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modconf - Device Driver Configuration…  more info»


- add summaries for more modules
(- remove modconf dependency on sed)
(- rewrite modconf in C?)
- make the eval files smarter; there might be two descriptions for the same
  module right now because of automatic generation
- make the eval files use gettext in some way to generate a pot file
  (easier for translators to detect when a line has changed)
- Revise the (out of date) Module-HOWTO for all modules
- The Module HOWTO is also translated in the LDP, maybe it could be 
  used to generate localised versions of the help for modules.
- The current copy of the Module HOWTO ("The Linux Module HOWTO")
  is now obsolete and has been superceeded by the "Linux Loadable Module
  HOWTO", the scripts should be adjusted to be able to extract information
  from this document. Text form available at
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