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2009-06-08  Kornél Pál  <>

	Backport of 135678.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs (ParseParameterData): Fast test for
	directory with no trailing slash. Avoid testing last component twice. There
	is no need to call GetFullPath on the physical path info.

	Backport of 135595.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs (ParseParameterData): More closely
	resemble Apache and PHP behavior provides better support for non-existent
	files, takes a fast path when there is no path info and tests earlier for
	Apache variables.

	Backport of 135200.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Responder.cs (Process): Properly set status
	code when no application is found.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs (ParseParameterData): Use a simple
	reverse scan of path components until the first existing file and allow
	non-existent files.

2009-04-09 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWebSource.cs: re-add the 2 parameter ctor.
	Compatibility with existing apps was broken.

2009-04-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* test/2.0/gridview/
	* test/2.0/ gridview sample was not being

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: backport initial exception
	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs: backport ApplicationSettings.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/main.cs: when running in single-app mode,
	corretly handle application restarts.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/WebSource.cs: remove unused variable.

2009-03-25  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: made
	GetServerVariable public and a bit safer.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ApplicationHost.cs: do not use broker
	here, ModMonoWorkerRequest can do it for us if need be. Fixes bug

2009-03-25  Rolf Bjarne Kvinge  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if send fails with
	EINTR, try to send again instead of throwing an exception.

	[Backport of r130198]

2009-03-13 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* main.cs: fix error when --master is passed.
	Bug #481597 fixed.

2009-03-03  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoRequest.cs: removed a
	ShouldClientBlock () check from GetClientBlock (). Fixes bug

2009-02-27 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/main.cs: 
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/main.cs: do not sent the Trace output to
	the Console by default.

2009-02-25 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs: changes needed to run the Accept
	thread in the ASP.NET appdomain when there is a single application

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: avoid the lock in
	RequestBroker for single applications. Implemented GetHeadersSent().

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/RequestBroker.cs: implemented
	GetHeadersSent ().

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/WebSource.cs: propagate the single_app

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ApplicationHost.cs: for single_app, pass
	the instance of ModMonoWorker to the worker request.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoRequest.cs: reduced number of
	writes. Implemented GetHeadersSent ().

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/main.cs: changes needed to run the Accept
	thread in the ASP.NET appdomain when there is a single application

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/Worker.cs: don't register/unregister the
	request for single application. Implemented GetHeadersSent ().

	* src/Mono.WebServer/VPathToHost.cs: for multiple application, set the
	request broker of the application host to one main appdomain.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWebSource.cs: propagate the single_app

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: allow setting application
	host and broker. For single application, set the request broker of the
	application host to one created in the ASP.NET application domain.
	GetApplicationForPath just returns the registered application without
	checking the parameters.

	All these yadaa, yadaa can be summarized in:
		* Avoid remoting through the cross appdomain channel when
		there is only one ASP.NET application registered (single_app).
		* Avoid locking in RequestBroker for single_app.
		* Implement GetHeadersSent.
		* Reduced number of writes to mod_mono.

2009-01-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/Paths.cs: path info with a dot is
	valid. Fixes bug #470662

2009-01-29  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (EXTRA_DIST): added

2009-01-27  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/SearchPattern.cs: made the class reusable and
	removed the check for invalid characters, it doesn't make sense
	for virtual paths.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ReaderWriterLockSlim.cs: made the class

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: gotten rid of matched
	paths cache (and two locks with them).
	Regexps are no longer used to match handlers, we now use
	SearchPattern (copied from System.dll) instead.

2009-01-23  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: if fullPath passed to
	AddApplication doesn't end with a directory separator character,
	append it to the path. Fixes bug #463483. Patch from Chuck
	McCrobie <>, thanks!

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ReaderWriterLockSlim.cs: added to avoid
	having to link with System.Core

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (monowebserver_sources): added

	* src/Mono.WebServer/SearchPattern.cs: added

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: use
	ReaderWriterLockSlim for handlersCacheLock.

2009-01-22  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/Paths.cs: VirtualPathProvider.FileExists is
	called with an absolute uri.

2009-01-16 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/RequestReader.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoRequest.cs: remove unused ctors.

2009-01-08  Marek Habersack  <>

	* added the --with-runtime option to make it
	possible to specify a different runtime to be used with xsp than
	the first one found in the path.
	If --with-runtime is not specified and ${prefix}/bin/mono exists,
	then it is used as the runtime for compiled xsp

2008-12-29  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorker.cs: Exception to assist in debuggin
	reusable versions of Mono.WebServer.

2008-12-23 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/Worker.cs: don't display the exception if
	it's caused by a client-side close.
	Bug #462045 fixed.

2008-12-16  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: ignore catch-all
	handler entries in PathMatches. Fixes bug #459270

2008-12-12  Marek Habersack  <>

	* packaging/opensuse/xsp.spec: rpm now creates the /var/run/xsp2/
	directory and chowns it to wwwrun.www

	* packaging/opensuse/xsp2.init: modified the script to properly
	start the xsp process.

	* man/ added documentation for --pidfile

	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs: added a --pidfile option which
	tells xsp to write its PID to the specified path.

2008-12-01  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: check if the key
	exists in the handlers cache after acquiring the lock and update
	it instead of adding.

2008-11-28  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: add locking to avoid
	races when two requests are being created at the same time.

2008-11-27  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/IApplicationHost.cs: added new method -
	IsHttpHandler which checks whether the passed URI matches a HTTP
	handler definition. Fixes bug #448522

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: implemented the new
	IApplicationHost method - IsHttpHandler (2.0+ only - need to
	figure out how to portably do the same for 1.1). Fixes bug #448522

	* src/Mono.WebServer/Paths.cs: GetPathsFromUri now checks not only
	whether a path physically exists, but also whether it's a handler
	or a virtual file (on 2.0+). Fixes bug #448522

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs,
	Paths.GetPathsFromUri now accepts two more arguments.

2008-10-03  Juraj Skripsky  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: Reverted part of the last
	commit. Use a pre-allocated buffer only when the size matches as it
	will be transferred across appdomain boundaries in full length.

2008-10-03  Juraj Skripsky  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: Actually use the allocated
	request buffers. Make the size of a request buffer equal INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE
	in System.Web.HttpRequest, so that it is used for requests >= 32kb as well
	(e.g. uploads of big files). Fixes bug #431675.

2008-10-01  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* Fix the scripts, my previous commit was untested, and some
	scripts ended up not pointing to the right place (xsp was trying
	to call 2.0/xsp.exe instead of 2.0/xsp2.exe and xsp1 was trying to
	call 1.0/xsp1.exe instead of 1.0/xsp.exe).

	Fixes #431121

2008-09-21  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* scripts/ ($(tool_scripts)): Follow the naming pattern
	used in Mono 2.0.  By default the `script' is a 2.0 script,
	`script1' is the 1.0 script, and `script2' is the 2.0 script.

2008-07-29  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/dbpage1.aspx: do not rely on the
	OnTextChanged to fire the Filter_Changed handler method. Doing
	that makes the sample miss situations when the user clicks Submit
	several times in a row without changing the filters - the result
	of this is that no table is show in the output. Filter_Changed is
	fired as the OnClick handler of the Submit button. Fixes bug
	Should the filter fail to return any results, an appropriate
	information is shown. 

2008-07-14  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoRequest.cs: fill the buffer
	when reading the client block. Fixes bug #408723

2008-07-11  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/Worker.cs: RequestReader is created
	with the client socket as parameter now.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/Mono.WebServer.Apache.sources: reflect
	changes in file names.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoRequest.cs: renamed from
	Use Dictionary for caches for 2.0.
	Instead of using NetworkStream (which would invoke socket
	receive/send for every call to read/write an item) now using
	MemoryStreams which are paired with BinaryReaders. Data
	read/written from/to the client socket is put directly in the
	Protocol changes to sync with mod_mono changes (protocol version

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: renamed from

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/RequestReader.cs: added - moved the
	RequestReader public class to here from WorkerRequest.cs

2008-04-25  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/WorkerRequest.cs: do not append the
	default index to the request path if a directory is
	requested. Fixes bug #324204

2008-03-19  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/main.cs: Fix a CWL format typo, which
	causes the apache backend to fail when --port is used. Fixes bug
	#372220. Patch contributed by Daniel Cohen
	<>, thanks a lot!

2008-02-26  Kornél Pál  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: Add a Date header because that's
	the responsibility of the web server rather than ASP.NET. Fixes bug #363404.

2008-02-08  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/Web.sitemap: /1.1/ removed from the
	tree - it is not supposed to be accessed directly.

	* test/1.1/ do not use automatic even
	wireup. Fixes bug #359783

2008-02-03  Pedro Martínez Juliá  <>

	* ChangeLog: Convert to UTF8 and change my old email with the new.

2008-02-03  Pedro Martínez Juliá  <>

	* man: Add new generated manual page to svn:ignore.

2008-01-30  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/main.cs (Main):
	Replace Console.WriteLines with Logger.Write. Always log to
	console during Main (). Handle UnmagedSocket's exceptions gracefully.
	Fixes #350779.

2008-01-28  Wade Berrier  <>

	* version bump -> 1.9

2008-01-25  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/ (EXTRA_DIST): include the
	.sqlite files in the generated tarball, so that the build system
	doesn't need to have sqlite installed.

2008-01-19  Joshua Tauberer  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: Read: Check the request
	  ID is valid inside the lock.

2007-12-12  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/handlers/monodoc.ashx: fix the rendering of
	links. Apparently, firefox lowercases the leading X: sequence in
	links like 'N:System' and that, in turn, causes Monodoc to fail to
	parse the link properly. Code stolen from the monodoc version of

2007-12-08  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/ (testfiles): added
	transfer{1,2}.aspx and serial.aspx

	* test/Web.sitemap: remove the .ascx controls from the menu.

2007-12-04  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: added a new property,
	Port, to report the actual port ApplicationServer is listening on

	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs: accept an extra parameter to
	attach XSP to a random port. The actual port is printed to the
	console instead of the configured one, as it was done before.

2007-11-21  Marek Habersack  <>

	* Added several index.aspx files to avoid 404 errors on accessing

2007-11-20  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/customcontrol/tabcontrol.aspx: explain how adding links

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/ generate the .sqlite files
	when needed. Fixes make dist.

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/web_linkbutton.aspx: make the sample
	work. Clicking 'Remove this link' actually does something
	now. Same for the 'Click me!' button.

	* All the samples are using common look now. A common header has
	been added to provide consistent look and sample navigation. 1.1
	mode uses a poor man's implementation of the 2.0 SiteMap reader,
	to be able to read the samples map from the Web.sitemap file.
	* The test suite for 1.1 MUST now be ran from the directory into
	which 'make install' put the samples - it requires the
	SiteMapReader_1.1.dll to be present. If a user runs the test suite
	from the source directory (or from one missing the required
	components) a page explaining the steps to get it working is
	shown. The 2.0 profile isn't subject to this requirement, as it will run
	most samples from the source direcory.
	* The 1.1/webcontrols/dbpage*.aspx samples now use Sqlite
	databases installed along with the test suite. The databases are
	generated by the dbpage_test_setup.exe utility found in the same
	directory where the samples are.

2007-11-20  Juraj Skripsky  <>

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/web_comparevalidator.aspx: add test page
	for the CompareValidator control.

2007-11-08  Wade Berrier  <>

	* version bump -> 1.2.6

2007-11-07  Marek Habersack  <>

	* packaging/opensuse/xsp2.init, packaging/opensuse/,
	packaging/opensuse/xsp2.logrotate, tools/mono-asp-apps/,
	packaging/opensuse/sysconfig.xsp2, packaging/opensuse/xsp.spec,
	packaging/ added

2007-11-03  Marek Habersack  <>

	* test/1.1/webcontrols/dbpage1.aspx,
	Account for missing database provider assemblies.

2007-11-02  Thomas Wiest  <>

	* test/1.1/customcontrol/tabcontrol2.aspx:
	* test/1.1/html/htmlimage.aspx:
	* test/1.1/html/htmlinputimage.aspx:
	* test/1.1/webcontrols/web_hyperlink.aspx:
	* test/1.1/webcontrols/web_adrotator.xml:
	Changed to

2007-10-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* man/ (EXTRA_DIST): added
	(CLEANFILES): added mono-asp-apps.1

2007-10-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* added man/mono-asp-apps.1 to the list of generated

	* man/ added

2007-10-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* tools/mono-asp-apps/README: added

2007-10-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* tools/mono-asp-apps/mono-asp-apps: added

2007-10-29  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/WorkerRequest.cs:
	Implement IsSecure ().

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Server.cs:
	Use Type.IsAssignableFrom ().

2007-10-28  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/ConfigurationManager.*:
	Implement an additional configuration source: environment.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs:
	Take directory index (default documents) into account.

2007-10-28  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs:
	SCRIPT_FILENAME when running under Apache.

2007-10-26  Wade Berrier  <>

	* src/
	* src/
	* tools/asp_state/
	* tools/dbsessmgr/
	Split VERSION to VERSION and XSP_VERSION in order to allow svn revision 
	in VERSION and still satisfy mcs's numbering scheme (recently changed
	to match csc)
	Didn't replace VERSION, because we need the tarball version to not have
	periods in the revision name.

2007-10-24  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: gracefully handle
	exceptions in the constructor, by closing the connection when
	Exception happens.

2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* man/*: Generate fastcgi-mono-server(1).
	* doc/*: Temporarily fix for `make distcheck'.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/ Cleanups.

2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/*/*.am : Fix `make distcheck'.
2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Request.cs:
	Reverted temporary hack for mod_fastcgi.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/ConfigurationManager.cs:
	The XML default settings have less precedence.
2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/Mono.WebServer.Apache.sources: Create.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/SecurityConfiguration.cs:
	Get rid of MODMONO.

2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/ FastCGI -> FastCgi.

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/*.sources:
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/ConfigurationManager.xml:
	Add some default values to be able to get rid of
	the exe.config file. Comment out the automapping settings.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/ConfigurationManager.cs:
	Implement ImportSettings (). Support for default settings
	specified in ConfigurationManaged.xml.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/main.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/Responder.cs:
	Take the ApplicationManager
	out of the build until its automapping issues are fixed.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi/server.cs: Rename to main.cs

2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi: Import Brian's files from his google
	repository. Flatten hierarchies to adhere to mono's standards.
	Disintegrate the Mono.FastCgi assembly.

2007-10-22  Robert Jordan  <>

	*, scripts/ Reflect changes.
	* src/ Reflect changes.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/main.cs: Remove XSP-related code.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs: Remove ModMono-related code.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache/ Create from
	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/ Create from
	* src/server.cs: Copy as main.cs to Mono.WebServer.Apache and
	* src/ecurity.cs: Move to Mono.WebServer.XSP/SecurityConfiguration.cs
	* src/ModMono*.cs: Move to Mono.WebServer.Apache.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.Apache: Create.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.FastCgi: Create.
	* src/Mono.WebServer.XSP: Create.

2007-10-03  Juraj Skripsky  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: put the ModMonoConfig struct in charge to
	tracking its property "Changed".

2007-10-03  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequestBroker.cs,src/ModMonoWorker.cs: added a method
	to support configuration of output buffering in mod_mono

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: added support for new mod_mono
	communication protocol, SET_CONFIGURATION. Configuration of
	mod_mono is updated before write commands, if necessary. Currently
	it supports only configuring the output buffering (based on the
	value of HttpResponse.BufferOutput)
	Bumped protocol version to 8

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: added a method which updates the
	mod_mono/apache configuration if necessary.

2007-10-02  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: make the protocol mismatch error message
	more informative.

2007-09-21  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: use UTF8 when sending strings to
	Apache. Fixes bug #325448

2007-09-18  Daniel Nauck <>

	* src/server.cs: add a UnhandledExceptionEventHandler
	to handle an exception that is not handled by the application domain.

2007-08-18  Josh Tauberer <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: Correct a mistake
	in my previous patch: checking for wrap-around on requests_served
	counter, since we bitmask it 0x7FFF, wrap-around occurs at 0x8000.

2007-08-16  Wade Berrier  <>

	* version bump -> 1.2.5

2007-08-14  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorker.cs: do not rethrow an exception
	that might occur on write, write an error message to the console
	and close our end of the connection instead. Fixes bug #81699.

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: ReadEntityBody makes sure the
	number of bytes to copy is > 0 and that the read buffer is not

2007-08-09  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs,
	src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: do not fail if default
	index files configuration cannot be retrieved. Based on patch from
	Juraj Skripsky <>, thanks! Fixes bug #82379.

	* src/ModMonoWorker.cs: move request unregister call from the
	finally block to the catch block. This is to avoid unregistering
	the request while it is still being processed by the HttpRuntime
	(asynchronously). Patch from Joshua Tauberer <>,

2007-08-08  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: don't use the
	SendResponseFromFile (IntPtr, long, long) overload from the
	SendResponseFromFile (string, long, long) one - prevents double
	close of the file handle.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: leave only the
	implementation of the ApplicationServer class here, the other
	classes are moved to own files, below.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/Paths.cs: new file, moved Paths class
	implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/HttpErrors.cs: new file, moved HttpErrors
	class implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/VPathToHost.cs: new file, moved VPathToHost
	class implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: leave only the
	implementation of the XSPApplicationHost here, the other classes
	are moved to own files, below.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorker.cs: new file, moved XSPWorker class
	implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWebSource.cs: new file, moved XSPWebSource
	class implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPRequestBroker.cs: new file, moved
	XSPRequestBroker class implementation here.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (monowebserver_sources): added
	new source files.

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: leave only the implementation of
	the ModMonoApplicationHost class here, the other classes are moved
	to own files, below.

	* src/ModMonoWorker.cs: new file, moved ModMonoWorker class
	implementation here.

	* src/ModMonoWebSource.cs: new file, moved ModMonoWebSource class
	implementation here.

	* src/ModMonoRequestBroker.cs: new file, moved
	ModMonoRequestBroker class implementation here.
	* src/ (modmono_only): added new source files.

2007-08-07  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: applied patch by Joshua
	Tauberer (with minor changes) proposed in bug #82057. The change
	turns request id into a compound of the unique request id in the
	upper 16 bits and the index into request array in the lower 16

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: fixed documentation.

2007-08-06  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: added some more

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: call the
	UnregisterRequest handlers before freeing the request data.

2007-07-17  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: it's somewhat better to
	unregister an event handler when it's not needed.

2007-07-16  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: added an event fired
	when the request has just been unregistered.

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: add an event handler for the
	UnregisterRequest event in the request broker to make sure that
	the same request is never unregistered twice.

2007-07-09  Wade Berrier  <>

	* docs/ empty file so that this dir gets included
	so we can build from a tarball

2007-06-22  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: docs from Brian

	* src/Mono.WebServer/IWebSource.cs: more docs from Brian Nickel.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/IApplicationHost.cs: more docs from Brian

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (MCSFLAGS): extract xml docs.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: add some
	documentation and avoid reallocating request buffers. Patch from
	Brian Nickel <>, thanks!

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: do not assume that
	requestBroker is not null and that it is
	BaseRequestBroker. Modified patch from Brian Nickel
	<>, thanks!

2007-06-20  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: added support for virtual hosts
	(ServerAlias) Patch from Juraj Skripsky
	<>, thanks! Closes bug #81878.
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: as above

2007-06-15  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: do not skip checking
	the path when vhost is '*'. Patch from Brian Nickel
	<>, thanks!

2007-05-06  Wade Berrier  <>

	* tools/asp_state/
	* tools/dbsessmgr/
	Split DATA and SCRIPTS for .exe and .exe.config so that .config doesn't
	have the execute bit set (otherwise, causes warning in suse's rpmlint)

2007-05-04  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: avoid possible NOR.

2007-04-24  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseApplicationHost.cs: put the worker's
	ProcessRequest in try/catch in order to handle uncaught exceptions
	more gracefully.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: more robust exception
	handling. We no longer leave the connection open and the browser
	spinning after an early exception (e.g. configuration exception
	while reading the top-level web.config file) ocurred.

2007-04-19  Wade Berrier  <>

	* version bump -> 1.2.4

2007-04-13  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: replace old code that
	used hashtables to store request data with arrays. Array is also
	used to acquire a unique request id. Previously the code used
	GetHashCode() to do that, incorrectly assuming that the return
	value from the method is unique. This caused frequent race
	conditions and crashes. The new code uses arrays sized at 200
	slots initially - this means it can handle up to 200 _concurrent_
	requests before it needs to resize the arrays.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: make sure worker is
	not null before attempting to use it.

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: make sure worker is not null
	before attempting to use it.

2007-03-30  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/Tracing.cs: added a utility class to help in

	* src/server.cs: move a line of common code out of ifdefs

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (MCSFLAGS): support tracing if
	(monowebserver_sources): added Tracing.cs

	* src/ (MCSFLAGS): support tracing if enabled

	* add a parameter to enable conditional tracing.
	Define TRACE together with WEBTRACE.

2007-03-29  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: Do not try to call Close on a
	null stream (Stream can become null inside InnerRun) and this
	makes debugging with gdb harder. 

2007-03-28  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: Only compute the data once.

	(GetClientBlock): if we get a -1, return the -1 to the client, do
	not try to call Read. 

2007-03-29  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: make sure request id is reset to
	-1 after we have unregistered it.

2007-03-02 Wade Berrier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	Use VERSION from in the .pc files (they were always
	0.1 and 0.2 before, but this isn't useful since the files 
	are xsp and xsp-2)

2007-01-25 Wade Berrier <>

	* version bump -> 1.2.3

2007-01-05  Marek Habersack  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: use the configured
	header encoding when outputting the headers.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: implement support for
	response header encoding.

2006-12-23 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: set the server as stopped
	early on to prevent a possible nullref. Closes bug #80230.

2006-11-17 Wade Berrier <>

	* version bump -> 1.2.1

2006-11-16 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: close the connection if
	there's an error reading the headers (including assembly loading
	exceptions due to a bad installation).

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: kill the warning that everyone is
	worried about.

2006-09-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: don't run BeginAccept when
	the server has been stopped. Fixes bug #79361.

2006-09-03  Sebastien Pouliot  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: Read from the stream, not 
	the socket as the socket data is encrypted when using SSL. Fix from 
	Jean-Francois Burdet.

2006-08-23 Wade Berrier <>

	* src/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ Add GACUTIL_FLAGS to make gac root dir package
	friendly (Relative to DESTDIR)

2006-08-16 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/mono.snk:
	* src/
	* src/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/
	* src/
	* scripts/ xsp, xsp2, Mono.WebServer and Mono.WebServer2 are
	installed in the GAC now to avoid problems with the upcoming patch in
	the runtime.

2006-08-16 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: display unexpected errors in
	ProcessRequest from the root domain, as it will help pinpoint deployment
	errors once the upcoming patch modifies the way assemblies are loaded
	in newly created domains.

2006-08-03  Sebastien Pouliot  <>

	* src/ Add a reference to Mono.Security.dll for 
	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: Add support for client certificate 
	validation using Apache and/or Mono.
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: Add PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) 
	base64 decoding for certificates and set the proper variables so
	HttpClientCertificate can be used with mod_mono.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: Add support for special SSL
	variables (moved from XSPWorkerRequest.cs).
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: Removed support for special
	SSL variables (now shared in MonoWorkerRequest.cs).

2006-07-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: don't prepend the file:// scheme, as
	it's currently breaking mod-mono-server 2.0.

2006-06-14 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: when stopping the server,
	reset the 'started' variable. Fixes bug #78621.

2006-06-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* tools/asp_state/asp-state.exe.config: 
	* tools/asp_state/asp-state2.exe.config: use FQDN.

2006-05-10 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/server.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/InitialWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/LingeringNetworkStream.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/IWebSource.cs:
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: accepting a connection and the initial
	read are now done asynchronously. SocketPool class and that Select are
	over now and xsp/mod-mono-server behave much better when getting many
	simultaneous connections.

2006-04-25 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: remove all the duplicated
	slashes and don't do an extra Replace on non-windows.

2006-04-06 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/server.cs: make the hash different when the last argument is an
	option (like a port number). Fixes bug #78034. Thanks to Hubert

2006-03-05  Robert Jordan  <>

	* tools/dbsessmgr/dbsessmgr.cs: 
	* tools/dbsessmgr/dbsessmgr.exe.config:
	* man/ make SQL statements and parameters
	provider independent/configurable. Fixes bug #77698.

2006-01-25  Chris Toshok  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ define NET_2_0 in the
	Mono.WebServer2.dll case.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: use ConfigurationManager
	in 2.0.

	* src/ define NET_2_0 in the
	xsp2.exe/mod-moon-server2.exe cases.

	* src/server.cs (AppSettings): use ConfigurationManager in 2.0,
	and isolate the ifdef here so everywhere else we can just use
	(Main): s/ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings/AppSettings/

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: use ConfigurationManager in 2.0

>>>>>>> .r59119
2005-12-27 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: use UTF8 instead of the default encoding. Fixes
	bug #77074.

2005-11-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: don't append the index file name
	after the path in presence of path_info. Fixes bug #76604.

2005-11-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs:
	* src/server.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs:
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: added support for dynamically created
	ASP.NET applications.

	* man/ documented the --master option.

2005-10-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: server variables are now read when getting the
	initial data.

	* src/ don't show warning 618.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ Modified file.
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: s/Mono.Posix/Mono.Unix/

2005-10-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: all the server variables are now written
	at once from mod_mono.

2005-09-29  Sebastien Pouliot  <> 

	* src/server.cs: Added *all* new options in --help.
	* man/ Fixed typo.

2005-09-29  Sebastien Pouliot  <>

	* src/ Added security.cs to the build.
	* src/server.cs: Removed security configuration from the source. Added
	new options for client certificates and pkcs#12 support.
	* src/security.cs: New. Keep all security configuration in a single 
	place. Added support (and logic) to support certificates and keys 
	inside PKCS#12 files.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: Add support for mandatory
	client certificates.
	* man/ Updated man page with the new options for client side
	certificates and pkcs#12 files support.

2005-09-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: when the connection is secure,
	use the regular stream.

2005-09-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: return 0 when trying to read
	the entity body from a GET/HEAD request.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: moved Run into InnerRun. MS was
	throwing a TypeLoadException before running the method and we didn't
	catch that one, so the connection wasn't being closed.

2005-09-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: when reading a string from mod_mono, handle
	short reads. From a patch by Mathias Herberts.

2005-09-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: avoid 500 response when the body was actually
	sent. Patch by that fixes bug #76124.

2005-09-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: added support for client
	certificates. Patch by Sebastien Pouliot.

2005-09-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: sendfile() might need to be
	called more than once for big files (tried with a 1GiB one). Fixes bug

2005-09-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: write all the headers at once.

2005-08-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: pretend the client is HTTP/1.0 so that
	System.Web does not tries to send chunked content. Apache will take care
	of that. If the Flush is final, call CloseConnection. Implemented
	sendfile support 

	* src/ModMonoRequest.cs: added SEND_FILE command an increased version

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: use the IntPtr version of
	SendResponseFromFile if no override is available.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: removed TODO.
	* src/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: SendFile support.

2005-08-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: default encoding will be

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if we're running on linux, use
	send, setsockopt and sendfile from libc. No more buffering done but
	for the headers. Use TCP_CORK. Use sendfile() for SendResponseFromFile
	when possible.

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs: catch a possible error.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: pass the socket handle to
	the worker request.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: work directly on the
	input buffer instead of calling ReadByte().
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ add -unsafe flag.

2005-08-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if we get a 0, don't pretend
	we read up to 'size'.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: returning 0 in Read is fine.

2005-08-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if we get a -1 when reading
	the request, the client closed or there was an error. For a 0 we just
	return what we have so far.

2005-07-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/key.snk:
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* src/Mono.WebServer/
	* scripts/ bye bye gacutil, welcome "Application Deployment

2005-06-22 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPApplicationHost.cs: if reading from the socket
	returns 0 bytes, signal it returning a -1 in Read.

2005-06-17:2  Rafael Teixeira  <>

	* test/button-vb.aspx: small typo correction
2005-06-17  Rafael Teixeira  <>

	* tools/asp_state/asp_state.cs: find configuration filename to match
	the executable name and path plus ".config", that fix not finding the
	oldnamed "asp_state.exe.config" what make it work for asp-state2.exe,
	besides it was looking for the configuration file in the current dir,
	not the dir containing the executable. Also for first timers like me
	be a bit more verbose and don't start if some command line arguments
	are passed (I tried a asp-state --help and got baffled).

2005-06-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/BaseRequestBroker.cs: keep a cache of the buffers
	passed through remoting instead of creating a new one in all the cases.

2005-06-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: platform check.

2005-06-10 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/LingeringNetworkStream.cs: really keep lingering
	for 30s.

2005-06-05  Ben Maurer  <>

	* handle gacutil more correctly :-)

2005-06-02  Ben Maurer  <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/ Handle gacutil and destdir

	* GACUTIL flags

2005-06-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/Mono.WebServer/AssemblyInfo.cs: renamed into...
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ ...this.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ don't use -keyfile, as csc does not
	support it. Now 'distcheck' passes and the build works on windows.

2005-06-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* src/XSPApplicationHost.cs: Removed file.
	* src/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: Removed file.
	* src/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: Removed file.
	* src/ Modified file.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ moved some 'meat' to Mono.WebServer.
	xsp.exe is now just 'server.cs' + classes in Mono.WebServer.

2005-05-31  Raja R Harinath  <>

	Fix 'make distcheck'.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add key.snk.
	(Mono.WebServer.dll): Pass /keyfile: option.
	* src/Mono.WebServer/AssemblyInfo.cs (AssemblyKeyFile): Disable.

2005-05-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/Tracing.cs:
	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs:
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs:
	* server/BaseApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/LingeringNetworkStream.cs:
	* server/
	* server/IWebSource.cs:
	* server/Mono.WebServer:
	* server/Mono.WebServer/AssemblyInfo.cs:
	* server/Mono.WebServer/
	* server/IApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/Mono.WebServer/*: moved Mono.WebServer.dll files into a new

2005-05-16 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* HEAD is now 1.1.x
	* server/
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/
	* server/
	* server/server.cs: this is now Mono.WebServer.dll. xsp.exe is there
	just to pass the options to the new assembly. Most of the patch by
	Brian Ritchie.

2005-05-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: call the EndOfSend notification when
	the request is told to be ended.

2005-05-07  Ben Maurer  <>

	* put the full path to mono in RUNTIME
	* */ s.$libdir.$prefix/lib, since that's what mono
	uses. Also, for scripts, use RUNTIME rather than just `mono'.

2005-05-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: implemented IsClientConnected.
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: added IsConnected and increased version

	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs:
	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: Close the current connection before
	stopping the server when a shutdown request is received.
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/IWebSource.cs: IsConnected is now part if IWorker interface.

2005-05-03  Ben Maurer  <>

	* 1.0.9

2005-04-27 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: Default -> DefaultInvariant. Also don't
	send a FLUSH command to mod_mono, as it's ignored.

2005-04-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: fix warnings and ensure we call Close
	if an error happens when writing to the stream.

2005-04-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: we can set a few server variables here.

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: remove the socket from the active list
	on timeout so that we don't attempt to use it and delay the error.

2005-04-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: use a foreground thread to stop the
	server instead of one from the threadpool. Patch from Rob Lyon that
	fixes bug #73357.

2005-03-18 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: the lockfile is to be removed even
	for TCP sockets. Also return immediately if the module wants us to

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: call Dispose on the web source so that
	removing the lockfile and the unix socket is done asap.

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: added empty Dispose().
	* server/IWebSource.cs: IWebSource inherits from IDisposable now.

	This fixes bug #73619.

2005-03-18 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: prevent empty lines before the
	actual request from causing an error. Fixes bug #73048.

2005-03-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: don't print the exception to apache
	logs so that connection probing does not polute them.

2005-03-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: prevent premature stop from mod_mono from
	not doing the clean up. Patch from Rob Lyon.

2005-03-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/server.cs: fix lockfile name generation. Patch by Mike Lasky.
	Closes bug #73234.

2005-03-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: ensure we close the stream to the
	mod_mono socket after Decline, NotFound and in Close. Thanks to Mike
	Lasky for spotting the bug.

2005-02-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* mktemp failed on *BSD.

2005-02-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/ModMonoTCPWebSource.cs:
	* server/server.cs: use a FileStream as a lock to prevent running
	more than one mod-mono-server with the same arguments.

2005-02-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* Released 1.0.6

2005-02-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: override IsSecure and implement it.
	Part of the fix for bug #71680.

2005-02-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* detect if gmcs actually works. Patch by Robert Jordan.

2005-02-08  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* test/2.0/treeview/ (install-data-hook,uninstall-hook): 
	Support $(DESTDIR).

2005-02-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: now they use a common method to get the
	pathinfo and pathinfo works with apache too.

	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: when there's a version mismatch, print it
	everywhere so that it gets to apache logs.

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: new Paths class containing a method for
	getting the path and pathinfo from an uri.

	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: no pathinfo computation here.
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: removed pathinfo parameter.

	* server/ xsp2.exe was being installed to xsp directory !?

2005-02-01 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: added BadRequest () to HttpErrors.
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: if there's a failure reading the
	request, write back a 400 error to the client. Patch by Russ Young.

2005-01-26  Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

	* Added masterpages test directory.
	* test/2.0/masterpages: New master page tests.
	* test/2.0/menu/menu1.aspx: Updated.

2005-01-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if the headers have not been sent and
	someone closes the connection, don't try to reuse it. Discovered thanks
	to buggy user code.

2005-01-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: locks in SocketPool. Fixes bug #70388.

2005-01-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ don't build mod-mono-server if compiling with csc.

2005-01-20  Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

	* Added new test makefiles.

2005-01-20  Lluis Sanchez Gual  <>

	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: Fix parsing of PathInfo.

2005-01-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: when Content-Length is set only allow
	sending that amount of bytes in the body. Fixes bug #71092.

2005-01-13  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: Update to compile with the stricter
	name-resolution of MCS.

2004-12-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: 
	* server/LingeringNetworkStream.cs: the connection is now closed if we
	get an error writing to the socket.

2004-12-15  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* server/ (CLEANFILES): Clean up *.exe and *.mdb.
	* tools/dbsessmgr/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add dbsessmgr2.exe.config.
	(CLEANFILES): Clean up *.exe and *.mdb.
	* tools/asp_state/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add asp-state2.exe.config.
	(CLEANFILES): Clean up *.exe and *.mdb.
	* scripts/ (CLEANFILES): Fix typos.  Clean up all the scripts.

2004-12-13 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ if gmcs is available, build xsp2.exe and
	mod-mono-server2.exe using the 2.0 assemblies.

2004-12-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: first remove the socket, then close it.
	Seems like the GetHashCode method returns a different value after the
	socket is closed. Fixes bug #70449.

2004-12-10  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* doc/ (mod-mono-server.1): Fix non-srcdir build.
	* scripts/ ($(bin_SCRIPTS)): Likewise.
	* server/ (xsp_only): Remove
	(xsp_build_sources): Add AssemblyInfo.cs.
	(modmono_only): Remove
	(modmono_build_sources): Add AssemblyInfoModMono.cs.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add and
	(xsp.exe, mod-mono-server.exe): Remove GNU-makeism.

2004-12-10 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: don't print IOExceptions caused by
	socket read/write errors and don't send back a 500 error on IOExceptions
	or error reading request line. Fixes bug #70391.

2004-12-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if we don't have a Content-Length, force
	closing the connection.

2004-12-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: this typo prevented the underlying
	sys.web from knowing the real http version used. If you've seen stack
	traces showing ChunkStream when running *xsp*, that's over now.

2004-11-24 Alp Toker <>

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: remove slash.

2004-11-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs:
	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs:
	* server/
	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs:
	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/BaseApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/ModMonoTCPWebSource.cs:
	* server/
	* server/LingeringNetworkStream.cs:
	* server/server.cs:
	* server/IWebSource.cs:
	* server/IApplicationHost.cs:
	* COPYING: relicensed under MIT style license.

2004-11-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: max. line length for headers is now 8kB.

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: don't Exit in Stop(). Call the new 
	AppHost.Unload instead of just AppDomain.Unload, as that does not seem
	to trigger the Application_End event under MS runtime. Fixes bug #68709.

	* server/BaseApplicationHost.cs: new method Unload() that calls
	HttpRuntime.UnloadAppDomain for the current application.

	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: maximum length for the request line
	is now 8kB.

	* server/IApplicationHost.cs: added Unload() to the interface.

2004-11-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* test/global.asax: added code here.
	* doc/ added information on --terminate and <enabled>
	for .webapp files.
	* test/sample.webapp: aded <enabled>
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: don't bail out if the directory given in
	--appconfigdir does not exist. If the <enabled> no exists and is
	'false', don't set up that application.

2004-11-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: support for --terminate. Ensure that
	no one else is listening on the same unix socket.
	* server/ModMonoTCPWebSource.cs: support for --terminate.
	* server/server.cs: added --terminate option to mod-mono-server. You
	can use it to gracefully terminate a running mod-mono-server.

2004-11-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* remove MKDIR_P
	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: don't print the exception if the
	stream is not reused.
	* aclocal goes first.

2004-11-11 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if the client is HTTP/1.1 or sends a
	keep-alive connection header, we keep the connection opened for 15
	seconds waiting for more requests.
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: Modified file.
	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: throw a different exception if
	something fails reading the request line.
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: Don't print errors due to socket read
	timeout. Handle keep-alive connections.

2004-11-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: workaround a bug in MS socket Select
	* server/server.cs: undo workaround for bug #65533.

2004-10-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* Released 1.0.4.

2004-10-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: redirect on directories that are not
	the root virtual directory when the path does not end in '/'. Fixes bug

2004-10-17  Ben Maurer  <>

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs (MapPath): avoid the
	concat here.

2004-10-14 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: set the accepted socket to Blocking.

2004-10-03 Ben Maurer  <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: use UtcNow

2004-09-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* test/web_regularexpressionvalidator.aspx: improved example. Patch by
	Tomasz Rybak.

2004-09-29 Ben Maurer  <>

	* server/LingeringNetworkStream.cs: make the byte [] buffer
	static here. It is not of consequence what we write to the buffer
	so we may as well cache it.
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: Avoid String.Format related stuff,
	just append to the stringbuilder.

2004-09-28 Ben Maurer  <>

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: rather than pass an ip addr
	across appdomains as a string, pass it as a long. this avoids
	the cost of making it into a string, and related allocations.

2004-09-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: application server never dies.
	* test/web_table2.aspx: added missing runat attributes.

2004-09-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>


	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: allow unloading applications. Fixed

	* server/BaseApplicationHost.cs: when the domain is unloaded, tell
	the application server we don't exist any more.

	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs: added some sanity checks.

	* server/IApplicationHost.cs: added Server to the interface.

	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: if apache is stopping, tell the
	application server to finish everything off.

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: fixed warnings.

	* server/server.cs: if running interactive, unload all applications
	before exiting.

2004-09-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: make the server socket non-blocking and
	ignore any exception on Accept.

2004-09-12 Ben Maurer  <>

	* server/server.cs: allow for clean exit (workaround)
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: avoid a remoting call.
	cache MemoryStreams
	* InitialWorkerRequest.cs: cache byte [] buffers.

2004-09-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* added AM_MKDIR_P to make automake 1.8 happier.

2004-08-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: don't set the socket timeout for
	mod-mono-server. Apache should take care of that.

	* server/BaseApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs:
	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: unregister the request in
	EndOfRequest event because under heavy load HttpRuntime.ProcessRequest
	might return immediately and queue the request for later processing.

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: unregister the request when redirecting

	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: RequestId is now part of
	MonoWorkerRequest interface.

2004-08-17 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: ignore exceptions when setting socket
	options as there are systems that don't support them. Fixes bug #63031.

2004-08-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* nunit-tests/standalone/
	* tools/nunitasp/source/NUnitAspTest/ fix distcheck on a
	clean system and remove warnings.

2004-08-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: GetRequestHeader is case insensitive
	now. Thanks to Jan Jaros.

2004-08-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* nunit-tests/standalone/
	* scripts/.cvsignore:
	* scripts/
	* scripts/
	* server/
	* tools/asp_state/
	* tools/dbsessmgr/
	* tools/nunitasp/source/NUnitAsp/
	* tools/nunitasp/source/NUnitAspTest/ added xsp and
	mod-mono-server scripts, remove .mdb files when cleaning.

2004-07-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: fix host matching in presence of *.
	Closes bug #61275.

	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: don't duplicate the slash when setting
	a default file name that we know is not present.

2004-07-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* 1.0.1.
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: don't timeout in Select when we only have
	the listener socket. Use real times for timeout.

2004-07-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: increased the backlog for listen, set
	accepted sockets read/write timeout to 15s and handle timeouts when
	reading request data before submitting the work item to the threadpool.
	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: don't write a 500 error response if
	we got an IOException when reading from the network stream.
	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: if there's an IOException when reading
	the headers, just rethrow it.

2004-07-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: don't write the 50x error response
	to the stream. Just closing works and doesn't drive mod_mono crazy.

2004-07-14 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* test/
	* test/chunked.ashx: the output of this handler should be chunked for
	1.1 clients and 1.0 clients that send the Accept-Encoding to 'chunked'.

2004-07-13 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: when we can't find a suitable
	application, return NOT_FOUND to mod_mono.

2004-07-10 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ added ModMonoTCPWebSource.

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: in ModMonoWebSource, CreateSocket
	is now virtual and the .ctor receives the file name as parameter.

	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: prevent absurd string sizes if the socket
	is not in a expected state.

	* server/ModMonoTCPWebSource.cs: supports mod_mono communication over
	a TCP socket.

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: XSPWebSource .ctor receives address
	and port as parameters.

	* server/server.cs: updated help, handle address and port in
	mod-mono-server. Choose TCP or unix socket IWebSource depending on the

2004-07-09 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/XSPWorkerRequest.cs: made the headers Hashtable case

2004-07-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/BaseRequestBroker.cs: Modified file.
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: more data cached on first read.
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: use Buffer.BlockCopy instead of

2004-07-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: remove the unix socket file when

	* test/ added missing files.

	* test/mono-xsp.css:
	* test/index.aspx: reduced size of the generated page.

2004-07-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs:
	* server/ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs:
	* server/ModMonoRequest.cs: removed unused method/options and the
	ack sent back after writing something. Unified setting status code
	and message into 1 single command.
2004-06-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* Released 1.0.

2004-06-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* 0.15.99.
	* server/ApplicationServer.cs: added method in VPathToHost that tells
	if we're trying /xxx where xxx is a directory (ie, we need to redirec).

	* server/InitialWorkerRequest.cs: don't remove trailing '/' in
	GetSafePath ().

	* server/XSPApplicationHost.cs: handle redirects and fixed nullref.
	Closes bug #60478.

	* ChangeLog: style.
	* server/ModMonoApplicationHost.cs: splitted long lines.
	* server/MonoWorkerRequest.cs: style.

2004-06-20  Lluis Sanchez Gual  <>

	* IApplicationHost.cs: Added RequestBroker property to IApplicationHost.
	  The application host will query for information through this object,
	  which lives in the main domain.
	* Added new files.
	* ModMonoRequest.cs: Added position parameter in SendResponseFromMemory,
	so we can send partially filled buffers.  GetClientBlock(): Some checks
	that where done in ModMonoWorkerRequest have been moved here. We can
	avoid two cross-app domain calls in this way.  Merged SetStatusCode and
	SetStatusLine into SetStatusCodeLine. We avoid another cross-app domain
	* ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs: Renamed to ModMonoWorkerRequest, to make
	things more understandab
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