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Feb 19 2006 -	3.2.8 is being tagged
                3.2.8 is a security release to fix the possible
		directory traversal attack in FileSession.

Feb  3 2006 -	3.2.7 is being tagged

Jan 16 2006 -	3.2.6 final is being tagged (no changes from 3.2.6b)

Jan 14 2006 -	3.2.6b is being tagged

Nov 15 2005 -	3.2.5b is being tagged

Oct 28 2005 -	3.2.4b is being tagged

Oct 22 2005 -	3.2.3b is being tagged

Sep 13 2005 -	3.2.2b is being tagged

Sep  6 2005 -	3.2.1b is being tagged

Aug 16 2005 -   3.2.0b is being tagged

Feb 17 2004 - 	3.1.3 is being tagged

Oct 14 2003 -	3.1.1b is tagged

Aug 29 2003 - 	3.1.0a (Alpha) is out

Mar 17 2003 -	3.0.3 is released 

		This file will no longer have details, since those
		are in CVS anyway.

Feb 12 2003 -   Added a test for req.headers_out

                Fixed a bug where None was added to sys.path

                Tests for connection and server added

Jan 18 2003 -   Between now and the last entry the following things took

                Problem with loading DSO on Solaris relating to _muldi3

                A problem fixed related to | .ext syntax.

                An environ issue addressed.

                Filtering by type should now work correctly.

                Publisher's code for dealing with file uploads simplified.

                A windows installer added.

                Install adopted to use distutils.

                A cgihandler problem resulting in double output fixed.

                PyOS_AfterFork() added where needed.

                The binary produced by MSVC no longer needs any MS dll's.

                Filter flush() now cleans memory so large files can be

Nov 26 2002 -   3.0.1 is about to be released. This was file has not been
                updated during the 3.0 development because of too many
                things changing.

Nov 28 2001 -	Now compiles against Apache 2.0.28

Nov  6 2001 -	More internal changes. Bugs from previous change, cleaner
		reference keeping.

Nov  1 2001 -	Many internal changes. We no longer use req->notes for things
		that shouldn't be there, handler directives can be restricted
		to specific file extensions thereby allowing multiple handlers
		per directory, etc. The config is now stored in a new hlist
		object, which can be accessed from python via an hlistobject.

Aug 16 2001 -   Mod_python is compiling and running with Apache 2.0 and the
		filter functionality seems to work. There is still a lot of 
		work to be done though.

Aug  4 2001 -   2.7.6 released. Sometime prior a publisher upload bug was 

Jun 11 2001 -	2.7.5 released for those who want Python 2.1

Jun 11 2001 -	Changed to accomodate Python 2.1. It looks like
		everything else works without any changes.

Jun  4 2001 -	2.7.4 released.

May 28 2001 -	Renamed make_table, log_error, table_add and copy_table with
		mp_ so as to not get confused with the ones in ap_compat.h

May 24 2001 -	PythonNoReload obsoleted in favor of PythonAutoReload.

May 23 2001 -	The "fix" re import on Apr 10 turned out to be a bug and
		I put it back. But in the process found that the FLAG directives
		were not read correctly - e.g. mere presence sometimes indicated
		On. Also, ReportError was returning DONE in finally clause which 
		was wrong.

May 22 2001 -   The bug that was supposedly fixed below was a bit more 
		complicated than it seemed at first. The fix below caused
		a circular reference, and some further fixing had to be done,
		and now it's really fixed, thanks to Chris's dilligence.

May 17 2001 -	Fixed a threading bug reported by Chris Trengove where
		the callback object could have the reference to self.req
		overwritten by other threads. The reference to the Request
		object is now stored inside the requestobject C structure.

May 12 2001 -	2.7.3 released

Apr 10 2001 - 	Fixed a PythonImport bug reported by Chris Hagner. Removed
		the atol hack as per Miguel Marques patch. Fixed
		to use a messier looking but for some obscure reason that
		now escapes me necessary way of importing modules via imp.

Apr  7 2001 -   "Dissapearing args" on Solaris fixed. It was a problem
		in parse_qsl.

Apr  6 2001 -   Missing _eprintf() on Solaris/gcc workaround added. I
		wonder if this applies to other OS's?

Apr  5 2001 -	A couple doc fixes.

Feb 10 2001 -	2.7.2 released

Feb 10 2001 -   Fixed the dissapearing / in PATH_INFO.

Jan 23 2001 -	Fixed the bug where req.server.register_cleanup was 
		expecting a builtin _req object rather than the new real 
		Python Request.

Jan 21 2001 -	The Publisher handler __auth__ can now be a dictionary or.
		a const. There is also new __access__, which can be a list.

Jan 19 2001 -	Added req._content_type_set flag which is set to 1 when
		a value is assigned to content_type from Python. This way
		the publisher handler can know if it's been purposely set
		and will not attempt to guess it.

Jan 18 2001 -	Documented req.form. Fixed a security problem with the
		Publisher handler - it now does not allow modules to be
		published, so a user can't access test.os.renames, etc.

Dec 18 2000 -	2.7 had a typo in it + win32 wants types initialized
		separately like I thought. Time for 2.7.1.

Dec 16 2000 -	Releasing 2.7....

Dec 16 2000 -   Found another bug related to ALLOW_THREADS macros which are
		noops without threads, but that is actually wrong, because
		what they is needed wvwn without threads. Also, some days
		ago 2.6.4 was released.

Dec 13 2000 -	The initial documentation for the util module and for the
		publisher handler is done. Perhaps the tutorial should have
		a bit on the publisher handler.

Dec 12 2000 - 	publisher handler appears to be working pretty well. Now need
		to document it.

Dec 11 2000 -	It appears I found a big booboo with mispalced #ifdef
		WITH_THREADS... The "Dispatch returned nothing" should be
		gone now. This means 2.6.3 has major problems with multiple

Dec  8 2000 -   connection.user now writable. More Doc improvements.

Dec  6 2000 -	The COPYRIGHT no longer has the advertizing clause.

Dec  4 2000 -	Initial (not proof-read) LaTeX source for documentation is 
		checked in.

Nov 26 2000 -	Dilligently migrating all the documentation to LaTeX using the
		Python standards. 

Nov 17 2000 -	I forgot to uncomment type initialization. type(req.headers_in)
		would segfault. Fixed. Continuing work on module.

Nov 08 2000 -	read() and reqadline() now behave very much like the standard
		Python file object counterparts. Added James Gessling's VMS

Nov 07 2000 -	Initial version of req.readline(), also some fixes to (both now raise appropriate errors). Both still need
		some work.

Nov 04 2000 -	Implemented _apache.parse_qs. Also, CGIStin had a read() bug.
		PythonHandlerModule is documented.

Oct 30 2000 -	Implemented PythonHandlerModule. Still need to document it.

Oct 29 2000 -	2.6.3 release. Mostly static install bug fixes.

Oct 22 2000 -   2.6.2 release

Oct 22 2000 -   "Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread" upon
		exit is now fixed. Also, --with-python was improved to point
		to the right Makefile (Modules/Makefile) when scanning for LIBS.

Oct 21 2000 -   2.6.1 release

Oct 20 2000 -	Fixed some minor installation bugs.

Oct 19 2000 -   2.6 out

Oct 16 2000 -	Began a major file reorganization. All objects are now in
		separate files, and all external functions have an Mp prefix
		and named consistently with Python C API conventions.

Oct 15 2000 -	We now use mkdep.

Oct 12 2000 -   Autoconf now works. Documentation has been adjusted. Also
		added Windows installation instructions to the docs.

Oct  2 2000 -   PythonInterpPerServer is now default behavior, and this 
		directive is therefore obsolete. The old default behavior can
		be achieved via the new PythonInterpPerDirective directive.

Sep  ? 2000 -   Request is now a real python object. This means that it can be
		used to retain state between requests.

Sep  9 2000 -   Added server.register_cleanup(). This happened to be a little
		trickier than I thought since it turned out that server_rec does
		not have a pool member. Py_Finalze() has been moved to a 
		cleanup from the ChildExit handler because ChildExit runs *before*
		any cleanups. (Now I know why mod_perl doesn't use child_exit.)

Sep  8 2000 -   Sean True's fix to call note_basic_auth_failure added.

Sep  6 2000 -   St�phane Bidoul's Win32 fixes applied.

Sep  5 2000 -   2.5 released.

Sep  4 2000 -   Added the PythonCleanupHandler.

Sep  4 2000 -   Added req.register_cleanup(). Still need server.register_cleanup(),
		as well as a PythonCleanupHandler.

Sep  2 2000 -   Added PythonInterpPerServer directive. Fixed a bug relating
		to ap_add_version_component.

Aug 28 2000 -	Added Richard Barret's patch that gives python socket module 
		behaviour from req.connection.local_addr and remote_addr.

Aug 27 2000 -   Added PythonInitHandler. Also, it looks like dynamic handler
		addition now works correctly, after trying 15 different ways of
		implementing it, resorting to req->notes seems to be the only

Aug 18 2000 -   Added req.get_remote_host()

Aug 16 2000 -   Added Dr. Timochouk's PythonOptimize directive patch.

Aug 15 2000 -   Extensive improvements to prompted by Dr. Timochouk's

Aug 10 2000 -	Documentation change - get_basic_auth_pw must be called before
		using connection.user.

Aug 06 2000 -   Table oject now has a new method "add" which allows creation
		of multiple keys. This is useful with things like "Set-Cookie"

Jul 22 2000 -   Added req.add_handler (dynamic handler registration)

Jul 18 2000 -   Added PythonEnablePdb
		ChildExitHandler now properly calls Py_Finalize()
		python_handler is now cumulative rather than overriding

Jul 04 2000 -   2.4.1 Released. Mostly bug fixes. Should be pretty stable.

Jun 20 2000 -   2.4 Released.

Jun 17 2000 -   Started the tutorial.html.

Jun 11 2000 -   Stephane Bidoul's thread-safe win32 changes put in. As part
		of this, all chdir()'s are gone and now instead of '.', the
		file path is prepended to pythonpath.

Jun  8 2000 -   2.3 Released.

Jun  7 2000 -	PythonImport now works.

Jun  5 2000 - 	PythonDebug and other on/off type handlers are now of type FLAG
		so they require an argument of On or Off. 

Apr    2000 - 	rename to mod_python and go apache-specific.
Nov    1998 - 	support for multiple interpreters introduced.
May    1998 - 	initial release (httpdapy).
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