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This FAQ is no longer kept up to date
Look at this URL for a more up to date wiki based FAQ

Q: motion crashes while parsing the config file.

A: Appearantly the behaviour of strtok in glibc has changed somewhat.
   This problem should be fixed as of 2.3

Q: Were does motion look for the config file?

A: First it will look for 'motion.conf' in the current directory, next it will
   try to find '.motion/motion.conf' in your home directory (pointed to by
   the HOME environment variable). If these don't exist it will try to open
   '/usr/local/etc/motion.conf' if you specified /usr/local as the prefix to
   configure (this is the default).

Q: What codingstyle is used for motion?

A: Motion follows the same style as the linux kernel.
   Read Documentation/Codingstyle in the kernel tree for some good reasons.
   Also be aware that motion is multithreaded and as such all functions should
   be reentrant, using static variables is usually a bad idea.
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