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NOTMUCH-RESTORE(1)                                NOTMUCH-RESTORE(1)

       notmuch-restore  - Restores the tags from the given file (see
       notmuch dump).

       notmuch restore [--accumulate] [ <filename> ]

       Restores the tags from the given file (see notmuch dump).

       The input is read from the given filename, if  any,  or  from

       Note:  The dump file format is specifically chosen to be com‐
       patible with the format of files produced by sup-dump.  So if
       you've  previously  been using sup for mail, then the notmuch
       restore command provides you a way to import all of your tags
       (or labels as sup calls them).

       The  --accumulate switch causes the union of the existing and
       new tags to be applied, instead of replacing  each  message's
       tags as they are read in from the dump file.

       See notmuch-search-terms(7) for details of the supported syn‐
       tax for <search-terms>.

       notmuch restore updates the maildir flags  according  to  tag
       changes if the maildir.synchronize_flags configuration option
       is enabled. See notmuch-config(1) for details.

       notmuch(1),  notmuch-config(1),  notmuch-count(1),   notmuch-
       dump(1),  notmuch-hooks(5), notmuch-new(1), notmuch-reply(1),
       notmuch-search(1), notmuch-search-terms(7),  notmuch-show(1),

Notmuch 0.13.2               2012-06-01           NOTMUCH-RESTORE(1)
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