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The NDS login code uses the RSA public key cryptosystem. Because of a patent
right on this algorithm (U.S. patent #4,405,829, issued 20 Sep 1983), you
are probably not allowed to use this code in the U.S.A. and Canada, and
possibly neither in other countries. Check this before you use NDS logins!

The mpilib.c, mpilib.h, platform.h, and usuals.h in the lib/ directory are
taken from the PGP 2.3 source distribution (Copyright 1986-92 by Philip
Zimmermann), which is distributed under the GPL, as stated below.

Excerpt from pgpdoc2.txt (contained in
"All the source code for PGP is available for free under the "Copyleft" 
General Public License from the Free Software Foundation (FSF)."

For more details on the RSA patent see the pgp23src archive, or more recent
PGP packages.

Arne de Bruijn
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