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mpgtx - toolbox to manipulate MPEG files (video, system, and audio)…  more info»


31 December 2004:
 [es]	- Added very simple check for a continously increasing MPEG time line
	  in mpginfo by default, can suppressed by option "-N"
	- Update mpgtx.spec, but untested

14 December 2004:
 [es]   - Fixed compiler version check in configure
        - Added and formated some comments for my understanding
        - Cleaned splitting of declarations and definitions in .cxx and .hh files
	- Clearify output and manpage of tagmp3 that only ID3v1 tags are supported.

24 November 2004:
 [la]	- web/index.html updated
	- web/Makefile now requires MPGTX_user env var to be set, then make
	  install installs the page onto

21 November 2004:
 [es]   - mpeg.cxx:
	  * remove extra ";" for gcc 3.4
	  * "-N" now also suppress repeated search messages on mpginfo, much faster
 [es]   - id3command.cxx:
          * Fixes tagmp3 error in truncating year when entered interactively (Debian BTS #167313) 
 [es]   - configure:
	  * Applied Julian Hall patch (CYGWIN support)
	  * Applied Eric Sokolowsky patch (--manprefix support)
 [es]   - config.guess:
	  * Updated from Erik's source tree

26 November 2002:
 [la]   - Got rid of the inlines finally in mpeg.cxx
 [la]   - remove -pedantic from configure
 [la]   - Fixed some Warnings in mpegOut.cxx

04 October 2002:
 [la]   - Applied Eric Sokolowsky patch on configure script (IRIX support) (thanks Eric)
30 August 2002 (Version 1.3):
 [pb]   - Added support and fixes for mpeg2 muxed files. mpgtx should now split and join mpeg2 files correct
 [pb]   - Improved mpgtx knowledge about length of mpeg2 movies
 [pb]   - removed bug which was introduced in 1.2 where demuxing was broken

18 August 2002 (Version 1.2):
 [pb]   - mpgtx is now able to search for a valid pack through a whole file (-X)
 [pb]   - added option to suppress progress output (faster) (-N)
 [pb]   - fixed a bug where a buffer is at end and data could not be processed -> unplayable movies
 [pb]   - increased file buffer for better performace to 2MB
 [pb]   - added option to change the aspect ratio of a movie (-A )
 [pb]   - added option to keep junk headers in splits (-P)

27 August 2001:
 [la]   - mpgtx now supports MPEG streams with leading zeros and skip them gracefully
 [la]   - added some support for ill-formed system streams that don't begin with a PACK
	  (both, thank to S�ren Roug) 

22 August 2001:
 [la]   - Created a home made configure script that automagically checks
          Large File support and GCC 3.0 tricks to produce correct CFLAGS
          and LFLAGS. 

20 August 2001: 
 [la]   - Restored compatibility for systems older than glibc2.2+
          to enable large file support build with `make lfs-support'

10 August 2001: (large file support)
 [ms]   - support for files larger than 2GB on systems supporting Single UNIX
          Specification 2.0. Requires glibc2.1+ for build but actual support
          requires both glibc2.2+ and Linux kernel 2.4+
 [la]   - Cosmetic changes
	  (The Entire Large File Support code is the courtesy of Mattias Sandgren
           Please stand up and applause )

6  August 2001
 [la]   - tagmp3 used to return 1 even on success. changed that so that it could be
          used in scripts. 
          (A big thank to C. R. Johnson for that.)

23 July 2001 : mpgtx v 1.0 released
 [la]   - bug reports are rare by now. So I guess it's time for the first so called 
          "stable" version. Here it is.
 [la]   - replaced friend foo with friend class foo that caused compilation errors 
          with gcc 3.0
	  (thank to Fred Hernandez)

19 June 2001 :
 [la]   - fixed a bug in demultiplexer 
          (thank to Steven M Shultz)

29 May 2001 : mpgtx version 0.8b released
 [la]   - fixed another segfault, still on exotic files.
          (thank to Aaron Brick)

23 May 2001 :
 [la]   - renamed mp3tag to tagmp3 because of a conflict with mp3blaster in debian

17 May 2001 : mpgtx version 0.7b released
 [la]   - segfault fixed on exotic mpeg files. 
          (thank to Steven M. Schultz)

24 April 2001 : mpgtx version 0.6b released
 [la]   - MAJOR bug fixed that caused unplayable files.
 [la]   - fixed bug in mp3tag : ERROR : No valid ID3 tag in WriteID3

13 April 2001 : mpgtx version 0.5b released
 [la]   - Added bug report helper.
 [la]   - Added mp3tag, a handy ID3 tagging and file sorting utility
 [la]   - Corrected bug in Timestamping : players should not freeze anymore
 [la]   - MPEG 2 timestamping should be okay.

3 April 2001 : mpgtx version 0.4b released
 [la]   - demultiplex is available (-d option)
 [la]   - MPEG 2 transport stream support (info and demultiplex)
 [la]   - MPEG 2 support improved
 [la]   - various bug fixes (and many other added):
 [la]   - Sigsegv when outputing on an existing file
          (Thank to Jean-Fransisco system (alias Nicolas Schieli))
 [la]   - Wrong audio frame boundary computation produced empty ranges.
 [la]   - Muxrate is now parsed and printed in info mode.

23 March 2001 : mpgtx version 0.3b released
 [la]   - makefile has now three goals : devel shared & static
          default goal is devel.
 [la]   - mpgtx now looks for a valid audio frame boundary, this
          was an issue with variable bitrate mp3s
 [vm]   - Volker Moell contributed a mpgtx.spec for rpm building
          rpms are coming soon.
 [vm]   - minor bug corrected in mpeg::ParseRIFF thank to Volker

22 March 2001 : mpgtx version 0.2b released
 [la]   - mt is now called mpgtx (old name was the same as
          a well known magnetic tape utility. sorry)     
          (thank to hundred of mails)
 [la]   - -o is now allowed in split mode (if only one chunk)
          mpgtx does not append a "-1.mpg" when base name 
          is specified and only one chunk is present.
 [la]   - fixed the 80 column issue for the -h option 
	  (thank to Volker Moell)
 [la]   - access() is now home made mpgtx_access for 
          portability reasons.
 [la]   - various compiler errors under RedHat 7 fixed 
          (thank to Chris Chabot) 

20 March 2001 : mt version 0.1b released
 [la]   - mt initial release

Major contributors:
[la] : laurent alacoque
[pb] : philipp biermann
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