B (u with macron and diaeresis),
  Control-, Control-( e enters U+1E1D (e with cedilla and breve),
  Alt-7 Control-, alpha
  Alt-F6 Shift-F6 Control-, alpha
  Control-less Control-` Control-, alpha
  all enter U+1F82 (alpha with psili and varia and ypogegrammeni), etc.
* Generic handling of accent prefix with precomposed base character, 
  applying implicit decomposition if needed, so e.g. F6 � will enter u 
  with diaeresis and acute (even without explicitly configured 
  mnemonic) etc.

Added accent prefix keys:
* Additional accent prefix keys for most frequent accents of all 
  Latin-based languages (macron, breve, dot above, ogonek, caron, stroke).
* Support for convenient combining character input with accent prefix keys.
* Support for convenient quotation marks input with accent prefix keys.
* Support for Greek (monotonic and polytonic) by adding respective 
  accent keys and accented character mnemonics.
* Support for Cyrillic accented characters by adding respective 
  accent keys and accented character mnemonics.

Added character mnemonics:
* Added mnemonics for input of separate Unicode combining characters 
  using the newly-introduced accent prefix keys combined with Tab.
* Additional sets of accented mnemonics for Greek and Cyrillic.
* New short mnemonics (to be used after Control-V prefix) "zz" for the 
  DOWNWARDS ZIGZAG ARROW symbol, "cm" for the CHECK MARK symbol (in 
  addition to the "OK" mnemonic from RFC 1345).
* Alternative mnemonics like "SCHWA" in addition to "Schwa" and 
  additional more intuitive ones like "_ou" for Latin small letter ou 
  and "_alpha" for Latin small letter alpha.
* Mnemonics combining accents on precomposed characters like 
  "�'" in addition to "ae'" so if you have "�" on your keyboard, 
  you can now enter Latin ae with acute using it, either with a 
  mnemonic sequence (combining it with ') or also using the acute 
  accent prefix function (F6 or Control-1).

Mnemonic input improvements:
* Fixed entering accent prefix with subsequent non-ASCII character in 
  non-Unicode text mode.
* Enabled entering character mnemonics with non-ASCII characters in 
  non-Unicode text mode.
* Enabled detection of more intuitive accent mnemonics (like ^V"a as a 
  two-letter mnemonic) in full mnemonic input mode (like ^V space "a ).

Input methods:
* Added keyboard shortcut Alt-I to open Input Method menu.
* Supporting space and non-ASCII characters in menu names of input methods.
* Fixed Kazakh input method to use "`" as a prefix rather than "` " 
  (as generated from yudit kmap).
* Included Amharic input method generated from Unicode script range 
  Ethiopic, instead of previous Ethiopic mapping (from yudit) or 
  Amharic SERA mapping (from m17n) which both seem to be widely 
  inconsistent between character mnemonics and Unicode character names.
  (Those other two are included in the distribution, however, and can 
  be enabled by uncommenting their entry in keymaps.cfg.)

Added generation feature for keyboard mappings from m17n input methods 
(*.mim files from the m17n-db package) to the mkkbmap script.

Interactive enhancements:
Improved display of ESC, F1, Control-V, and Han info prompt lines.

Revised menu structure, improved / added some menu items:
* File menu:
	"Discard & Quit" renamed to just "Quit"
	"Save To" renamed to "Set Name"
* Edit menu:
	new item "Paste Other" pastes external buffer
		(from other instance of mined)
	integrated edit items from former Extra menu
* Search menu: renamed to "Search/Go"
* former Extra menu:
	split into editing functions (moved to Edit menu) 
	and settings (in new Options menu)
* new Options menu:
	gateway items to the flag menus (in case direct opening of flag 
		menus by right-clicking the flag is not intuitive enough)
	integrated former (DOS-only) Screen menu (now also for Unix)
		(as a sub-menu)
	added help items
		help topics viewer
		About mined
		function key help bars

Revised menu handling system:
* Pull-down menus and flag menus can also be opened by scrolling the 
  mouse wheel on the menu header or the flag indication, respectively.
* All menus are now scrollable (when window is smaller than full 
  menu); implementation of pull-down and pop-up menus was unified.
* Open menus are now closed when the window is resized in order to 
  prevent calculation problems for resizing and repositioning the 
  selected item (limitation planned to be removed in future version).

Reassigned command to invoke system command with paste buffer as input 
(pipe paste buffer into program) from ESC c (deprecated) to HOP ESC !.

Added script highlighting support to curses version.

Menu layout, highlighting of selected menu item:
* Enabled "stylish selection bar" for selected menu item by default, 
  as font support seems to have improved; this highlights the selected 
  item (during menu navigation) continuously from left to right menu border.
* Enabled stylish selection bar also for double menu borders (-Qd) 
  using adjusted graphic characters.
* Added option -Qq to disable this layout feature.
* Highlighting selected item now with coloured background; colour is 
  configurable with the environment variable MINEDSEL.

Added toggle feature for TAB expansion mode (options -+4, -+8, can 
now be changed from the Options menu or the Auto indent menu).

New commands:
* HOP ESC T toggles the TAB expansion mode.
* Alt-F12 toggles the Input method (between current and previous one, 
  like left-clicking on the Input method flag indication)
* Control-F12 opens the Input method menu
* Control-F2: save current file (if needed) and exit mined; alternative 
  to ESC ESC, avoiding without the function key detection delay

(Fixed from SUSE 10.2 alpha pre-release) In emacs command mode (-e), 
remapped two key commands:
* ESC ESC now dispatches to the mined ESCAPE commands (Alt-x deprecated)
* HOP was reassigned to ^\ (as ^^ is now overlayed as an accent prefix key)

Interoperability enhancements:
Detecting and enabling keyboard escape sequences generated by new 
xterm resource modifyOtherKeys mode (xterm 214/216) which facilitates 
generic detection of Alt/Shift/Control-modified keys (without having 
to setup individual key translations).

Auto-detecting and supporting xterm resource utf8Title mode (xterm 
213) which facilitates display of Unicode file names in the window title.
Added resource (value true) to sample file Xdefaults.mined.

Printing script uprint: Removed dpi option for paps which is not 
supported anymore in newer versions as paps fortunately changed to 
generating outlines.

Added application note (to manual section "Terminal interworking problems") 
indicating that kterm should be configured to run in either euc or sjis 
mode because its default mode (ISO 2022) is not supported.

Added setup for keypad support for VT220, xterm emulating VT220 mode 
(assuming proper setting of TERM=vt220), and Linux console.

Added detection of new modified function key codes for F1-F4 (e.g. with 
Control) that seem to have been introduced with xterm 216. (Modified 
F5 etc work as before.)

Skipping auto-detection of terminal features if the terminal does not 
support ANSI-like escape sequences.

Added some legacy terminal support:
* recognition of some legacy function key escape sequences
* supporting terminals that cannot insert/delete lines (was broken 
  since introduction of menus due to the menu header line)
* supporting VT52 (if indicated properly by TERM environment variable)

Abandoned the option -A (introduced in 2000.11) as disabling the ESC 
prefix detection may lead to unexpected partial escape sequences 
appearing to the user.

Added workarounds for display of menu borders in xterm -cjk_width mode 
which has some display bugs with remains of background colour after 
overwriting a character cell.

File handling enhancements:
When cloning a file (with Save As / Set Name / ESC n / ESC d), 
file permissions (access modes) are preserved and cloned.

With the +x command line option, new files are given executable 
permission only where read permission is also set.

Bug fixes:
Fixed misconceived interpretation of "Spacing Combining" character 
category, thus spacing Marks are no longer highlighted (since 2000.11).

Toggling the text encoding (left click on Encoding flag) was improved 
to always remember the last selected encoding distinct from the current one.

Fixed locale "vi_VN" to be recognised as UTF-8 encoded.

Fixed command line option for initial search (+/EXPR) not to check 
(since 2000.3) and interpret (since 2000.7) EXPR as options.

Fixed handling of backslash in keyboard mapping tables in some cases.

Revised install targets of makefiles for improved robustness.

Fixed cygwin makefile install target to consider $(prefix) or $(root) 
for desktop icon, and to include wmined and wmined.bat.

Fixed makefile to work for installing alias links despite of 
missing main makefile. (Updated in 2000.12.2)

In cygwin makefile, fixed path to desktop installation script mkicon.
(Updated in 2000.12.2)

Added linking of appropriate makefile.* to src/makefile to configure script.
(Updated in 2000.12.1)

Tuned screen attributes of curses version to match non-curses version 
better in menus (color usage, invisible cursor, bold border), 
in case anyone would be using the curses version (make minced).

On cygwin, fixed inappropriate error message "Cannot read paste buffer" 
to "Buffer is empty" if no paste buffer exists.

Fixed Han info menu not being properly cleared after moving away from 
Han letter which led to incorrect redisplay of old info after screen refresh.

Fixed occasional screen garbage after inserting with open Han info menu.

Fixed wrong error message "Interrupted system call" (since 2000.11) when 
trying to paste non
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