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Notmuch 0.13.2 (2012-06-02)

Bug-fix release

Update contrib/notmuch-deliver for API changes in 0.13. This fixes a
compilation error for this contrib package.

Notmuch 0.13.1 (2012-05-29)

Bug-fix release

Fix inserting of UTF-8 characters from *text/plain* parts in reply

  While notmuch gained ability to insert content from other than *text/plain*
  parts of email whenever *text/plain* parts are not available (notably
  HTML-only emails), replying to mails that do have *text/plain* the
  non-ASCII characters were incorrectly decoded. This is now fixed.

`notmuch_database_get_directory` and
`notmuch_database_find_message_by_filename` now work on read-only

  Previously, these functions attempted to create directory documents
  that didn't exist and would return an error or abort when given a
  read-only database.  Now they no longer create directory documents
  and simply return a `NULL` object if the directory does not exist,
  as documented.

Fix compilation of ruby bindings.

  Revert to dynamic linking, since the statically linked bindings did
  not work well.

Notmuch 0.13 (2012-05-15)

Command-Line Interface

JSON reply format

  `notmuch reply` can now produce JSON output that contains the headers
  for a reply message and full information about the original message
  begin replied to. This allows MUAs to create replies intelligently.
  For example, an MUA that can parse HTML might quote HTML parts.

  Calling notmuch reply with `--format=json` imposes the restriction that
  only a single message is returned by the search, as replying to
  multiple messages does not have a well-defined behavior. The default
  retains its current behavior for multiple message replies.

Tag exclusion

  Tags can be automatically excluded from search results by adding them
  to the new `search.exclude_tags` option in the Notmuch config file.

  This behaviour can be overridden by explicitly including an excluded
  tag in your query, for example:

        notmuch search $your_query and tag:$excluded_tag

  Existing users will probably want to run `notmuch setup` again to add
  the new well-commented [search] section to the configuration file.

  For new configurations, accepting the default setting will cause the
  tags "deleted" and "spam" to be excluded, equivalent to running:

        notmuch config set search.exclude_tags deleted spam

Raw show format changes

  The output of show `--format=raw` has changed for multipart and
  message parts.  Previously, the output was a mash of somewhat-parsed
  headers and transfer-decoded bodies.  Now, such parts are reproduced
  faithfully from the original source.  Message parts (which includes
  part 0) output the full message, including the message headers (but
  not the transfer headers).  Multipart parts output the part as
  encoded in the original message, including the part's headers.  Leaf
  parts, as before, output the part's transfer-decoded body.

Listing configuration items

  The new `config list` command prints out all configuration items and
  their values.

Emacs Interface

Changes to tagging interface

  The user-facing tagging functions in the Emacs interface have been
  normalized across all notmuch modes.  The tagging functions are now
  notmuch-search-tag in search-mode, and notmuch-show-tag in
  show-mode.  They accept a string representing a single tag change,
  or a list of tag changes.  See 'M-x describe-function notmuch-tag'
  for more information.

  NOTE: This breaks compatibility with old tagging functions, so user
  may need to update in custom configurations.

Reply improvement using the JSON format

  Emacs now uses the JSON reply format to create replies. It obeys
  the customization variables message-citation-line-format and
  message-citation-line-function when creating the first line of the
  reply body, and it will quote HTML parts if no text/plain parts are

New add-on tool: notmuch-mutt

The new contrib/ tool `notmuch-mutt` provides Notmuch integration for
the Mutt mail user agent. Using it, Mutt users can perform mail
search, thread reconstruction, and mail tagging/untagging without
leaving Mutt.  notmuch-mutt, formerly distributed under the name
`mutt-notmuch` by Stefano Zacchiroli, will be maintained as a notmuch
contrib/ from now on.

Library changes

The API changes detailed below break binary and source compatibility,
so libnotmuch has been bumped to version 3.0.0.

The function `notmuch_database_close` has been split into
`notmuch_database_close` and `notmuch_database_destroy`

  This makes it possible for long running programs to close the xapian
  database and thus release the lock associated with it without
  destroying the data structures obtained from it.

`notmuch_database_open`, `notmuch_database_create`, and
`notmuch_database_get_directory` now return errors

  The type signatures of these functions have changed so that the
  functions now return a `notmuch_status_t` and take an out-argument for
  returning the new database object or directory object.

Go bindings changes

Go 1 compatibility

  The go bindings and the `notmuch-addrlookup` utility are now
  compatible with go 1.

Notmuch 0.12 (2012-03-20)

Command-Line Interface

Reply to sender

  `notmuch reply` has gained the ability to create a reply template
  for replying just to the sender of the message, in addition to reply
  to all. The feature is available through the new command line option

Mail store folder/file ignore

  A new configuration option, `new.ignore`, lets users specify a
  ;-separated list of file and directory names that will not be
  searched for messages by `notmuch new`.

  NOTE: *Every* file/directory that goes by one of those names will
  be ignored, independent of its depth/location in the mail store.

Unified help and manual pages

  The notmuch help command now runs man for the appropriate page.  If
  you install notmuch somewhere "unusual", you may need to update

Manual page for notmuch configuration options

  The notmuch CLI configuration file options are now documented in the
  notmuch-config(1) manual page in addition to the configuration file

Emacs Interface

Reply to sender

  The Emacs interface has, with the new CLI support, gained the
  ability to reply to sender in addition to reply to all. In both show
  and search modes, 'r' has been bound to reply to sender, replacing
  reply to all, which now has key binding 'R'.

More flexible and consistent tagging operations

  All tagging operations ('+', '-', '*') now accept multiple tags with
  '+' or '-' prefix, like '*' operation in notmuch-search view before.

  '*' operation (`notmuch-show-tag-all`) is now available in
  notmuch-show view.

  `notmuch-show-{add,remove}-tag` functions no longer accept tag
  argument, `notmuch-show-tag-message` should be used instead.  Custom
  bindings using these functions should be updated, e.g.:

        (notmuch-show-remove-tag "unread")

  should be changed to:

        (notmuch-show-tag-message "-unread")

Refreshing the show view ('=' by default) no longer opens or closes messages

  To get the old behavior of putting messages back in their initial
  opened/closed state, use a prefix argument, e.g., 'C-u ='.

Attachment buttons can be used to view or save attachments.

  When the cursor is on an attachment button the key 's' can be used
  to save the attachment, the key 'v' to view the attachment in the
  default mailcap application, and the key 'o' prompts the user for an
  application to use to open the attachment. By default Enter or mouse
  button 1 saves the attachment but this is customisable (option
  Notmuch Show Part Button Default Action).

New functions

  `notmuch-show-stash-mlarchive-link{,-and-go}` allow stashing and
  optionally visiting a URI to the current message at one of a number
  of Mailing List Archives.

Fix MML tag quoting in replies

  The MML tag quoting fix of 0.11.1 unintentionally quoted tags
  inserted in `message-setup-hook`. Quoting is now limited to the
  cited message.

Show view archiving key binding changes

  The show view archiving key bindings 'a' and 'x' now remove the
  "inbox" tag from the current message only (instead of thread), and
  move to the next message. At the last message, 'a' proceeds to the
  next thread in search results, and 'x' returns to search
  results. The thread archiving functions are now available in 'A' and

Support text/calendar MIME type

  The text/calendar MIME type is now supported in addition to

Generate inline patch fake attachment file names from message subject

  Use the message subject to generate file names for the inline patch
  fake attachments. The names are now similar to the ones generated by
  'git format-patch' instead of just "inline patch". See "Notmuch Show
  Insert Text/Plain Hook" in the notmuch customize interface.

Enable `notmuch-search-line-faces` by default

  Make the `notmuch-search-line-faces` functionality more discoverable
  for new users by showing "unread" messages bold and "flagged"
  messages blue by default in the search view.

Printing Support

  notmuch-show mode now has simple printing support, bound to '#' by
  default. You can customize the variable notmuch-print-mechanism.

Library changes

New functions

  `notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude` supports the new tag exclusion

Python bindings changes

Python 3.2 compatibility

  The python bindings are now compatible with both python 2.5+ and 3.2.

Added missing unicode conversions

  Python strings have to be encoded to and decoded from utf-8 when
  calling libnotmuch functions. Porting the bindings to python 3.2
  revealed a few function calls that were missing these conversions.

Build fixes

Compatibility with GMime 2.6

  It is now possible to build notmuch against both GMime 2.4 and 2.6.
  However, a bug in GMime 2.6 before 2.6.5 causes notmuch not to
  report signatures where the signer key is unavailable (GNOME bug
  668085).  For compatibility with GMime 2.4's tolerance of "From "
  headers we require GMime 2.6 >= 2.6.7.

Notmuch 0.11.1 (2012-02-03)

Bug-fix release

Fix error handling in python bindings

  The python bindings in 0.11 failed to detect NULL pointers being
  returned from libnotmuch functions and thus failed to raise
  exceptions to indicate the error condition. Any subsequent calls
  into libnotmuch caused segmentation faults.

Quote MML tags in replies

  MML tags are text codes that Emacs uses to indicate attachments
  (among other things) in messages being composed.  The Emacs
  interface did not quote MML tags in the quoted text of a reply.
  User could be tricked into replying to a maliciously formatted
  message and not editing out the MML tags from the quoted text.  This
  could lead to files from the user's machine being attached to the
  outgoing message.  The Emacs interface now quotes these tags in
  reply text, so that they do not effect outgoing messages.

Notmuch 0.11 (2012-01-13)

Command-Line Interface


  Hooks have been introduced to notmuch. Hooks are scripts that notmuch
  invokes before and after certain actions. Initially, `notmuch new`
  supports `pre-new` and `post-new` hooks that are run before and after
  importing new messages into the database.

`notmuch reply --decrypt bugfix`

  The `notmuch reply` command with `--decrypt` argument had a rarely
  occurring bug that caused an encrypted message not to be decrypted
  sometimes. This is now fixed.


Automatic tag query optimization

  `notmuch tag` now automatically optimizes the user's query to
  exclude messages whose tags won't change.  In the past, we've
  suggested that people do this by hand; this is no longer necessary.

Don't sort messages when creating a dump file

  This speeds up tag dumps considerably, without any loss of
  information. To replicate the old behavior of sorted output (for
  example to compare two dump files), one can use e.g. `sort(1)`.

Memory Management

Reduction of memory leaks

  Two memory leaks when searching and showing messages were identified
  and fixed in this release.

Emacs Interface

Bug fixes

  notmuch-show-advance (bound to the spacebar in notmuch-show-mode) had
  a bug that caused it to always jump to the next message, even if it
  should have scrolled down to show more of the current message instead.
  This is now fixed.

Support `notmuch new` as a notmuch-poll-script

  It's now possible to use `notmuch new` as a notmuch-poll-script
  directly. This is also the new default. This allows taking better
  advantage of the `notmuch new` hooks from emacs without intermediate

Improvements in saved search management

  New saved searches are now appended to the list of saved searches,
  not inserted in front. It's also possible to define a sort function
  for displaying saved searches; alphabetical sort is provided.

Hooks for notmuch-hello

  Two new hooks have been added: "notmuch-hello-mode-hook" (called after
  entering notmuch-hello-mode) and "notmuch-hello-refresh-hook" (called
  after updating a notmuch-hello buffer).

New face for crypto parts headers

  Crypto parts used to be displayed with a hardcoded color. A new face
  has been introduced to fix this: notmuch-crypto-part-header. It
  defaults to the same value as before, but can be customized to match
  other color themes.

Use space as default thousands separator

  Large numbers in notmuch-hello are now displayed using a space as
  thousands separator (e.g. "123 456" instead of "123,456"). This can be
  changed by customizing "notmuch-hello-thousands-separator".

Call notmuch-show instead of notmuch-search when clicking on
buttonized id: links

New function notmuch-show-advance

  This new function advances through just the current thread, and is
  less invasive than notmuch-show-advance-and-archive.  It can easily
  be bound to SPC with:

        (define-key notmuch-show-mode-map " " 'notmuch-show-advance)

Various performance improvements

New add-on tool

The tool `contrib/notmuch-deliver` helps with initial delivery and
tagging of mail (replacing running `notmuch new`).

Notmuch 0.10.2 (2011-12-04)

Bug-fix release

Fix crash in python bindings

  The python bindings did not call `g_type_init`, which caused crashes
  for some, but not all users.

Notmuch 0.10.1 (2011-11-25)

Bug-fix release

Fix `--help` argument

  Argument processing changes in 0.10 introduced a bug where
  `notmuch --help` crashed while `notmuch help` worked fine.
  This is fixed in 0.10.1.

Notmuch 0.10 (2011-11-23)

New build and testing features

Emacs tests are now done in `dtach`. This means that dtach is now
needed to run the notmuch test suite, at least until the checking for
prerequisites is improved.

Full test coverage of the stashing feature in Emacs.

New command-line features

Add `notmuch restore --accumulate` option

  The `--accumulate` switch causes the union of the existing and new tags to
  be applied, instead of replacing each message's tags as they are read in
  from the dump file.

Add search terms to `notmuch dump`

  The dump command now takes an optional search term much like notmuch
  search/show/tag. The output file argument of dump is deprecated in
  favour of using stdout.

Add `notmuch search` `--offset` and `--limit` options

  The search command now takes options `--offset=[-]N` and `--limit=N` to
  limit the number of results shown.

Add `notmuch count --output` option

  The count command is now capable of counting threads in addition to
  messages. This is selected using the new `--output=(threads|messages)`

New emacs UI features

Add tab-completion for `notmuch-search` and `notmuch-search-filter`

  These functions now support completion tags for query parts
  starting with "tag:".

Turn "id:MSG-ID" links into buttons associated with notmuch searches

  Text of the form "id:MSG-ID" in mails is now a clickable button that
  opens a notmuch search for the given message id.

Add keybinding ('c I') for stashing Message-ID's without an id: prefix

  Reduces manual labour when stashing them for use outside notmuch.

Do not query on `notmuch-search` exit

  It is harmless to kill the external notmuch process, so the user
  is no longer interrogated when they interrupt a search.


Emacs now constructs large search buffers more efficiently

Search avoids opening and parsing message files

  We now store more information in the database so search no longer
  has to open every message file to get basic headers.  This can
  improve search speed by as much as 10X, but taking advantage of this
  requires a database rebuild:

        notmuch dump > notmuch.dump
        # Backup, then remove notmuch database ($MAIL/.notmuch)
        notmuch new
        notmuch restore notmuch.dump

New collection of add-on tools

The source directory "contrib" contains tools built on notmuch.  These
tools are not part of notmuch, and you should check their individual
licenses.  Feel free to report problems with them to the notmuch
mailing list.

nmbug - share tags with a given prefix

  nmbug helps maintain a git repo containing all tags with a given
  prefix (by default "notmuch::"). Tags can be shared by commiting
  them to git in one location and restoring in another.

Notmuch 0.9 (2011-10-01)

New, general features

Correct handling of interruptions during `notmuch new`

  `notmuch new` now operates as a series of small, self-consistent
  transactions, so it can correctly resume after an interruption or
  crash.  Previously, interruption could lose existing tags, fail to
  detect messages on resume, or leave the database in a state
  temporarily or permanently inconsistent with the mail store.

Library changes

New functions

  `notmuch_database_begin_atomic` and `notmuch_database_end_atomic`
  allow multiple database operations to be performed atomically.

  `notmuch_database_find_message_by_filename` does exactly what it says.

API changes

  `notmuch_database_find_message` (and `n_d_f_m_by_filename`) now return
  a status indicator and uses an output parameter for the
  message. This change required changing the SONAME of libnotmuch to

Python bindings changes

  - Re-encode python unicode objects to utf-8 before passing back to
  - Support `Database().begin_atomic()/end_atomic()`
  - Support `Database().find_message_by_filename()`
    NB! This needs a db opened in READ-WRITE mode currently, or it will crash
    the python process. The is a limitation (=bug) of the underlying libnotmuch.
  - Fixes where we would not throw NotmuchErrors when we should (Justus Winter)
  - Update for `n_d_find_message*` API changes (see above).

Ruby bindings changes

  - Wrap new library functions `notmuch_database_{begin,end}_atomic.`
  - Add new exception `Notmuch::UnbalancedAtomicError.`
  - Rename destroy to destroy! according to Ruby naming conventions.
  - Update for `n_d_find_message*` API changes (see above).

Emacs improvements

  * Add gpg callback to crypto sigstatus buttons to retrieve/refresh
    signing key.
  * Add `notmuch-show-refresh-view` function (and corresponding binding)
    to refresh the view of a notmuch-show buffer.

Reply formatting cleanup

  `notmuch reply` no longer includes notification that non-leafnode
  MIME parts are being suppressed.

Notmuch 0.8 (2011-09-10)

Improved handling of message/rfc822 parts

  Both in the CLI and the emacs interface.  Output of rfc822 parts now
  includes the primary headers, as well as the body and all subparts.
  Output of the completely raw rfc822-formatted message, including all
  headers, is unfortunately not yet supported (but hopefully will be

Improved Build system portability

  Certain parts of the shell script generating notmuch.sym were
  specific to the GNU versions of sed and nm. The new version should
  be more portable to e.g. OpenBSD.

Documentation update for Ruby bindings

  Added documentation, typo fixes, and improved support for rdoc.

Unicode, iterator, PEP8 changes for python bindings

  - PEP8 (code formatting) changes for python files.
  - Remove `Tags.__len__` ; see 0.6 release notes for motivation.
  - Decode headers as UTF8, encode (unicode) database paths as UTF8.

Notmuch 0.7 (2011-08-01)

Vim interface improvements

Jason Woofenden provided a number of bug fixes for the Vim interface

  * fix citation/signature fold lengths
  * fix cig/cit parsing within multipart/*
  * fix on-screen instructions for show-signature
  * fix from list reformatting in search view
  * fix space key: now archives (did opposite)

Uwe Kleine-König contributed

  * use full path for sendmail/doc fix
  * fix compose temp file name

Python Bindings changes

Sebastian Spaeth contributed two changes related to unicode and UTF8:

  * message tags are now explicitly unicode
  * query string is encoded as a UTF8 byte string

Build-System improvements

Generate notmuch.sym after the relevant object files

  This fixes a bug in parallel building. Thanks to Thomas Jost for the

Notmuch 0.6.1 (2011-07-17)

Bug-fix release

Re-export Xapian exception typeinfo symbols

  It turned out our aggressive symbol hiding caused problems for
  people running gcc 4.4.5.

Notmuch 0.6 (2011-07-01)

New, general features

Folder-based searching

  Notmuch queries can now include a search term to match the
  directories in which mail files are stored (within the mail
  storage). The syntax is as follows:


  For example, one might use things such as:


  to match any path containing a directory "spam", "work/todo", or
  containing a directory starting with "2011-", respectively.

  This feature is particularly useful for users of delivery-agent
  software (such as procmail or maildrop) that is filtering mail and
  delivering it to particular folders, or users of systems such as
  Gmail that use filesystem directories to indicate message tags.

  NOTE: Only messages that are newly indexed with this version of
  notmuch will be searchable with folder: terms. In order to enable
  this feature for all mail, the entire notmuch index will need to be
  rebuilt as follows:

        notmuch dump > notmuch.dump
        # Backup, then remove notmuch database ($MAIL/.notmuch)
        notmuch new
        notmuch restore notmuch.dump

Support for PGP/MIME

  Both the command-line interface and the emacs-interface have new
  support for PGP/MIME, detailed below. Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor
  and Jameson Graef Rollins for making this happen.

New, automatic tags: "signed" and "encrypted"

  These tags will automatically be applied to messages containing
  multipart/signed and multipart/encrypted parts.

  NOTE: Only messages that are newly indexed with this version of
  notmuch will receive these tags.

New command-line features

Add new "notmuch show --verify" option for signature verification

  This option instruct notmuch to verify the signature of
  PGP/MIME-signed parts.

Add new "notmuch show --decrypt" and "notmuch reply --decrypt" options

  This option instructs notmuch to decrypt PGP/MIME-encrypted parts.
  Note that this feature currently requires gpg-agent and a passphrase entry
  tool (e.g. pinentry-gtk or pinentry-curses).

Proper nesting of multipart parts in "notmuch show" output

  MIME parts are now display with proper nesting to reflect original
  MIME hierarchy of a message. This allows clients to correctly
  analyze the MIME structure, (such as, for example, determining to
  which parts a signature part applies).

Add new "notmuch show --part" option

  This is a replacement for the older "notmuch part" command, (which
  is now deprecated—it should still work as always, but is no longer
  documented). Putting part output under "notmuch show" allows for all
  of the "notmuch show" options to be applied when extracting a single
  part, (such as --format=json for extracting a message part with JSON

Deprecate "notmuch search-tags" (in favor of "notmuch search --output=tags *")

  The "notmuch search-tags" sub-command has been redundant since the
  addition of the --output=tags option to "notmuch search". We now
  make that more clear by deprecating "notmuch search-tags", (dropping
  it from the documentation). We do continue to support the old syntax
  by translating it internally to the new call.

Performance improvements

Faster searches (by doing fewer searches to construct threads)

  Whenever a user asks for search results as threads, notmuch first
  performs a search for messages matching the query, then performs
  additional searches to find other messages in the resulting threads.

  Removing inefficiencies and redundancies in these secondary searches
  results in a measured speedups of 1.5x for a typical search.

Faster searches (by doing fewer passes to gather message data)

  Optimizing Xapian data access patterns (using a single pass to get
  all message-document data rather than a pass for each data type)
  results in a measured speedup of 1.7x for a typical search.

  The benefits of this optimization combine with the preceding
  optimization. With both in place, Austin Clements measured a speedup
  of 2.5x for a search of all messages in his inbox (was 4.5s, now
  1.8s). Thanks, Austin!

Faster initial indexing

  More efficient indexing of new messages results in a measured
  speedup of 1.4x for the initial indexing of 3 GB of mail (1h 14m
  rather than 1h 46m). Thanks to Austin Clements and Michal Sojka.

Make "notmuch new" faster for unchanged directories

  Optimizing to not do any further examinations of sub-directories
  when the filesystem indicates that a directory is unchanged from the
  last "notmuch new" results in measured speedups of 8.5 for the "No
  new mail" case, (was 0.77s, now 0.09s). Thanks to Karel Zak.

New emacs-interface features

Support for PGP/MIME (GnuPG)

  Automatically indicate validity of signatures for multipart/signed
  messages.  Automatically display decrypted content for
  multipart/encrypted messages.  See the emacs variable
  notmuch-crypto-process-mime for more information. Note that this
  needs gpg-agent and a pinentry tool just as the command-line tools.
  Also note there is no support SMIME yet.

Output of pipe command is now displayed if pipe command fails

  This is extremely useful in the common use case of piping a patch to
  "git am". If git fails to cleanly merge the patch the error messages
  from the failed merge are now clearly displayed to the user, (where
  previously they were silently hidden from the user).

User-selectable From address

  A user can choose which configured email addresses should be used as
  the From address whenever composing a new message. To do so, simply
  press C-u before the command which will open a new message. Emacs
  will prompt for the from address to use.

  The user can customize the "Notmuch Identities" setting in the
  notmuch customize group in order to use addresses other than those in
  the notmuch configuration file if desired.

  The user can also choose to always be prompted for the from address
  when composing a new message (without having to use C-u) by setting
  the "Notmuch Always Prompt For Sender" option in the notmuch
  customize group.

Hiding of repeated subjects in collapsed thread view

  In notmuch-show mode, if a collapsed message has the same subject as
  its parent, the subject is not shown.

Automatic detection and hiding of original message in top-posted message

  When a message contains a line looking something like:

        ----- Original Message -----

  emacs hides this and all subsequent lines as an "original message",
  (allowing the user to click or press enter on the "original message"
  button to display it again). This makes the handling of top-posted
  citations work much like conventional citations.

New hooks for running code when tags are modified

  Some users want to perform additional actions whenever a particular
  tag is added/removed from a message. This could be used to, for
  example, interface with some external spam-recognition training
  tool. To facilitate this, two new hooks are added which can be
  modified in the following settings of the notmuch customize group:

        Notmuch Before Tag Hook
        Notmuch After Tag Hook

New optional support for hiding some multipart/alternative parts

  Many emails are sent with redundant content within a
  multipart/alternative group (such as a text/plain part as well as a
  text/html part). Users can configure the setting:

        Notmuch Show All Multipart/Alternative Parts

  to "off" in the notmuch customize group to have the interface
  automatically hide some part alternatives (such as text/html
  parts). This new part hiding is not configured by default yet
  because there's not yet a simple way to re-display such a hidden
  part if it is not actually redundant with a displayed part.

Better rendering of text/x-vcalendar parts

  These parts are now displayed in a format suitable for use with the
  emacs diary.

Avoid getting confused by Subject and Author fields with newline characters

  Replacing all characters with ASCII code less than 32 with a question mark.

Cleaner display of From line in email messages

  Remove double quotes, and drop "name" if it's actually just a repeat of
  the email address.

Vim interface improvements

Felipe Contreras provided a number of updates for the vim interface:

  * Using sendmail directly rather than mailx,
  * Implementing archive in show view
  * Add support to mark as read in show and search views
  * Add delete commands
  * Various cleanups.

Bindings improvements

Ruby bindings are now much more complete

  Including `QUERY.sort`, `QUERY.to_s`, `MESSAGE.maildir_flags_to_tags`,
  `MESSAGE.tags_to_maildir_flags`, and `MESSAGE.get_filenames`

Python bindings have been updated and extended

  (docs online at

  New bindings:

  - `Message().get_filenames()`, `Message().tags_to_maildir_flags()`,
    `Message().maildir_flags_to_tags()`, `list(Threads())` and
    `list(Messages)` works now
  - `Message().__cmp__()` and `__hash__()`

  These allow, for example:

        if msg1 == msg2: ...

  As well as set arithmetic on `Messages()`:

        s1, s2 = set(msgs1), set(msgs2)
        s2 -= s1


  - `len(Messages())` as it exhausted the iterator

  Use `len(list(Messages()))` or `Query.count_messages()`
  to get the length.

Added initial Go bindings in bindings/go

New build-system features

Added support for building in a directory other than the source directory

  This can be used with the widely-supported idiom of simply running
  the configure script from some other directory:

        mkdir build
        cd build

Fix to save configure options for future, implicit runs of configure

  When a user updates the source (such as with "git pull") calling
  "make" may cause an automatic re-run of the configure script. When
  this happens, the configure script will automatically be called with
  the same options the user originally passed in the most-recent
  manual invocation of configure.

New test-suite feature

Binary for bash for running test suite now located via PATH

  The notmuch test suite requires a fairly recent version of bash (>=
  bash 4). As some systems supply an older version of bash at
  /bin/bash, the test suite is now updated to search $PATH to locate
  the bash binary. This allows users of systems with old /bin/bash to
  simply install bash >= 4 somewhere on $PATH before /bin and then use
  the test suite.

Support for testing output with a trailing newline

  Previously, some tests would fail to notice a difference in the
  presence/absence of a trailing newline in a program output, (which
  has led to bugs in the past). Now, carefully-written tests (using
  `test_expect_equal_file` rather than `test_expect_equal`) will detect
  any change in the presence/absence of a trailing newline. Many tests
  are updated to take advantage of this.

Avoiding accessing user's $HOME while running test suite

  The test suite now carefully creates its own HOME directory. This
  allows the test suite to be run with no existing HOME directory, (as
  some build systems apparently do), and avoids test-suite differences
  due to configuration files in the users HOME directory.

General bug fixes

Output *all* files for "notmuch search --output=files"

  For the cases where multiple files have the same Message ID,
  previous versions of notmuch would output only one such file. This
  command is now fixed to correctly output all files.

Fixed spurious search results from "overlapped" indexing of addresses

  This fixed a bug where a search for:

  would incorrectly match a message sent:

        To: user@example,com,

Fix --output=json when search has no results

  A bug present since notmuch 0.4 had caused searches with no results
  to produce an invalid json object. This is now fixed to cleanly
  return a valid json object representing an empty array "[]" as

Fix the automatic detection of the From address for "notmuch reply"
from the Received headers in some cases

Fix core dump on DragonFlyBSD due to -1 return value from

Cleaned up several memory leaks

Eliminated a few, rare segmentation faults and a double-free

Fix libnotmuch library to only export notmuch API functions

  Previous release of the notmuch library also exported some Xapian
  C++ exception type symbols. These were never part of the library
  interface and were never intended to be exported.

Emacs-interface bug fixes

Display any unexpected output or errors from "notmuch search" invocations

  Previously any misformatted output or trailing error messages were
  silently ignored. This output is now clearly displayed. This fix was
  very helpful in identifying and fixing the bug described below.

Fix bug where some threads would be missing from large search results

  When a search returned a "large" number of results, the emacs
  interface was incorrectly dropping one thread every time the output
  of the "notmuch search" process spanned the emacs read-buffer. This
  is now fixed.

Avoid re-compression of .gz files (and similar) when saving attachment

  Emacs was being too clever for its own good and trying to
  re-compress pre-compressed .gz files when saving such attachments
  (potentially corrupting the attachment). The emacs interface is
  fixed to avoid this bug.

Fix hiding of a message when a previously-hidden citation is visible

  Previously the citation would remain visible in this case. This is
  fixed so that hiding a message hides all parts.

Notmuch 0.5 (2010-11-11)

New, general features

Maildir-flag synchronization

  Notmuch now knows how to synchronize flags in maildir filenames with
  tags in the notmuch database. The following flag/tag mappings are

        Flag <-> Tag
        ----     -----
        'D'      draft
        'F'      flagged
        'P'      passed
        'R'      replied
        'S'      unread (added when 'S' flag is not present)

  The synchronization occurs in both directions, (for example, adding
  the 'S' flag to a file will cause the "unread" tag to be added, and
  adding the "replied" tag to a message will cause the file to be
  renamed with an 'R' flag).

  This synchronization is enabled by default for users of the
  command-line interface, (though only files in directories named
  "cur" or "new" will be renamed). It can be disabled by setting the
  new `maildir.synchronize_flags` option in the configuration file. For

        notmuch config set maildir.synchronize_flags false

  Users upgrading may also want to run "notmuch setup" once (just
  accept the existing configuration) to get a new, nicely-commented
  [maildir] section added to the configuration file.

  For users of the notmuch library, the new synchronization
  functionality is available with the following two new functions:


  It is anticipated that future improvements to this support will
  allow for safe synchronization of the 'T' flag with the "deleted"
  tag, as well as support for custom flag/tag mappings.

New library features

Support for querying multiple filenames for a single message

  It is common for the mailstore to contain multiple files with the
  same message ID. Previously, notmuch would always hide these
  duplicate files, (returning a single, arbitrary filename with

  With this release, library users can access all filenames for a
  message with the new function:


  Together with `notmuch_filenames_valid`, `notmuch_filenames_get`,
  and `notmuch_filenames_move_to_next` it is now possible to iterate
  over all available filenames for a given message.

New command-line features

New "notmuch show --format=raw" for getting at original email contents

  This new feature allows for a fully-functional email client to be
  built on top of the notmuch command-line without needing any direct
  access to the mail store itself.

  For example, it's now possible to run "emacs -f notmuch" on a local
  machine with only ssh access to the mail store/notmuch database. To
  do this, simply set the notmuch-command variable in emacs to the
  name of a script containing:

        ssh user@host notmuch "$@"

  If the ssh client has enabled connection sharing (ControlMaster
  option in OpenSSH), the emacs interface can be quite responsive this

General bug fixes

Fix "notmuch search" to print nothing when nothing matches

  The 0.4 release had a bug in which:

        notmuch search <expression-with-no-matches>

  would produce a single blank line of output, (where previous
  versions would produce no output. This fix also causes a change in
  the --format=json output, (which would previously produce "[]" and
  now produces nothing).

Emacs interface improvements

Fix to allow pipe ('|') command to work when using notmuch over ssh

Fix count of lines in hidden signatures

Omit repeated subject lines in (collapsed) thread display

Display current thread subject in a header line

Provide a "c i" binding to copy a thread ID from the search view

Allow for notmuch-fcc-dirs to have a value of nil

  Also, the more complex form of notmuch-fcc-dirs now has a slightly
  different format. It no longer has a special first-element, fallback
  string. Instead it's now a list of cons cells where the car of each
  cell is a regular expression to be matched against the sender
  address, and the cdr is the name of a folder to use for an FCC. So
  the old fallback behavior can be achieved by including a final cell
  of (".*" . "default-fcc-folder").

Vim interface improvements

Felipe Contreras provided a number of updates for the vim interface

  These include optimizations, support for newer versions of vim, fixed
  support for sending mail on modern systems, new commands, and
  various cleanups.

New bindings

Added initial ruby bindings in bindings/ruby

Notmuch 0.4 (2010-11-01)

New command-line features

`notmuch search --output=(summary|threads|messages|tags|files)`

  This new option allows for particular items to be returned from
  notmuch searches. The "summary" option is the default and behaves
  just as "notmuch search" has historically behaved.

  The new option values allow for thread IDs, message IDs, lists of
  tags, and lists of filenames to be returned from searches. It is
  expected that this new option will be very useful in shell
  scripts. For example:

        for file in $(notmuch search --output=files <search-terms>); do
                <operations-on> "$file"

`notmuch show --format=mbox <search-specification>`

  This new option allows for the messages matching a search
  specification to be presented as an mbox. Specifically the "mboxrd"
  format is used which allows for reversible quoting of lines
  beginning with "From ". A reader should remove a single '>' from the
  beginning of all lines beginning with one or more '>' characters
  followed by the 5 characters "From ".

`notmuch config [get|set] <section>.<item> [value ...]`

  The new top-level "config" command allows for any value in the
  notmuch configuration file to be queried or set to a new value. Both
  single-valued and multi-valued items are supported, as our any
  custom items stored in the configuration file.

Avoid setting Bcc header in "notmuch reply"

  We decided that this was a bit heavy-handed as the actual mail
  user-agent should be responsible for setting any Bcc option. Also,
  see below for the notmuch/emacs user-agent now setting an Fcc by
  default rather than Bcc.

New library features

Add `notmuch_query_get_query_string` and `notmuch_query_get_sort`

  These are simply functions for querying properties of a
  `notmuch_query_t` object.

New emacs features

Enable Fcc of all sent messages by default (to "sent" directory)

  All messages sent from the emacs interface will now be saved to the
  notmuch mail store where they will be incorporated to the database
  by the next "notmuch new". By default, messages are saved to the
  "sent" directory at the top-level of the mail store. This directory
  can be customized by means of the "Notmuch Fcc Dirs" option in the
  notmuch customize interface.

Ability to all open messages in a thread to a pipe

  Historically, the '|' keybinding allows for piping a single message
  to an external command. Now, by prefixing this key with a prefix
  argument, (for example, by pressing "Control-U |"), all open
  messages in the current thread will be sent to the external command.

Optional support for detecting inline patches

  This hook is disabled by default but can be enabled with a checkbox
  under "Notmuch Show Insert Text/Plain Hook" in the notmuch customize
  interface. It allows for inline patches to be detected and treated
  as if they were attachments, (with context-sensitive highlighting).

Automatically tag messages as "replied" when sending a reply

  Messages replied to within the emacs interface will now be tagged as
  "replied". This feature can easily be customized to add or remove
  other tags as well. For example, a user might use a tag of
  "needs-reply" and can configure this feature to automatically remove
  that tag when replying. See "Notmuch Message Mark Replied" in the
  notmuch customize interface.

Allow search-result color specifications to overlay each other

  For example, one tag can specify the background color of matching
  lines, while another can specify the foreground. With this change,
  both settings will now be visible simultaneously, (which was not the
  case in previous releases). See "Notmuch Search Line Faces" in the
  notmuch customize interface.

Make hidden author names still available for incremental search

  When there is insufficient space to display all authors of a thread
  in search results, the names of hidden authors are now still made
  available to emacs' incremental search commands. As the user
  searches, matching lines will temporarily expand to show the hidden

New binding of Control-TAB (works like TAB in reverse)

  Many notmuch nodes already use TAB to navigate forward through
  various items allowing actions, (message headers, email attachments,
  etc.). The new Control-TAB binding operates similarly but in the
  opposite direction.

New build-system features

Various portability fixes have been applied

  These include fixes for build failures on at least Solaris, FreeBSD,
  and Fedora systems. We're hopeful that the notmuch code base is now
  more portable than ever before.

Arrange for libnotmuch to be found automatically after make install

  The notmuch build system is now careful to help the user avoid
  errors of the form " could not be found" immediately
  after installing. This support takes two forms:

  1. If the library is installed to a system directory,
     (configured in /etc/, then "make install" will
     automatically run ldconfig.

  2. If the library is installed to a non-system directory, the
     build system adds a `DR_RUNPATH` entry to the final binary
     pointing to the directory to which the library is installed.

  When this support works, the user should be able to run notmuch
  immediately after "make install", without any errors trying to find
  the notmuch library, and without having to manually set environment
  variables such as `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`.

Check compiler/linker options before using them

  The configure script now carefully checks that any desired
  compilation options, (whether for enabling compiler warnings, or for
  embedding rpath, etc.), are supported. Only supported options are
  used in the resulting Makefile.

New test-suite features

New modularization of test suite

  Thanks to a gracious relicensing of the test-suite infrastructure
  from the git project, notmuch now has a modular test suite. This
  provides the ability to run individual sections of the test suite
  rather than the whole things. It also provides better summary of
  test results, with support for tests that are expected to fail
  (BROKEN and FIXED) in addition to PASS and FAIL. Finally, it makes
  it easy to run the test suite within valgrind (pass --valgrind to
  notmuch-test or to any sub-script) which has been very useful.

New testing of emacs interface

  The test suite has been augmented to allow automated testing of the
  emacs interfaces. So far, this includes basic searches, display of
  threads, and tag manipulation. This also includes a test that a new
  message can successfully be sent out through a (dummy) SMTP server
  and that said message is successfully integrated into the notmuch
  database via the FCC setting.

General bug fixes

Fix potential corruption of database when "notmuch new" is interrupted

  Previously, an interruption of "notmuch new" would (rarely) result
  in a corrupt database. The corruption would manifest itself by a
  persistent error of the form:

        document ID of 1234 has no thread ID

  The message-adding code has been carefully audited and reworked to
  avoid this sort of corruption regardless of when it is interrupted.

Fix failure with extremely long message ID headers

  Previously, a message with an extremely long message ID, (say, more
  than 300 characters), would fail to be added to notmuch, (triggering
  Xapian exceptions). This has now been fixed.

Fix for messages with "charset=unknown-8bit"

  Previously, messages with this charset would cause notmuch to emit a
  GMime warning, (which would then trip up emacs or other interfaces
  parsing the notmuch results).

Fix `notmuch_query_search_threads` function to return NULL on any exception

Fix "notmuch search" to return non-zero if `notmuch_query_search_threads`

  Previously, this command could confusingly report a Xapian
  exception, yet still return an error code of 0. It now correctly
  returns a failing error code of 1 in this case.

Emacs bug fixes

Fix to handle a message with a subject containing, for example "[1234]"

  Previously, a message subject containing a sequence of digits within
  square brackets would cause the emacs interface to mis-parse the
  output of "notmuch search". This would result in the message being
  mis-displayed and prevent the user from manipulating the message in
  the emacs interface.

Fix to correctly handle message IDs containing ".."

  The emacs interface now properly quotes message IDs to avoid a
  Xapian bug in which the ".." within a message ID would be
  misinterpreted as a numeric range specification.

Python-binding fixes

The python bindings for notmuch have been updated to work with python3.

Debian-specific fixes

Fix emacs initialization so "M-x notmuch" works for users by default

  Now, a new Debian user can immediately run "emacs -f notmuch" after
  "apt-get install notmuch". Previously, the user would have had to
  edit the ~/.emacs file to add "(require 'notmuch)" before this would

Notmuch 0.3.1 (2010-04-27)

General bug fixes

Fix an infinite loop in "notmuch reply"

  This bug could be triggered by replying to a message where the
  user's primary email address did not appear in the To: header and
  the user had not configured any secondary email addresses. The bug
  was a simple re-use of the same iterator variable in nested loops.

Fix a potential SEGV in "notmuch search"

  This bug could be triggered by an author name ending in a ','.
  Admittedly - that's almost certainly a spam email, but we never
  want notmuch to crash.

Emacs bug fixes

Fix calculations for line wrapping in the primary "notmuch" view

Fix Fcc support to prompt to create a directory if the specified Fcc
directory does not exist

Build fix

Fix build on OpenSolaris (at least) due to missing 'extern "C"' block

  Without this, the C++ sources could not find strcasestr and the
  final linking of notmuch would fail.

Notmuch 0.3 (2010-04-27)

New command-line features

User-configurable tags for new messages

  A new "new.tags" option is available in the configuration file to
  determine which tags are applied to new messages. Run "notmuch
  setup" to generate new documentation within ~/.notmuch-config on how
  to specify this value.

Threads search results named based on subjects that match search

  This means that when new mails arrived to a thread you've previously
  read, and the new mails have a new subject, you will see that
  subject in the search results rather than the old subject.

Faster operation of "notmuch tag" (avoid unneeded sorting)

  Since the user just wants to tag all matching messages, we can make
  things perform a bit faster by avoiding the sort.

Even Better guessing of From: header for "notmuch reply"

  Notmuch now looks at a number of headers when trying to figure out
  the best From: header to use in a reply. This is helpful if you have
  several configured email addresses, and you also subscribe to various
  mailing lists with different addresses, (so that mails you are
  replying to won't always include your subscribed address in the To:

Indication of author names that match a search

  When notmuch displays threads as the result of a search, it now
  lists the authors that match the search before listing the other
  authors in the thread. It inserts a pipe '|' symbol between the last
  matching and first non-matching author. This is especially useful in
  a search that includes tag:unread. Now the authors of the unread
  messages in the thread are listed first.

New: Python bindings

Sebastian Spaeth has contributed his python bindings for the notmuch
library to the central repository. These bindings were previously
known as "cnotmuch" within python but have now been renamed to be
accessible with a simple, and more official-looking "import notmuch".

The bindings have already proven very useful as people proficient in
python have been able to easily develop programs to do notmuch-based
searches for email-address completion, maildir-flag synchronization,
and other tasks.

These bindings are available within the bindings/python directory, but
are not yet integrated into the top-level Makefiles, nor the top-level
package-building scripts. Improvements are welcome.

Emacs interface improvements

An entirely new initial view for notmuch, (friendly yet powerful)

  Some of us call the new view "notmuch hello" but you can get at it
  by simply calling "emacs -f notmuch". The new view provides a search
  bar where new searches can be performed. It also displays a list of
  recent searches, along with a button to save any of these, giving it
  a new name as a "saved search". Many people find these "saved
  searches" one of the most convenient ways of organizing their mail,
  (providing all of the features of "folders" in other mail clients,
  but without any of the disadvantages).

  Finally, this view can also optionally display all of the tags that
  exist in the database, along with a count for each tag, and a custom
  search of messages with that tag that's simply a click (or keypress)

  NOTE: For users that liked the original mode of "emacs -f notmuch"
  immediately displaying a particular search result, we recommend
  instead running something like:

        emacs --eval '(notmuch search "tag:inbox" t)'

  The "t" means to sort the messages in an "oldest first" order,
  (as notmuch would do previously by default). You can also
  leave that off to have your search results in "newest first"

Full-featured "customize" support for configuring notmuch

  Notmuch now plugs in well to the emacs "customize" mode to make it
  much simpler to find things about the notmuch interface that can be
  tweaked by the user.

  You can get to this mode by starting at the main "Customize" menu in
  emacs, then browsing through "Applications", "Mail", and
  "Notmuch". Or you can go straight to "M-x customize-group"

  Once you're at the customize screen, you'll see a list of documented
  options that can be manipulated along with checkboxes, drop-down
  selectors, and text-entry boxes for configuring the various

Support for doing tab-completion of email addresses

  This support currently relies on an external program,
  (notmuch-addresses), that is not yet shipped with notmuch
  itself. But multiple, suitable implementations of this program have
  already been written that generate address completions by doing
  notmuch searches of your email collection. For example, providing
  first those addresses that you have composed messages to in the
  past, etc.

  One such program (implemented in python with the python bindings to
  notmuch) is available via:

        git clone

  Install that program as notmuch-addresses on your PATH, and then
  hitting TAB on a partial email address or name within the To: or Cc:
  line of an email message will provide matching completions.

Support for file-based (Fcc) delivery of sent messages to mail store

  This isn't yet enabled by default. To enable this, one will have to
  set the "Notmuch Fcc Dirs" setting within the notmuch customize
  screen, (see its documentation there for details). We anticipate
  making this automatic in a future release.

New 'G' key binding to trigger mail refresh (G == "Get new mail")

  The 'G' key works wherever '=' works. Before refreshing the screen
  it calls an external program that can be used to poll email servers,
  run notmuch new and setup specific tags for the new emails. The
  script to be called should be configured with the "Notmuch Poll
  Script" setting in the customize interface. This script will
  typically invoke "notmuch new" and then perhaps several "notmuch
  tag" commands.

Implement emacs message display with the JSON output from notmuch

  This is much more robust than the previous implementation, (where
  some HTML mails and mail quoting the notmuch code with the delimiter
  characters in it would cause the parser to fall over).

Better handling of HTML messages and MIME attachments (inline images!)

  Allow for any MIME parts that emacs can display to be displayed
  inline. This includes inline viewing of image attachments, (provided
  the window is large enough to fit the image at its natural size).

  Much more robust handling of HTML messages. Currently both text/plain
  and text/html alternates will be rendered next to each other. In a
  future release, users will be able to decide to see only one or the
  other representation.

  Each attachment now has its own button so that attachments can be
  saved individually (the 'w' key is still available to save all

Customizable support for tidying of text/plain message content

  Many new functions are available for tidying up message
  content. These include options such as wrapping long lines,
  compressing duplicate blank lines, etc.

  Most of these are disabled by default, but can easily be enabled by
  clicking the available check boxes under the "Notmuch Show Insert
  Text/Plain Hook" within the notmuch customize screen.

New support for searchable citations (even when hidden)

  When portions of overly-long citations are hidden, the contents of
  these citations will still be available for emacs' standard
  "incremental search" functions. When the search matches any portion
  of a hidden citation, the citation will become visible temporarily
  to display the search result.

More flexible handling of header visibility

  As an answer to complaints from many users, the To, Cc, and Date
  headers of messages are no longer hidden by default. For those users
  that liked that these were hidden, a new "Notmuch Messages Headers
  Visible" option in the customize interface can be set to nil. The
  visibility of headers can still be toggled on a per-message basis
  with the 'h' keybinding.

  For users that don't want to see some subset of those headers, the
  new "Notmuch Message Headers" variable can be customized to list
  only those headers that should be present in the display of a message.

The Return key now toggles message visibility anywhere

  Previously this worked only on the first summary-line of a message.

Customizable formatting of search results

  The user can easily customize the order, width, and formatting of
  the various fields in a "notmuch search" buffer. See the "Notmuch
  Search Result Format" section of the customize interface.

Generate nicer names for search buffers when using a saved search

Add a notmuch User-Agent header when sending mail from notmuch/emacs

New keybinding (M-Ret) to open all collapsed messages in a thread

New library feature

Provide a new `NOTMUCH_SORT_UNSORTED` value for queries

  This can be somewhat faster when sorting simply isn't desired. For
  example when collecting a set of messages that will all be
  manipulated identically, (adding a tag, removing a tag, deleting the
  messages), then there's no advantage to sorting the messages by

Build fixes

Fix to compile against GMime 2.6

  Previously notmuch insisted on being able to find GMime 2.4, (even
  though GMime 2.6 would have worked all along).

Fix configure script to accept (and ignore) various standard options

  For example, those that the Gentoo build scripts expect configure to
  accept are now all accepted.

Test suite

A large number of new tests for the many new features

Better display of output from failed tests

  Now shows failures with diff rather than forcing the user to gaze at
  complete actual and expected output looking for deviation.

Notmuch 0.2 (2010-04-16)

This is the second release of the notmuch mail system, with actual
detailed release notes this time!

This release consists of a number of minor new features that make
notmuch more pleasant to use, and a few fairly major bug fixes.

We didn't quite hit our release target of "about a week" from the 0.1
release, (0.2 is happening 11 days after 0.1), but we hope to do
better for next week. Look forward to some major features coming to
notmuch in subsequent releases.


General features

Better guessing of From: header

  Notmuch now tries harder to guess which configured address should be
  used as the From: line in a "notmuch reply". It will examine the
  Received: headers if it fails to find any configured address in To:
  or Cc:. This allows it to often choose the correct address even when
  replying to a message sent to a mailing list, and not directly to a
  configured address.

Make "notmuch count" with no arguments count all messages

  Previously, it was hard to construct a search term that was
  guaranteed to match all messages.

Provide a new special-case search term of "*" to match all messages

  This can be used in any command accepting a search term, such as
  "notmuch search '*'". Note that you'll want to take care that the
  shell doesn't expand * against the current files. And note that the
  support for "*" is a special case. It's only meaningful as a single
  search term and loses its special meaning when combined with any
  other search terms.

Automatically detect thread connections even when a parent message is

  Previously, if two or more message were received with a common
  parent, but that parent was not received, then these messages would
  not be recognized as belonging to the same thread. This is now fixed
  so that such messages are properly connected in a thread.

General bug fixes

Fix potential data loss in "notmuch new" with SIGINT

  One code path in "notmuch new" was not properly handling
  SIGINT. Previously, this could lead to messages being removed from
  the database (and their tags being lost) if the user pressed
  Control-C while "notmuch new" was working.

Fix segfault when a message includes a MIME part that is empty

Fix handling of non-ASCII characters with --format=json

  Previously, characters outside the range of 7-bit ASCII were
  silently dropped from the JSON output. This led to corrupted display
  of utf-8 content in the upcoming notmuch web-based frontends.

Fix headers to be properly decoded in "notmuch reply"

  Previously, the user might see:

        Subject: Re: =?iso-8859-2?q?Rozlu=E8ka?=

  rather than:

        Subject: Re: Rozlučka

  The former text is properly encoded to be RFC-compliant SMTP, will
  be sent correctly, and will be properly decoded by the
  recipient. But the user trying to edit the reply would likely be
  unable to read or edit that field in its encoded form.

Emacs client features

Show the last few lines of citations as well as the first few lines

  It's often the case that the last sentence of a citation is what is
  being replied to directly, so the last few lines are often much more
  important. The number of lines shown at the beginning and end of any
  citation can be configured, (notmuch-show-citation-lines-prefix and

The '+' and '-' commands in the search view can now add and remove
tags by region

  Selective bulk tagging is now possible by selecting a region of
  threads and then using either the '+' or '-' keybindings. Bulk
  tagging is still available for all threads matching the current
  search with the '*' binding.

More meaningful buffer names for thread-view buffers

  Notmuch now uses the Subject of the thread as the buffer
  name. Previously it was using the thread ID, which is a meaningless
  number to the user.

Provide for customized colors of threads in search view based on tags

  See the documentation of notmuch-search-line-faces, (or us "M-x
  customize" and browse to the "notmuch" group within "Applications"
  and "Mail"), for details on how to configure this colorization.

Build-system features

Add support to properly build libnotmuch on Darwin systems (OS X)

Add support to configure for many standard options

  We include actual support for:

        --includedir --mand
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