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The 'plotweight' shell script along with the 'w.dem' gnuplot commands are
examples how you can plot all the cleared and current weight logs and check 
long-term progress in body composition with a simple graph.

A slow-running and perhaps less useful shell script 'mnutcorr' tries to answer
the question "Is there any correlation between intake of calories, carbs,
protein, and fat and resultant weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, and fat
mass?"  Before you use it, have NUT make a "menus.txt" by printing all the
menus with the Daily Value amounts in grams (not percentages).  'mnutcorr' can
parse "menus.txt" and then join the resultant table to the weight log table
created by 'plotweight' and compute all the sample correlation coefficients
which can range from 1 (perfect correlation) through 0 (no correlation) down to
-1 (perfect inverse correlation).
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