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This directory contains a subset of the Utah Raster Toolkit library.

The source files are taken directly from that library, but only the ones
Netpbm needs, so the resulting librle.a is smaller than the original.

The files were extracted by Bryan Henderson on 2000.05.18, from a
package taken from called urt-3.1b on

A user who has the original library installed can use it instead of
this stripped down version by configuring the make files

The source files have been modified slightly to quiet compiler warnings.

In rle_global.c, the global data structure rle_dflt_hdr had "stdout"
in its initializer in the original.  But GNU C Library Version 2
defines stdout as a variable, so that wouldn't compile.  So I changed
it to NULL and added a line to rle_hdr_init to set that field to
'stdout' dynamically.  2000.06.02 BJH.
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