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Welcome to the Linux module utilities.

This release represents an almost complete rewrite of the utilities
compared to "modules-2.0.0", as well as a lot of "modutils-2.1.121".

The goals of these rewrites were to clean out accumulated kruft
(e.g. a.out isn't used anymore), make it easier to support different
architectures, improving performance and adding some new features.

These utilities are intended primarily for use with kernels 2.1.18
and above.  They do fall back on a compatibility mode when used with
2.0.x kernels so that multiple sets of binaries are not needed when
switching between the two series.

If you are planning on using the 2.2.x kernel line, it is a good idea
to install this package, especially since the improvements in the kernel
are definitely much better supported by this 2.2.2 release.

Richard Henderson <>
Bj�rn Ekwall <>
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