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                      .:[ msdl ]:.
            -=- media stream downloader -=-

Copyright (C) 2007-2009 metro <>


*) description

This program is to download multimedia streaming files.
Currently it supports following protocols.

* mmst      (Microsoft Media Server over TCP)
* mmsh      (MMS over HTTP)
* http      (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
* real-rtsp (Real Time Streaming Protocol / Real/helix)
* wms-rtsp  (Real Time Streaming Protocol / WMServer  )
* ftp       (File Transfer Protocol)

This program cannot be here without these great works..

o xine-lib ( )
o MPlayer  ( )

Some functions,structures are taken from these programs,
and many functions,structures are based on ideas of
these programs.
They provided great informations for each protocols and
showed how each protocols can be implemented.

And also thanx to these applications

o Windows Media Player  :)
o Real Media Player     ;)

for showing how each protocols are correctly operated
through packet monitoring programs...

If you find a bug, please send bug report to 
<>, bug reports are very welcomed!


*) usage

msdl 1.2 : Media Stream DownLoader
Usage: msdl [options] targets
  -o, --output <localfile>    specify output file name.
  -l, --logfile <logfile>     print log to logfile instead of console.
  -v, --verbose               show verbose messages.
  -V, --version               show version information.
  -q, --quiet                 do quietly. no output.
  -c, --continue              continue (resume) downloading
  -a, --auto-retry <num>      auto-retry aborted download. (num times).
  -b, --bandwidth <bandwidth> set bandwidth.
  -s, --speed <speed>         set streaming speed.
  -r, --range <range>         set range (for RTSP), default "0.000-".
  -m, --metafile <url>        treat url as metafile.
  -n, --no-metafile <url>     DO NOT treat url as metafile.
  -h, --help                  display this help.
  -p, --protocol <protocol>   specify download protocol.
      --byterange <range>     set byte range (for http and ftp).
      --username <username>   user name for basic authentication.
      --password <password>   password for basic authentication.
      --no-proxy              DO NOT use proxy, even if HTTP_PROXY set.
      --no-passive-ftp        DO NOT use passive mode in FTP.
      --debug                 show debug message (super verbose).
Supported protocols: mms(mmst) mmsh rtsp http ftp
To use proxy for mms, mmsh, and http, set HTTP_PROXY variable.

<targets> can be various URLs, or files, but they are
downloaded in order you specified.
This means 2nd file will not be downloaded until
1st file of download finishes.
This is because some streaming server accepts only
1 connection / host, and otherwise disables all

so if you want to download 2 or more files at the same
time, launch another instance of this program.


   . mms proxy is not implemented(and I don't know if
     there are many mms proxys available..) so to use
     mms stream using proxy, you must set HTTP_PROXY
     to download it via mmsh, through proxy.

   . If you sepcified -q and -v options together,
     -q is taken.

   . protocol specified by -p (--protocol) option will
     affect every <targets> arguments. this means
     it will try to download everything using protocol
     which you specified. Off course some download may

   . output option will be applied to first one file
     which was downloaded.


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