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MPlayer Windows GUI (c)
2003 Sascha Sommer - <>
2006 Erik Augustson - <>
2006 Gianluigi Tiesi - <>

This beta GUI for Windows was originally written by Sascha Sommer and
has since been heavily modified by myself (Erik Augustson) and Gianluigi
Tiesi. It follows the same concept as the Linux GUI, and should be able
to load all (or at least most) of the current skins available for the
Linux GUI.

To compile, quite simply pass --enable-gui to configure, and it is highly
recommended to also pass --enable-static="-mwindows" to link mplayer as
a Windows binary. NOTE: This will also link mencoder with -mwindows
and thus link mencoder as a Windows binary as well.

To enable use of the GUI, mplayer.exe must be renamed / copied to

Please send all bug reports/comments/requests/gripes to:
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