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mpgtx - toolbox to manipulate MPEG files (video, system, and audio)…  more info»



* To build mpgtx with the default options, try :
	"./configure && make"
* You may want to see available options such as installation
  prefix with :
	"./configure --help"
  Then type :
	"./configure [options] && make"
  To actually build mpgtx.

* Once mpgtx has been successfully built type :
	"make install"
  to install mpgtx.


* mpgtx is a GOP (Group Of Pictures) based mpeg editor.
  GOP contains typically 15 frames/pictures (around 0.5 sec)
  This means that mpgtx can not cut exactly where you wanted
  it to.

* We trust in a correct time in MPEG for our duration and
  split point calculation. If the timestamps jump, we will run
  into problems.

* Another issue about GOP editing is that bad mpeg players
  will show artifacts when you join two files with mpgtx.
  These artifacts appear at the join point because these
  players won't care about the "Broken link flag" wich tell
  them to discard leading interpolated B frames.

* Some mp3 files won't be cut at the right place thus displaying
  a bogus framerate/version/duration with mpginfo. This do not
  affect them in any other way.

* Files produced by mpgtx might be not Video CD compatible, even if
  input files were.

* Some joined mpeg files will just stop at the splice point. This is
  often because they have a End Of Sequence tag in them which mpgtx
  currently fail to find and remove.

* Surely plenty of other bugs, please tell me :)
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