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mythtv-plugin-weather - A MythTV module that displays a weather forecast…  more info»


			          Release 0.17


	MythTV (v0.14 or higher) installed and working
	Internet Access (to get the weather!)

Once you have unzipped the data file and if you have met the requirements above,
simply type 'qmake' then 'make' in the main directory to begin 

Compiling note:  If you get an error on building this, that says something
                 about 'mkspecs', then you don't have the QTDIR environment
                 variable set.  On debian, this should be set to /usr/share/qt.
                 I hear on mandrake, it's /usr/lib/qt3.  You'll need to figure
                 out what it should be on your system, set the variable,
                 and attempt to compile again.

Once the make is completed, do a 'make install'.  

- will go into /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins
- images and data files will be put into the newly created
  /usr/share/mythtv/mythweather directory


MythWeather configuration is now done in MythWeather...

To enter the configuration section, press 'i'. From here you can select:

1. Units (lets you pick between Imperial and SI)
2. Location (pick the letter your city begins with, then find your city in the 
   list, see below for key binding which should make this quicker).
3. Aggressiveness Value (this is how fast MythWeather will timeout while trying
   to get weather data).

NOTE: You don't need to do anything other than pick the desired setting. Once 
      highlighted, just hit the left arrow key to go to another setting or when
      you are finished with the configuration, hit the 'i' key again to save. 
      If you want to cancel your changes press the ESCAPE key.

NOTE: If you keep getting "!!! 3 Failed Attempts !!!" (everytime you try), 
      pick a city that is nearby.

NOTE: If you can't find your city but you can find it at's Weather 
      Site, let me know the city name/accid.

   Left Key 		Goes back one page, this also extends the time spent
			on the page you are at. 
   Right Key		Goes forward one page, see above.
   'p' Key		Pause, wait on the current page until space is hit
   Numeric Keys		You can check other weather by keying in other ZIP 
   'm' Key		Switch between celsius and fahrenheit. Can also
			be used a way to force a data update.
   Enter Key		Resets the location to the database default, then 
                        updates the data.

   From within Configuration:
       Key      Action
       ---      ------
	1	Up 25
	2	Up 50
	3	Up 100
	4	Beginning of List
	5	Middle of List
	6	End of List
	7	Down 25
	8	Down 50
	9	Down 100
	i       Exit & Save Configuration
       ESC      Exit Without Saving

Current the program cycles through the three pages. Each page is 
shown for 10 seconds. When the user intervens and changes the page
it waits for 20 seconds. The weather data is updated every 30 minutes
or until the user selects a new zip code (or even the current zip code

   - Finish list of weather types and icons

I don't have all the weather descriptions and icons. If you see a '?' 
icon or weather description as 'Unknown [XX]', please email and let
me know the XX number, the type of weather at for that
day. THANKS!

If you have any questions, you can find me on the #mythtv channel at (IRC Name: moegreen)

or you can email me: John Danner <>
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