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This directory contains two programs; mt and stinit. Mt is basically
a "standard" mt with additional commands to send the ioctls specific
to the Linux SCSI tape driver. The source supports all SCSI tape
ioctls up to kernel version 2.6.0 but it can also be compiled in
kernels >= 2.0.x (and hopefully with 1.2.x). Although this mt program
is tailored for SCSI tapes, it can also be used with other Linux tape
drivers using the same ioctls (some of the commands may not work with
all drivers).

Stinit is a program to initialize the tape drive characteristics. The
current version should be considered alpha. See README.stinit for more

The files:
README        - This file.
README.stinit - Information about the stinit program
COPYING       - The GNU Public License
Makefile      - Makefile for programs
mt.c          - The mt source
mt.1          - The man page for mt
mtio.h	      - The tape command definitions
qic117.h      - Needed by mtio.h
stinit.c      - The stinit source
stinit.8      - The man page for stinit
stinit.def.examples - example configurations for different devices

- review the makefile
- make
- make install

Changes in version 1.1:
- unused defines removed from mtio.h (compiles also with distributions no
  having linux/qic117.h)
- add support for MT_ST_SILI to mt and stinit
- add command showoptions for kernels >= 2.6.26

Changes in version 0.9b:
- only stinit changed

Changes in version 0.9:
- more density codes

Changes in version 0.8:
- put man page into /usr/share/man/man1
- documentation cleanup
- add some density translations
- counts can use the k, M, or G postfix

Changes in version 0.7:
- add command eject for compatibility with GNU mt (synonym for offline
  and rewoffl)
- the load and ersae commands accept an argument
- add CLN (cleaning request) to status
- add command stsetcln to set the cleaning request recognition options
- add the flag no-wait to the settable/clearable options
- some new density codes added

Changes in version 0.6:
- uses local mtio.h to include support for the most recent driver
  features even when compiled on a system having old mtio.h
- on-line and write-protect are checked after some errors and a
  message is printed if the probable error reason is found
- the tape is opened with flag O_NONBLOCK for commands that are
  useful even when the device is not ready (no tape)
- some new density codes added for printout
- OnStream drives using the osst driver recognised
- the obsolete command 'datcompression' is removed
- new option --version in mt

Changes in version 0.5b:
- corrected the bug that caused the command argument to be ignored if
  option -f was used
- added #include <errno.h> to stinit.c to enable compilation with glibc
- density 0x45 (TR-4) added to known density list

Changes in version 0.5:
- utility stinit added to package
- command asf added
- command datcompression not compiled in default configuration
- support added for setting timeouts
- bugs in argument parsing corrected
- help prints all commands
- binaries not distributed any more
- mt code cleaned
- GNU Public License used for both programs

Changes in version 0.4:
- support for the ioctls for partitioned tapes
- compiles also with 1.2.13
- the driver options can be specified also with keywords
- floppy tape type is shown
- (not working) support for other operating systems removed

Changes in version 0.3:
- support for new ioctls
- accepts hexadecimal numbers with prefix 0x
- the datcompression command improved (although it is being overrided
  by the command compression using a new ioctl)
- bus fixes

April 27, 2008  Kai Makisara (email
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