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nut-monitor - network UPS tools - GUI application to monitor UPS status…  more info»


2012-08-08  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3712] NEWS, UPGRADING,, docs/website/news.txt:
	  Final update for 2.6.5 release
	* [r3711] drivers: Subversion ignored files completion
	  Mark oldmge-shut binary as Subversion ignored (no functional
	* [r3710] docs/configure.txt, m4/nut_check_libltdl.m4: Complete
	  libltdl configuration options
	  Add configure options to add specific cflags
	  (--with-libltdl-includes) and libs (--with-libltdl-libs) for
	  libltdl. This serves at least to point at non standard location,
	  as on FreeBSD (reported by David Durieux)

2012-08-06  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3708] docs/documentation.txt: Add a Wikipedia reference on
	  Solar controller
	* [r3707] docs/, docs/images/eaton-logo.png,
	  docs/images/hostedby.png, docs/website/,
	  docs/website/css/web-layout.css, docs/website/web-layout.conf:
	  Free NUT from Eaton website hosting
	  NUT is no more hosted by Eaton. Arnaud Quette (NUT project
	  leader) has taken over NUT hosting on his own, to give NUT back
	  some independance. This effort is also part of a logic to stop
	  crediting Eaton for contributions from others (especially Arnaud
	  Quette, as an individual). The new hosting service is located, as
	  for Arnaud's blog ( on Gandi servers,
	  using PaaS. This will allow more flexibility and automation of
	  the release process

2012-08-06  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3704], docs/man/,
	  docs/man/macosx-ups.txt, drivers/,
	  drivers/macosx-ups.c: macosx-ups: new OS X Power Sources
	  Mac OS X provides UPS status information in a format similar to
	  what is shown for laptop batteries. This driver will convert that
	  information into a format compatible with NUT.

2012-08-05  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3703] drivers/skel.c: Update comments in skel.c
	  Fixed a typo, and added fatalx() as an alternative to
	* [r3702] docs/man/skel.txt: Update skeleton driver man page.

2012-08-03  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3701] docs/man/nutscan.txt, docs/man/nutscan_scan_avahi.txt:
	  nutscan documentation: editing

2012-07-31  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3699] docs/images/simple.png: Remove extraneous text
	* [r3698] data/ Add support for UNITEK Alpha650ipF
	  and Alpha650ipE
	  Add UNITEK Alpha650ipF and Alpha650ipE (USB ID 0x0f03:0x0001) to
	  the list of blazer_usb supported models (reported by Pascal
	* [r3697] docs/website/projects.txt: Reference Buffalo NAS in
	  Related projects
	  Add a reference in the Related projects, on Buffalo TerraStation
	  (Business-class) NAS range, which uses NUT for power protection

2012-07-30  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3696] docs/download.txt, docs/website/news.txt: First NUT
	  virtualization package (VMware ESXI 5.0)
	  Add the reference to the first NUT virtualization package. This
	  one is currently an external effort to add VMware NUT client for
	  ESXI 5.0. But this support will be part of NUT in the long run

2012-07-24  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3692] data/, docs/man/powercom.txt,
	  drivers/powercom-hid.c: Synchronize Powercom USB documentation
	  and code comments.
	  Apparently, there are at least two different models with the USB
	  VID:PID of 0d9f:0004. This update is based on the following
	  report by Gordon Longland:

2012-07-23  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3689] docs/man/powercom.txt: powercom: Mention this driver is
	  serial only

2012-07-20  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3688] data/, drivers/ Switch mge-shut
	  to oldmge-shut and newmge-shut to mge-shut
	* [r3687] docs/man/mge-shut.txt: Update mge-shut man page for
	  notification argument.
	* [r3686] drivers/usbhid-ups.c: Add a "notification" parameter to
	  newmge-shut driver.
	  It is only here for compatibility with mge-shut driver. It is
	  ignored since we are always using SHUT_SYNC_OFF in libshut.c.

2012-07-19  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3683] docs/man/mge-shut.txt: Add a note in man page about
	  ondelay parameter unit discrepency between newmge-shut and
	  mge-shut driver.
	  mge-shut use a ten seconds unit for ondelay whereas newmge-shut
	  uses seconds.
	* [r3682] drivers/usbhid-ups.c, drivers/usbhid-ups.h: Add a lowbatt
	  setting to newmge-shut in order to mimic mge-shut setting

2012-07-19  Emilien Kia <>

	* [r3681] server/, server/conf.c, server/netcmds.h,
	  server/netssl.c, server/netssl.h, server/ssl.c, server/ssl.h,
	  server/upsd.c: Replace server/ssl.[h|c] by server/netssl.[h|c] in
	  order to prepare nss branch merging.

2012-07-17  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3678] drivers/apc-mib.c: APC SNMP MIB update and completion
	  Add available high precision values, new variables
	  (input.transfer.reason, and,
	  and move ambient.{temperature,humidity}.{high,low} to
	  ambient.1.*, since they relate to alarm threshold of external
	  probe 1 (patch from Hong-Gunn Chew)
	* [r3677] docs/nut-names.txt: Clarify the use of multiple ambient
	  Multiple sensors can be exposed using the indexed notation.
	  'ambient.*', without index or using '0', relates to the embedded
	  sensor. For example: 'ambient.temperature' represent the embedded
	  sensor temperature. Other sensors (external, communication card,
	  ...) can use indexes from '1' to 'n'. For example:
	  'ambient.1.temperature' for the first external sensor
	* [r3676] docs/nut-names.txt: NUT namespace completion
	  Add two new variables '' and
	  ''. Also add a note on the 'ambient'
	  collection for supporting multiple sensors

2012-07-16  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3675] drivers/nut-ipmipsu.c, drivers/nut-libfreeipmi.c,
	  m4/nut_check_libfreeipmi.m4, tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_ipmi.c: Support for FreeIPMI 1.1.x and
	  Prepare for supporting API changes in FreeIPMI 1.1.x and 1.2.x.
	  This is mostly related to SDR API simplifications. A 2nd
	  iteration will probably address code redundancy, whenever

2012-07-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3674] data/, drivers/eaton-mib.c,
	  drivers/eaton-mib.h, drivers/snmp-ups.c, drivers/snmp-ups.h: Add
	  support for Eaton ePDU Switched (Pulizzi)
	  Implement support for older Eaton / Powerware ePDU Switched.
	  These were once sold as Pulizzi, and have now been replaced by
	  newer model (Eaton Marlin implementation and others)

2012-07-09  Emilien Kia <>

	* [r3672] Fix CppUnit detection.
	  Fix inconsistent test for CppUnit install (using pkg-config) to
	  really enable unit tests.

2012-07-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3671] docs/man/nut-ipmipsu.txt: Fix an error on possible power
	  supplies status

2012-07-04  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3670] clients/upssched.c: Fix upssched regression
	  Coverity branch merge r3555 introduced a regression: any
	  upssched.conf command that takes a second argument resulted in a
	  defective frame sent to the parent process. Thus, the command was
	  not executed (patch from Oliver Schonefeld)
	* [r3669],, tests, tests/ Add
	  basic infrastructure for unit tests
	  Merge eki-unittests branch, with some adjustments, to add a basic
	  initial infrastructure for unit tests, using CppUnit (v1.9.6+)
	  (from Emilien Kia, from Eaton)

2012-07-03  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3668] scripts/systemd/,
	  scripts/systemd/ Fix upsdrvctl call path
	  upsdrvctl is located in @driverexecdir@, not @SBINDIR@ (reported
	  by Michal Hlavinka, from Redhat)

2012-06-15  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3666] Adapt systemd installation directory #2
	  Complete commit r3665, by also adapting paths for service files

2012-06-14  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3665] Adapt systemd installation directory
	  Adapt systemd installation directory for the shutdown script, so
	  that it does not try to install it in the actual system
	  directory, but to the pointed build directory, including a sub
	  directory prefix
	* [r3664] docs/new-clients.txt: Fix broken link to upscli_*(3) HTML
	  manual pages

2012-06-12  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3662] docs/new-drivers.txt: Forgotten mention
	  upsdrv_info_t->name is also published as "" variable
	* [r3661] docs/man/belkinunv.txt, drivers/belkinunv.c,
	  drivers/main.c, drivers/masterguard.c, drivers/metasys.c,
	  drivers/mge-utalk.c, drivers/microdowell.c,
	  drivers/nut-ipmipsu.c, drivers/safenet.c, drivers/tripplitesu.c,
	  drivers/usbhid-ups.c: Remove redundant driver.version.internal
	* [r3660], docs/configure.txt,
	  docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: Add missing references to libltdl for
	  nut-scanner requires libltdl (Libtool dlopen abstraction) since
	  NUT 2.6.3. Documentations have been completed, and nut-scanner
	  build status is now exposed in the build configuration summary
	* [r3659] drivers/snmp-ups.c: Fix publication of
	  Publish the MIB name and version in, rather
	  than merged into driver.version.internal
	* [r3658] drivers/netxml-ups.c: Fix publication of
	  netxml-ups subdriver version is to be tracked in, not in driver.version.internal
	* [r3657] docs/nut-names.txt: Add missing variable
	  Add variable, to track version of the
	  internal data mapping, for generic drivers (reported by Luiz
	  Angelo Daros de Luca)
	* [r3656] docs/nut-names.txt: Fix comment for
	  Drivers internal version are always tracked separately, and
	  stored in driver.version.internal

2012-06-11  Michal Soltys <>

	* [r3655] drivers/apcsmart.c: apcsmart: tcsetattr/tcgetattr
	  This small patch moves the comparison sequence into separate
	  function. No functional changes.
	  Also minor retab! run on defines.

2012-06-11  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3654] data/ Add support for REDi Blazer
	  Add REDi Blazer 400VA / 600VA / 800VA to the list of blazer_ser
	  supported models (reported by Marius Gavrilescu)
	* [r3653] docs/nut-names.txt: Fix a typo error on power.minimum
	  power.minimum is really the minimum seen apparent power in VA
	  (reported by Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca)

2012-06-07  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3652] data/, drivers/blazer_usb.c: Add support
	  for Online Zinto A
	  Add Online Zinto A (USB ID 0x06da:0x0601) to the list of
	  blazer_usb supported models (reported by Carsten Burkhardt)

2012-06-07  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3651] drivers/oneac.h: Remove unused constants to fix LLVM
	  compilation error.

2012-06-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3650] docs/website/news.txt, docs/website/projects.txt: WMNut
	  Update WMNut release (0.64) and hosting URL

2012-06-04  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3647] docs/download.txt, docs/website/news.txt: Update Windows
	  package publications for 2.6.4-1

2012-05-31  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3643] NEWS, UPGRADING,, docs/website/news.txt:
	  Final update for 2.6.4 release

2012-05-30  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3642] data/ Add support for Cyber Power Systems
	  Add CyberPower Systems CP1000PFCLCD (USB ID 0x0764:0x0501) to the
	  list of usbhid-ups supported models (reported by David Owen)
	* [r3641] drivers/apc-mib.c: Track more APC SNMP sysOID values, as
	* [r3640] drivers/upshandler.h: Fix code spacing (no functional
	* [r3639] drivers/bcmxcp_ser.c, drivers/bcmxcp_usb.c: Add some
	  debug traces on incoming / outgoing data
	* [r3638] INSTALL: Add missing reference to nut.conf manual page
	* [r3637] drivers/bestfortress.c: Improve Best Fortress LI675VA
	  Apply an old missed patch: all responses are preceded and
	  terminated by "CR LF". But bestfortress driver discards anything
	  after the first "CR LF". This patch trims everything up to the
	  first LF. (patch from Jørgen Thomsen)
	* [r3636] drivers/metasys.c: Remove extraneous spaces (no
	  functional changes)

2012-05-29  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3633] common/parseconf.c: Fix CVE-2012-2944: upsd can be
	  remotely crashed
	  NUT server (upsd), from versions 2.4.0 to 2.6.3, are exposed to
	  crashes when receiving random data from the network.
	  This issue is related to the way NUT parses characters,
	  especially from the network. Non printable characters were missed
	  from strings operation (such as strlen), but still copied to the
	  buffer, causing an overflow.
	  Thus, fix NUT parser, to only allow the subset Ascii charset from
	  Space to ~
	  (Reported by Sebastian Pohle, Alioth bug #313636, CVE-2012-2944)
	* [r3632] data/ Add support for Lexis X-power Tigra
	  Add Lexis X-power Tigra 1kVA to the list of blazer_ser or bestups
	  supported models (reported by Tmima Pliroforikis Perifereiakis
	  Enotitas Pierias)
	* [r3631] data/ Encourage the use of blazer_ser
	  instead of bestups
	  Mention blazer_ser as prefered compared to bestups. Recent
	  changes to blazer_ser have made it possible to use it instead of
	  bestups. In the end, bestups will be replaced by blazer_ser, as
	  for other Megatec/Q1 drivers
	* [r3629] drivers/blazer.c, drivers/blazer_ser.c: Improve Best UPS
	  support in blazer
	  Best UPS units, which use a subset of the Megatec/Q1 protocol,
	  supported by the blazer drivers, can now work with blazer_ser.
	  This support is still limited, but already offers a decent set of

2012-05-25  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3628] server/user.c: Add debug traces for instcmds and actions
	  Whenever upsd adds an instant command or an action, from
	  upsd.users, display a debug trace
	* [r3627] docs/man/upsd.users.txt: Clarify multiple actions
	  Add more details and an example, to illustrate multiple actions
	  specification (reported by Emilien Kia, from Eaton)

2012-05-24  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3626] data/ Add support for Eaton Management
	  Card Contact
	  Add Eaton Management Card Contact (ref 66104) to the list of
	  mge-shut or mge-utalk supported models
	* [r3625] drivers/compaq-mib.c: HP SNMP completion
	  Complete HP SNMP mapping table, with thresholds, nominal values
	  and more commands

2012-05-23  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3623] clients/upsrw.c, common/state.c,
	  docs/man/upscli_list_start.txt, docs/man/upsrw.txt,
	  docs/net-protocol.txt, docs/new-drivers.txt,
	  docs/sock-protocol.txt, drivers/dstate.c, drivers/dstate.h,
	  include/extstate.h, include/state.h,
	  server/netget.c, server/netlist.c, server/netset.c,
	  server/sstate.c, server/sstate.h: Support of ranges of values for
	  writable variables
	  Merge branch that implement [RFC]: new dstate_addrange() and
	  "LIST RANGE" command: it is now possible to specify one or more
	  ranges of values for writable variables, using dstate_addrange()
	  in drivers. upsd also supports the new type 'RANGE' for 'GET
	  TYPE', along with the 'LIST RANGE' command. Finally, users can
	  interact through upsrw, which displays the supported ranges, and
	  enforces new value checking against the provided boundaries
	* [r3622] docs/website/projects.txt: Reference Thecus NAS in
	  Related projects
	  Add a reference in the Related projects, on Thecus NAS range,
	  which uses NUT for power protection

2012-05-22  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3621] drivers/apcsmart.c, drivers/apcsmart.h: Complete r3620
	  for HP-UX
	  HP-UX does not support VREPRINT, so make it conditional
	* [r3620] drivers/apcsmart.c, drivers/apcsmart.h: Fix commit r3603
	  Commit r3603 (fix tcsetattr() / tcgetattr() issue) has introduced
	  some incompatibility with older Unix systems, such as Solaris,
	  Aix and HP-UX. The present commit should address it
	* [r3618], docs/net-protocol.txt, server/netcmds.h,
	  server/netmisc.c, server/netmisc.h: Add versioning to the network
	  Due to the number of recent evolutions to the network protocol,
	  along with other possible future changes, NUT network protocol is
	  now versioned. The chapter "Network protocol information", of the
	  developer guide, stores the revision history, while a new
	  "NETVER" command serves this information through the protocol

2012-05-21  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3617] data/ Complete the supported PowerWalker
	  Add PowerWalker Online VFI LCD, Line-Interactive VI LCD and
	  Line-Interactive VI models to the list of blazer_usb supported
	* [r3616] data/ Add support for Microline C-Lion
	  Innova ranges
	  Add Microline C-Lion Innova models to the list of blazer_usb
	  supported models
	* [r3614] data/ Add support for KOLFF ranges
	  Add KOLFF BLACK NOVA models to the list of blazer_usb supported
	* [r3613] data/ Add support Ippon INNOVA RT range
	  Add Ippon INNOVA RT models to the list of blazer_usb supported
	* [r3612] data/ Add support for Gtec ranges
	  Add Gtec models to the list of blazer_ser or blazer_usb supported
	* [r3611] data/ Complete the supported EVER ranges
	  Add EVER POWERLINE RT / 11 / 31 and DUO II Pro models to the list
	  of blazer_ser or blazer_usb supported models
	* [r3610] data/ Add support for COVER ENERGY SA
	  Add COVER ENERGY SA models to the list of blazer_usb supported
	* [r3609] data/ Add support for Borri ranges
	  Add Borri models to the list of blazer_usb supported models
	* [r3608] data/ Add support for ARTronic ranges
	  Add ARTronic models, both serial and USB, to the list of
	  blazer_ser and blazer_usb supported models
	* [r3607] drivers/belkin-hid.c: Fix Liebert firmware (incorrect
	  There are at least two Liebert firmware types which both report a
	  VID:PID of 10af:0001. The newer ones tend not to have the Belkin
	  broken Usage Pages (and therefore use standard HID PDC paths) but
	  they have incorrect exponents for some fields. This patch fixes
	  the values for the latter implementation
	  Author: Charles Lepple <>
	* [r3606] data/, drivers/netvision-mib.c: Add
	  3-phases support to Socomec Netvision MIB
	  Improve Socomec Netvision MIB, by adding support for 3-phases UPS
	  (patch from Manuel Bouyer)
	* [r3605] data/ Add support for PowerShield Defender
	  Add PowerShield Defender 1200VA (USB ID 0665:5161) to the list of
	  blazer_usb supported models (reported by Tom Clarkson)
	* [r3604] drivers/blazer.c, drivers/blazer_ser.c,
	  drivers/blazer_usb.c: beeper.status belongs to the "ups" data

2012-05-16  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3603] drivers/apcsmart.c, drivers/apcsmart.h: Final fix to the
	  tcsetattr() / tcgetattr() issue
	  The most likely cause of all spurious differences between what
	  was set on the port with tcsetattr() and what tcgetattr() shows
	  are likely to do with the c_local PENDIN flag, which is a status
	  bit, not a control bit. It will change when there's unread
	  pending input, which can be quite often on an APC UPS.
	  The right way to compare struct termios values is to clear the
	  status flags _after_ the tcsetattr() and of course after the
	  tcgetattr() call and then compare the result with what was set.
	  Also set NOKERNINFO, if available, as we don't want the UPS or
	  noise on the line to accidentally trigger status output back to
	  the UPS, and finally make sure IEXTEN is also cleared along with
	  ISIG since it too can cause weird things to happen.
	  This change also adds some debug code to show any differences in
	  the structures in a logical manner in debug output (and squashes
	  one tiny compiler warning) (patch from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3602] docs/config-notes.txt, docs/man/upsmon.txt: Whitespace
	  Remove some extraneous spaces, suggested by "git diff --check",
	  and improve a bit formatting (patch #36 from Greg A. Woods)

2012-05-15  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3601] drivers/snmp-ups.c, drivers/snmp-ups.h: Remove dead code
	  Remove dead code, related to shutdown handling (no functional
	  changes) (based on patch #29 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3599] docs/nut-names.txt: Fix formating issue
	* [r3598] docs/nut-names.txt: Add missing battery.voltage data to
	  the namespace
	  Add missing battery.voltage.{low,high} to the standard NUT
	* [r3597] docs/nut-names.txt, drivers/upscode2.c: Rename
	  peakcurrent to current.peak (as per RFC)
	  Rename peakcurrent to current.peak, since it is more coherent and
	* [r3596] drivers/dummy-ups.c, drivers/dummy-ups.h: Update and
	  Convert flags defitions to bitwise left shift, convert some
	  comments about variables to actual values, and do a bit of
	  cleanup (patch #27 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3594] drivers/blazer.c: Add comment on shutdown.return ondelay
	  Add a comment reinforcing the need for ondelay=3 (partial patch
	  #26 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3593] docs/man/snmp-ups.txt: Complete APC SNMP compatibility
	  Mention more varieties of APC SNMP cards, and mention the
	  POWERNET MIB (patch #25 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3590] drivers/netvision-mib.c: Fix status processing for "ECO
	  When running in "ECO mode", the driver should report an
	  ups.status set to "OL", or it otherwise ends up with an empty
	  string that confuses upsmon (patch from Ivan Kuznetsov)

2012-05-14  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3589] docs/man/blazer.txt: Mention General Electric in blazer
	  manual page
	  Mention General Electric as a user of the Megatec/Q1 protocol
	  (patch #24 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3588] clients/upsmon.h: Use bitwise left shift for flags
	  Use (1 << N) to define a bit flag at bit N, which is more
	  coherent with other similar implementations in NUT (patch #23
	  from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3587] clients/upsmon.c: Cosmetic changes
	  Remove dead / redundant #defines, and enable interesting debug
	  traces that were commented out (based on patch #22 from Greg A.
	* [r3586] drivers/apcsmart.h: Use bitwise left shift for status
	  flags definitions
	  Use (1 << N) to define a bit flag at bit N, which is more
	  coherent with other similar implementations in NUT (patch #21
	  from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3585] drivers/apcsmart.c, drivers/apcsmart.h: Don't be too
	  strict about terminal settings
	  Don't log an error when tcgetattr() reports different settings on
	  the port (patch #20 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3584] tools/ Better filtering on USB related
	  The current USB information extraction script is not optimal at
	  filtering files that need to be inspected. While waiting for a
	  proper rewrite, improve a bit more filenames filtering (patch #18
	  from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3583] drivers/blazer_ser.c: Quote the debug output for space
	  Quote the debug output so one can see how many spaces there are
	  (patch #16 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3582] docs/cables/apc.txt: Update APC cabling information
	  Update information about APC cable model numbering and revisions
	  (patch #16 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3581] data/ GE Digital Energy updates
	  Rename "GE" to "GE Digital Energy", which is more appropriate in
	  this context. Also add GT Series 1000-3000 VA to the list of
	  blazer_ser supported models (patch #15 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3580] docs/developers.txt: Complete notes on spaces for
	  Add complementary note on the use of spaces for alignements
	  (patch #14 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3577] docs/design.txt: Use more suitable examples
	  Use an example driver name matching the unified NUT drivers
	  generic manual page name (patch #13 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3576] drivers/mge-hid.c: Complete and update Eaton HID usages

2012-05-11  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3574] tools/ Fix typo in comment
	  Fix a typo error in comment (reported by Fred Bohé, from Eaton)
	* [r3573] scripts/upower/95-upower-hid.rules: Update upower script
	  Update upower script with recent changes and updates (redundant
	  with patch #6 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3572] tools/ Explicit mention of Makefiles
	  Document that, at least, this is broken by design
	  (patch #5 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3571] docs/man/apcsmart.txt: Fix documentation wording
	  "there're" is not a valid contraction, especially not in a
	  technical document (patch #4 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3570] docs/man/apcsmart.txt: Always use upper case for the
	  acronym "UPS"
	  Be consistent in using all upper case for the acronym "UPS" (Ie
	  Uninterruptible Power Supply) (patch #3 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3569] docs/man/apcsmart.txt: Fix SmartUPS cabling nomenclature
	  Correct the nomenclature of the SmartUPS cabling part numbers
	  (patch #2 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3568] Fix a configure error message
	  Asciidoc might actually be installed but documentation might
	  still not be build-able (earlier messages should hint at exactly
	  what was missing) (patch #1 from Greg A. Woods)
	* [r3567] data/ Add support for ATEK Defensor range
	  Add ATEK Defensor range (Innova series) to the list of blazer_usb
	  supported models
	* [r3566] data/ Fix EVER brand name
	  The correct name is "EVER", not "EVER UPS", as per a request from
	  the manufacturer

2012-05-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3565] docs/website/news.txt: Update for WMNut 0.63 publication
	* [r3564] docs/website/ups-protocols.txt: Official Riello protocols

2012-05-03  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3558] drivers/libshut.c, drivers/mge-shut.c: Forgotten driver
	  version bump
	* [r3557] clients/upsmon.c: Coverity fix on upsmon
	  Remove an unneeded null check, that cause a Coverity error
	  (reported by Michal Hlavinka from RedHat)
	* [r3556] drivers/libshut.c, drivers/mge-shut.c: Coverity fix on
	  Eaton SHUT
	  Fix some tests that are always false, regardless of the values of
	  operands (reported by Michal Hlavinka from RedHat)
	* [r3555] clients/upssched.c, drivers/bcmxcp.c,
	  drivers/bcmxcp_usb.c, drivers/dstate.c, drivers/mge-utalk.c,
	  drivers/rhino.c, drivers/solis.c, drivers/tripplite_usb.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_nut.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_xml_http.c:
	  Merge Coverity branch
	  Merge all work done part of the Coverity static analysis scan,
	  done by Michal Hlavinka from RedHat

2012-05-02  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3553] docs/download.txt, docs/website/news.txt: Update Windows
	  package publications
	* [r3552] common/, include/ Better handling
	  of nut_version.h
	  nut_version.h should not be distributed, since it is
	  automatically built. Moreover, hard dependency in common/ is not
	  needed since BUILT_SOURCES reference ensure generation before any
	  other target:
	  (Reported by Regid Ichira, Debian bug #613643)

2012-04-27  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3547] data/, drivers/cps-hid.c: Add support for
	  CyberPower Systems PR6000LCDRTXL5U
	  Add CyberPower Systems PR6000LCDRTXL5U (USB ID 0x0764:0x0601) to
	  the list of usbhid-ups supported models (reported by Dax Kelson)
	* [r3546] data/ Complete HP supported devices list
	  Add HP UPS Management Module to the list of snmp-ups supported
	  models. Also complete serial compatibility for some models, using

2012-04-25  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3542] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: Clarify nut-scanner compilation
	  and distribution
	  Document explicitely how nut-scanner is compiled, and how its
	  features are made available, according to its dependencies (both
	  compile time and runtime)

2012-04-24  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3539] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-init.h, tools/nut-scanner/scan_avahi.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_ipmi.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_nut.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_usb.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_xml_http.c: Cleaner exit for nut-scanner

2012-04-23  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3538] tools/nut-scanner/scan_avahi.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_ipmi.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_nut.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_usb.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_xml_http.c: Be more verbose when failing
	  to dynamically load a library

2012-04-14  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3534] docs/man, docs/man/, docs/man/index.txt,
	  docs/man/nut-recorder.txt, tools/ Create
	  nut-recorder manual page
	* [r3533] drivers/tripplite-hid.c: HP USB UPS completion #3
	  Remove R/T3000 USB ID (0x03f0:0x1fe5) from the TrippLite HID
	  mapping, since it is supported by the Eaton HID mapping. This
	  completes commit r3525. Also adds ups.firmware and device.part
	* [r3532] drivers/usbhid-ups.c: Correct Celsius temperatures that
	  should be in Kelvin
	  Check if raw value is in the Kelvin range, to detect buggy values
	  that are already expressed in Celsius degrees, as found on some
	  HP devices
	* [r3531] docs/developer-guide.txt, tools/,
	  tools/, tools/ Rename
	  device-recorder to nut-recorder
	* [r3530] data/ Reorder Dell devices by connection

2012-04-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3529] scripts/systemd/,
	  scripts/systemd/ Fix broken systemd integration in
	  the build system
	  Step 2: add the theoretical path templates to the systemd
	  scripts. This however requires adjustments to the RPM package.
	  Namely, upsd and upsmon will have to be installed in /sbin,
	  instead of the current /usr/sbin
	* [r3528], scripts/systemd/ Fix broken
	  systemd integration in the build system
	  Step 1: remove Makefile rules that were both useless, and causing
	  warning. Generate nut-*.service files from .in templates in
	  configure, as it should be, which is currently void since there
	  is no target to substitute. This has however required to export
	  SBINDIR and PIDPATH through AC_SUBST, in configure
	* [r3525] drivers/mge-hid.c: HP USB UPS completion #2
	  Address HP USB/HID devices, that use the Eaton HID definitions.
	  This includes the latest products range (USB IDs 0x1fe5, 0x1fe6,
	  0x1fe7 and 0x1fe8), and few more variables and commands
	* [r3524] drivers/mge-hid.c: Fix Eaton / MGE outlet.2.switchable
	  outlet.2.switchable should only be writable to enable ECO mode on
	  Ellipse ECO, Protection Station and some 3S. Other models should
	  only expose it as read only (reported by Prachi Gandhi from
	  Eaton, Alioth bug #313587)

2012-04-04  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3520] scripts/, scripts/logrotate,
	  scripts/logrotate/nutlogd: Provide log rotation configuration for
	  Provide a basic configuration file for managing rotation
	  (logrotate) of NUT log files, generated by upslog

2012-04-02  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3518] docs/nut-names.txt: Update the namespace
	  Complete the namespace with missing variables and commands, that
	  are either known or have had an RFC
	* [r3517] docs/man: Subversion ignored files completion
	  Mark nutscan_init.html as Subversion ignored (no functional

2012-03-31  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3516] data/ Add support for AEG Power Solutions
	  Add AEG Power Solutions PROTECT HOME (USB ID 0x0665:0x5161) to
	  the list of blazer_ser and blazer_usb supported models (reported
	  by Joachim Schiele)

2012-03-30  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3514] drivers/bcmxcp_usb.c: Add debug traces for read / write
	* [r3512] common/common.c, include/common.h: Improve support
	  functions for trimming strings
	  Enforce verifications in rtrim, and add an ltrim function

2012-03-29  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3511] data/, drivers/blazer_usb.c: Add support
	  Innova online UPS family
	  Add Innova T (0x06da:0x0201), Innova RT (0x06da:0x0005) and
	  Innova 3/1 T (0x06da:0x0004) to the list of of blazer_usb and
	  blazer_ser supported models. Innova series are online UPS
	  supporting Q1 for compatibility, and many more commands. Better
	  support, either through blazer_* rewrite or through a new driver,
	  is considered as a future possibility

2012-03-24  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3508], docs/, docs/security.txt,
	  scripts/, scripts/ufw, scripts/ufw/README,
	  scripts/ufw/ Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)
	  Provide an Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) profile (nut.ufw.profile)
	  to tightly integrate NUT, along with some documentation
	  completion for the Security chapter of the user manual

2012-03-23  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3507] conf/nut.conf.sample, docs/man/nut.conf.txt: Fix nut.conf
	  documentation and sample file
	  Since nut.conf is intended to be sourced by shell scripts, spaces
	  must not be added around the equal sign. Fix documentation and
	  sample file to conform to this purpose, and add bold warning
	  (reported by Tim Rice, Alioth bug #312452)
	* [r3506] clients/upsmon.c, server/upsd.c: Detect duplicate
	  instances of upsd / upsmon
	  Fix a long standing issue, that is the lack of detection of
	  duplicate upsd / upsmon instances when starting another one of
	  these daemons. This previously resulted in inconsistencies, such
	  as being unable to stop the daemon, due to its .pid file being
	  removed by the newly started instance (last reported by Andrew
	  Min Chang)

2012-03-21  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3503] drivers/libshut.c: Avoid stack corruption on invalid
	  In the protocol, the frame size can be 8 bytes max. That is why
	  the frame buffer is only 8 bytes long. If the frame is corrupted,
	  the size read may be up to 15, which may corrupt the stack while
	  writing into the frame buffer. This patch add a simple sanity
	  check on the size to avoid a crash and enforce protocol
	* [r3501] drivers/libshut.c: Fix SHUT variables read (from Arnaud
	* [r3500] drivers/bcmxcp.c, drivers/bcmxcp.h, drivers/bcmxcp_usb.c:
	  Change timeout for PW9120
	  Current timeout (1 sec) is too short for PW9120: numerous frames
	  are lost. Setting this to 2 seconds fix this.
	* [r3499] drivers/libshut.c: Deactivate UPS notification
	  Currently this driver is ignoring notification by automatically
	  sending NACK when they are received. Nevertheless,this behavior
	  creates communication errors with some UPS (M2200). So this patch
	  completly disable the sending of notification from the UPS.
	  Ideally we should correclty implement notifications managment for
	  optimal performance, but with this patch, at least, communiaton
	* [r3498] drivers/libshut.c: Fix shut notification mask

2012-03-09  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3495] docs/config-notes.txt: Emphasize special characters
	* [r3494] data/, drivers/tripplite-hid.c: HP USB UPS
	  completion #1
	  Address HP USB/HID devices, that use the TrippLite HID
	  definitions. This includes new ProductIDs, and few more variables
	  and commands
	* [r3493] drivers/oneac.h: Remove extraneous comment start

2012-03-08  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3487] common/parseconf.c, common/upsconf.c,
	  docs/config-notes.txt: More flexible '=' character managment in
	  conf files
	  This allow to support the following forms : 'foo = bar',
	  'foo=bar', 'foo =bar' and 'foo= bar'

2012-03-06  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3485] docs/man/oneac.txt, drivers/oneac.c, drivers/oneac.h:
	  Improve general OneAC support (oneac 0.80)
	  Improve support for all families of Oneac (EG, ON, OZ and OB),
	  including support for more data and instant commands (patch from
	  Bill Elliot)

2012-03-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3484] drivers/blazer.c, drivers/blazer_ser.c,
	  drivers/blazer_usb.c: Guesstimate battery high and low voltages
	  Add an automatic estimation for high and low voltages, to be able
	  to determine battery charge. This should cover most cases, but a
	  bold mention has been added at driver startup, to inform the
	  user. Driver version (USB and serial) have been bumped to reflect
	  this change
	* [r3483] drivers/blazer.c: Set 'FSD' status flag upon need
	  As per the recent decision to allow driver to set 'FSD' status
	  flag, set 'FSD' upon "Shutdown imminent" detection

2012-03-02  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3481], scripts/augeas/ Sanity check
	  before python script execution
	  Only generate Augeas ups.conf lens if we can import required
	  Python modules (re,glob,codecs)
	* [r3480] docs/man/blazer.txt: Fix typo error in runtimecal example
	* [r3479] docs/stable-hcl.txt: Improve formating
	* [r3478] docs/new-drivers.txt: Formalize the use of the FSD status
	  As an exception, drivers are now allowed to set the "FSD" (Forced
	  ShutDown) status flag when an imminent shutdown has been detected

2012-02-29  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3477] clients/upsc.c, docs/man/upsc.txt: Client side
	  implementation of "LIST CLIENT"
	  Implement "LIST CLIENT" in upsc, using "-c <device name>"
	  Author: Arnaud Quette <>
	* [r3476] docs/net-protocol.txt, server/netlist.c: Adjust server
	  side implementation of "LIST CLIENT"
	  Commands of the "LIST" family have to be coherent with the
	  command name. Ie, "LIST CLIENT" should use the same "CLIENT"
	  prefix, or it will otherwise break client side verification
	  Author: Arnaud Quette <>
	* [r3475] server/netlist.c: Adjust "LIST CLIENTS" implementation
	  Adjust "LIST CLIENTS" implementation to be more coherent with
	  other network protocol commands
	  Author: Arnaud Quette <>
	* [r3474] docs/net-protocol.txt: Document new "LIST CLIENTS"
	  Author: Arnaud Quette <>
	* [r3473] server/upsd.c, server/upsd.h: Remove upsd "info" command
	  Adjust initial "LIST CLIENTS" commit, by removing the upsd "info"
	  command, which is not suitable, and redundant with the "LIST
	  CLIENT" command of the network protocol
	  [Fixed compilation error]
	  Author: Arnaud Quette <>
	* [r3472] scripts/python/module/ Add support for LIST
	  CLIENTS, etc. to PyNUT.
	  Patch by Rene Martín Rodríguez <>. Merged with
	  typo fixes in repository.
	  Covers LIST CLIENTS, FSD, HELP and VER. Module version bumped to
	* [r3471] server/netlist.c, server/upsd.c, server/upsd.h: Add new
	  "LIST CLIENTS" command to NUT protocol.
	  Patch by Rene Martín Rodríguez <>, with
	  indentation changed to tabs.
	* [r3470] drivers/blazer.c: Update URL to Megatec protocol

2012-02-28  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3469] drivers/liebert-hid.c: UPower optimization
	  Always spell manufacturer names the same way across the various
	  USB drivers. This avoids duplication of manufacturer entries in
	  scripts/upower/95-upower-hid.rules, during automatic generation

2012-02-27  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3468] data/, drivers/cps-hid.c: Add support for
	  CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U
	  Add CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U (0x0764:0x0601) to the list of
	  usbhid-ups supported models (reported by Brian McCann)

2012-02-22  Michal Soltys <>

	* [r3467] drivers/apcsmart.c: drivers/apcsmart.c: setvar_string()
	  and apc_write_long() bugfixes
	  setvar_string() couldn't function properly, due to the use of
	  wrong variable.
	  Not associated with any bugreport (reported directly to email).
	* [r3466] drivers/apcsmart.c: drivers/apcsmart.c: make
	  tcsetattr()/tcgetattr() difference not fatal
	  This is follow up from earlier bug report (#313395). Earlier
	  commit should have fixed the issue, but the original submitter
	  never commented on it.
	  Just in case - instead of making it fatal, we only log the issue.

2012-02-20  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3450] drivers/snmp-ups.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c: Better
	  handling of Net-SNMP AES PrivProtocol
	  Handle smartly issues related to Net-SNMP support and declaration
	  of AES PrivProtocol

2012-02-19  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3449] drivers/snmp-ups.c, drivers/snmp-ups.h: Don't allocate
	  storage for variables in snmp-ups.h
	  The header files should declare variables as extern, and they
	  should be allocated in only one .c file (not all of the files
	  which include the .h file). While this is not an immediate
	  problem when only one .c file includes the .h file, it still
	  should be fixed in case that changes in the future.
	  Patch by Daniel Macks:
	* [r3448] drivers/bcmxcp.c, drivers/bcmxcp.h: Don't allocate
	  storage for variables in bcmxcp.h
	  The header files should declare variables as extern, and they
	  should be allocated in only one .c file (not all of the files
	  which include the .h file). This was causing multiple symbol
	  definitions on Mac OS X.
	  Patch by Daniel Macks:

2012-02-16  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3447] data/, drivers/blazer_usb.c: Add support
	  for Online Yunto YQ450
	  Add Online Yunto YQ450 (0x06da:0x0002) to the list of blazer_usb
	  supported models (reported by Thomas Maisl)

2012-02-16  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3445] tools/git-svn.authors, tools/svn2cl.authors: Update SVN
	  username mappings

2012-02-14  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3440] data/ Add support for Tripp-Lite
	  Add Tripp-Lite OMNISMART500 (productID 0001) to the list of
	  tripplite_usb supported models (reported by Matt Schulte)

2012-02-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3439] data/ Support for Dell UPS Network
	  Management Card
	  Add Dell UPS Network Management Card to the list of snmp-ups and
	  netxml-ups supported models. SNMP support currently relies on
	  IETF (RFC-1628) MIB, and not on Dell UPS MIB

2012-02-09  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3435] tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c: Remove useless lib_mutex
	  and buggy dev_mutex

2012-02-03  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3431] Update ChangeLog generation and fix text
	  Adapt the ChangeLog file generation process to correctly wrap
	  text, even with the new 'git style' format, used for Subversion
	  commit messages

2012-02-02  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3426] drivers/bcmxcp.c, drivers/bcmxcp.h: Improve XCP support
	  for battery status
	  Add support for battery test publication in ups.test.result, and
	  RB (replace battery) in ups.status

2012-01-31  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3424] drivers/bestfortress.c: Add more debug traces
	  Add more debug traces, again, to work on the checksum corruption

2012-01-23  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3411] drivers/mge-mib.c: Clean and complete MGE MIB
	  Complete MGE MIB for status, variables and commands, using IETF
	  MIB OIDs when needed. Macro have also been replaced by actual
	  numeric OID paths for better clarity.
	* [r3410] drivers/snmp-ups.c, drivers/snmp-ups.h: snmp-ups shutdown
	  snmp-ups now provides support for UPS shutdown, based on
	  usbhid-ups mechanisms (composite commands and fallback).
	  Composite commands are also supported. This means, for example,
	  that if 'shutdown.return' is not supported, a combination of
	  '' + 'load.on' may be used.
	* [r3409] drivers/ietf-mib.c: Fix invalid variable name
	  Beeper status belongs to the 'ups' data collection
	* [r3408] drivers/snmp-ups.c: Check validity of instant commands
	  before addition
	  Prior to adding new instant commands, referenced OIDs are now
	  checked for existance. This avoid adding commands that are not
	* [r3407] docs/man/upsmon.txt: Fix upsmon synopsis
	  Add the missing '-K' (Test for the shutdown flag) to upsmon
	  synopsis (reported by Regid Ichira)

2012-01-20  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3406] data/ Support for Riello Netman Plus 102
	  SNMP Card
	  Add Riello Netman Plus 102 SNMP Card, and attached Sentinel SDL
	  6000-7 and Sentinel Dual SDH 1000-7 UPS, to the list of snmp-ups
	  supported models (reported by Rainer Stumbaum)

2012-01-19  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3400] drivers/bestfortress.c: Add more debug traces, to work on
	  the checksum corruption issue

2012-01-18  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3399] docs/nut-names.txt, drivers/usbhid-ups.c: Adjust value for shutdown commands
	  When present, value needs to be adjusted for
	  shutdown.{return,stayoff} to behave as expected. This is limited
	  to Eaton devices (reported by Rich Wrenn)

2012-01-11  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3395] UPGRADING: Cleanup garbage line
	  Remove garbage line that was added by accident during the
	  AsciiDoc branch merge or work
	* [r3394] tools/nut-scanner/,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-init.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_nut.c:
	  Move libupsclient to weak runtime dependencies
	  libupsclient, as other libraries used by nut-scanner, is now a
	  weak runtime dependency, through the use of lt_dl*() functions.
	  This means that libupsclient is not anymore required, but only
	  suggested. This should also solve the distcheck-light compilation
	  on Aix (on behalf of Frédéric Bohe, from Eaton)

2012-01-09  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3382] drivers/bestups.c: Add the missing driver variable
	  "battvoltmult" (patch from Sadara Kael)

2012-01-06  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3379] drivers/snmp-ups.c: Reword the message when sysOID
	  detection fails
	* [r3378] drivers/compaq-mib.c: Add the sysOID value, and bump the
	  MIB version to 1.1 (reported by Jack Challen)
	* [r3377] docs/download.txt: Remove inline SHA-256 sum, and provide
	  links to MD5 and SHA-256 sums

2012-01-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3376] server/netget.c: GET UPSDESC does not need device sanity
	  checks (Ie connected, with fresh data) to answer (reported by
	  Emilien Kia, Alioth bug #313323)
	* [r3374] data/ Add Dynamix 1000VA USB to the list
	  of blazer_usb supported models (requires "langid_fix=0x0409" in
	  ups.conf ; reported by Glen Ogilvie)

2012-01-04  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3372] docs/download.txt: Add the missing SHA-256 sum on the
	  Download page / section (need to be generated after the
	  distribution package)
	* [r3371] docs/website/news.txt: Update 2.6.3 release date

2012-01-03  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3370] NEWS, UPGRADING,, docs/website/news.txt:
	  Final update for 2.6.3 release

2012-01-03  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3369] docs/config-notes.txt: Add a note about file names with
	  space characters in the documentation.

2012-01-03  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3368] drivers/dummy-ups.c: Add a comment for further processing

2012-01-03  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3367] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Fix nut scanner SNMP v3
	  help message.
	* [r3366] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: Fix nut scanner SNMP v3

2011-12-17  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3364] drivers/blazer_usb.c: Actually apply the langid_fix
	  value, when calling usb_get_string (reported by Charles Lepple)
	* [r3363] data/, docs/man/blazer.txt,
	  drivers/blazer_usb.c: Try to fix language ID support for USB
	  units from LDLC, Dynamix and no names in blazer_usb (reworked
	  patch, from Brian R. Smith and Aurélien Grenotton)

2011-12-16  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3362] scripts/HP-UX: Add the generated HP-UX packaging script
	  (.psf) to the list of Subversion ignored files
	* [r3361] drivers/eaton-mib.c, drivers/snmp-ups.c: Fix newer Eaton
	  ePDU OIDs declaration ordering, so that it better supports the
	  various models (switched or advanced monitored)

2011-12-15  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3360] clients/upsclient.c, drivers/belkinunv.c,
	  drivers/etapro.c, drivers/gamatronic.c, drivers/isbmex.c,
	  drivers/libshut.c, drivers/metasys.c, drivers/mge-shut.c,
	  drivers/microdowell.c, drivers/nut-libfreeipmi.c,
	  drivers/rhino.c, drivers/solis.c: Fix set but not used variables
	  [-Wunused-but-set-variable] (including patch from Regid Ichira)

2011-12-13  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3359],, docs/man,
	  docs/man/, docs/man/nutscan_init.txt,
	  docs/man/nutscan_scan_avahi.txt, docs/man/nutscan_scan_ipmi.txt,
	  docs/man/nutscan_scan_nut.txt, docs/man/nutscan_scan_snmp.txt,
	  docs/man/nutscan_scan_xml_http.txt, drivers/nut-libfreeipmi.c,
	  m4/nut_check_libfreeipmi.m4, m4/nut_check_libltdl.m4,
	  tools/nut-scanner/, tools/nut-scanner/nut-scan.h,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-init.h, tools/nut-scanner/scan_avahi.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_ipmi.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_nut.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c, tools/nut-scanner/scan_usb.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_xml_http.c: Merge nut-scanner_dlopen
	  branch, at revision 3358. This brings weak runtime dependencies
	  to nut-scanner, allowing to compile with all options and to run
	  according to the available dependencies. It also adds IPMI scan
	* [r3358] compile: Update compile script, as per the latest version
	  available in Automake (1.11)

2011-12-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3341] data/, docs/man/snmp-ups.txt,
	  drivers/, drivers/cyberpower-mib.c,
	  drivers/cyberpower-mib.h, drivers/snmp-ups.c: Add Cyber Power
	  Systems with SNMP RMCARD (100, 201, 202 and 301) to the list of
	  snmp-ups supported models (patch from Eric Schultz)
	* [r3340] drivers/snmp-ups.c: Remove the Eaton Marlin hook, for
	  base outlet index, since it has been fixed by a new firmware

2011-11-29  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3338] tools/ Fix indentation and use open()
	  instead of file(), to better support Python 3 (Alioth bug
	  #313446, patch from Bohdan Popovych)

2011-11-25  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3335] drivers/nut-ipmi.h: Fix wrong prototype declaration, that
	  was causing a compilation warning (implicit declaration of
	  function ‘nut_ipmi_get_sensors_status’)

2011-11-24  Prachi Gandhi <>

	* [r3328],, scripts/,
	  scripts/Solaris: Reverted changes made for Solaris packaging
	  files(revision 3326), added files in NUT_packaging branch
	* [r3326],, scripts/,
	  scripts/Solaris, scripts/Solaris/,
	  scripts/Solaris/, scripts/Solaris/,
	  scripts/Solaris/prototype: Solaris NUT package files added

2011-11-15  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3321] drivers/blazer_usb.c, drivers/usb-common.h: Revert commit
	  r2993 and r2994. This enables again inclusion of buggy USB Device
	  and Vendor IDs, supported by blazer_usb, in udev rules file
	  (Reported by Stanislav Brabec, from Suse)
	* [r3320] tools/ Add missing comment

2011-11-12  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3318] drivers/mge-mib.c: Add upsmgBatteryLowCondition OID to
	  the status mapping (reported by Kiss Gabor (Bitman))

2011-11-11  Praveen Kumar <>

	* [r3317] scripts/HP-UX/ script file to create package
	  (depot) for HP-UX

2011-11-08  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3316] docs/website/web-layout.conf: Complete search keywords
	* [r3315] docs/website/web-layout.conf: Final fix for the
	  displaying of the legend, to work on all browsers, while still
	  being conforming to W3C validation

2011-11-07  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3314] docs/website/web-layout.conf: Fix displaying of the

2011-11-05  Michal Soltys <>

	* [r3313] docs/cables.txt, docs/man/apcsmart.txt: apcsmart.txt:
	  minor documentation update
	  Broken diagram link and 940-0024E cable mention (reported by
	  Jonathan Laventhol).

2011-11-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3312] conf/upsd.conf.sample, server/upsd.c: Don't fail to start
	  if at least one of the listening interface is available. This is
	  needed on systems where either IPv4 or IPv6 is disabled, and no
	  explicit LISTEN directive has been specified (Reported by Pavel
	  Zubkou, Debian bug #598741)

2011-11-02  Praveen Kumar <>

	* [r3310], scripts/HP-UX/ Adding packaging
	  script for HPUX

2011-10-31  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3308] docs/download.txt, docs/website/news.txt: Publish update
	  jNut 0.2, along with the new jNutWebAPI (contributed by Emilien
	  Kia, from Eaton)

2011-10-28  Emilien Kia <>

	* [r3306] scripts/java/README, scripts/java/jNutWebAPI,
	  scripts/java/jNutWebAPI/README, scripts/java/jNutWebAPI/pom.xml,
	  scripts/java/jNutWebAPI/src, scripts/java/jNutWebAPI/src/main,
	  Initial commit of jNutWebAPI.
	* [r3305] scripts/java/jNut,
	  Fix a little bug with function namming (get instead of set).

2011-10-27  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3304] docs/maintainer-guide.txt: Create a basic NUT maintainer
	  guide, to start tracking and improving maintenance workflow
	* [r3303] drivers/bcmxcp_usb.c: Handle disconnection issues and
	  reconnection mechanism (bug reported by Rich Wrenn)

2011-10-25  Emilien Kia <>

	* [r3302]
	  Add licence information.
	* [r3301] scripts/java/jNut/README, scripts/java/jNut/pom.xml,
	  Add nut-scanner.

2011-10-25  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3300] tools/nut-scanner/scan_snmp.c: Add sanity checks
	* [r3299] tools/nut-scanner/scan_avahi.c: Remove unused variable

2011-10-25  Michal Soltys <>

	* [r3298] drivers/apcsmart.c: drivers/apcsmart.c: minor correction
	  Assigning 0 directly was wrong (actually, a leftover from earlier
	  version of the code that was removed) - ser_set_speed() prepares
	  the port initially, we only adjust certain options.

2011-10-24  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3297] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Forgot to document "-q" option
	  (thanks to Emilien Kia for reporting this)

2011-10-21  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3296] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Trivial layout
	* [r3295] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: Update man page with -V and -a
	* [r3294] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Add an option to display
	  available bus (usefull for wrapper).
	* [r3293] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: return -1 on bad command
	  line option

2011-10-19  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3292] tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-ip.c: Fix crash on 32bits
	* [r3291] tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Add a switch to display
	  NUT version.

2011-10-19  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3290] docs/FAQ.txt: Add FAQ entry for LISTEN directive

2011-10-18  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3289] drivers/eaton-mib.c: Fix outlets reported current, which
	  were off by 100 in aphel_genesisII MIB, and bump MIB version to
	  0.46 (patch from Sven Nilsson)

2011-10-14  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3288] docs/, docs/images/nut-logo.png,
	  docs/images/nut.svg, docs/website/,
	  docs/website/css/web-layout.css, docs/website/faviconut.ico,
	  docs/website/faviconut.png, docs/website/web-layout.conf: Add the
	  new NUT logo (contributed by Luc Descotils, from Eaton)
	* [r3287] docs/website/web-layout.conf: Fix another W3C validator
	  error (there is no attribute "language" anymore for <script> in
	  XHTML 1.1)
	* [r3286] data/ Remove redundant entry, that
	  probably causes a W3C validator error (end tag for "tr" which is
	  not finished)
	* [r3285] tools/ Only generate static and JSON HCL if
	  we can import json, simplejson and lxml Python modules
	* [r3284] docs/ Remove the user manual dependency on
	  static HCL, which broke Buildbot
	* [r3283], docs/, docs/download.txt,
	  docs/website/ Automate generation of the version
	  release information, in the Download section. This is a rewritten
	  version of commit 3272, this time using Asciidoc mechanism
	  instead of Autoconf
	* [r3282], docs/, tools/,
	  tools/ Add static HCL as a user manual dependency,
	  along with the needed build rules

2011-10-14  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3281] include/ nut_version.h: grab Git revision, if

2011-10-13  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3280] docs/configure.txt: Add missing --with-avahi
	* [r3279] docs/, docs/developer-guide.txt,
	  tools/nut-scanner, tools/nut-scanner/README,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nut-scan.h: Add a 'NUT device discovery'
	  chapter to the developer guide, to document libnutscan
	* [r3278] Enable Avahi automatic support, upon
	* [r3277] docs/man, docs/man/, docs/man/index.txt,
	  docs/man/nutscan.txt: Add an overview manpage for libnutscan
	* [r3276], docs/, docs/download.txt,
	  docs/ Revert commit 3272, which breaks
	  distribution check, while waiting for a suitable solution

2011-10-13  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3275] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: nut-scanner.txt: spelling and
	  style edits

2011-10-13  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3274] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt: Add examples to nut-scanner man

2011-10-12  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3273] docs: Mark download.txt as Subversion ignored, since it
	  is now generated automatically (no functional changes)

2011-10-11  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3272], docs/, docs/download.txt,
	  docs/ Automate generation of the stable release
	  information, in the Download section

2011-10-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3271] drivers/nut-libfreeipmi.c,
	  tools/nut-scanner/scan_avahi.c: Replace <time.h> inclusion by
	  "timehead.h", as per NUT coding standard (Reported by Prachi
	  Gandhi, from Eaton)

2011-10-10  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3270] docs/man/nut-scanner.txt,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nut-scanner.c: Add CIDR option manual

2011-10-10  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3269] scripts/upower/95-upower-hid.rules: Update upower script
	  with Powercom entry
	* [r3268] docs/website/projects.txt: Advertise more the official
	  Windows port, with regard to WinNUT
	* [r3267] Force ChangeLog regeneration upon make dist,
	  in case it has already been generated previously

2011-10-06  Charles Lepple <>

	* [r3266] docs/support.txt: Reduce recommended debug level from 5
	  to 2 in Support page.

2011-10-05  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3265] data/, drivers/powercom-hid.c: Add Powercom
	  BNT-xxxAP (productID 0004) to the list of usbhid-ups supported
	  models (reported by Virus, on Ubuntu Launchpad)

2011-09-30  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3264] data/ Add Belkin F6S600auUSB to the list
	  of blazer_usb supported models (reported by Simon Dwyer)

2011-09-26  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3260] conf/upsd.conf.sample: Complete LISTEN information, with
	  regard to IP v4 or v6 disabled kernel (reported by Pavel Zubkou,
	  Debian bug #598741)
	* [r3259] clients/ Fix forgotten update of libupsclient
	  version information (bump from 1:0:0 to 2:0:1)
	* [r3258] docs/man/bcmxcp.txt, docs/man/blazer.txt,
	  docs/man/dummy-ups.txt: Fix spelling and typo errors (patch from
	  Laurent Bigonville, Debian)
	* [r3257] tools/nut-scanner/scan_xml_http.c: Fix remaining
	  compilation errors on FreeBSD, due to missing <netinet/in.h>
	  header inclusion

2011-09-26  Frederic Bohe <>

	* [r3256] tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-ip.c: Remove AI_NUMERICSERV
	  since it's useless and produces compile error on some systems.
	* [r3255] tools/nut-scanner/nutscan-ip.h: Try to fix FreeBSD build

2011-09-23  Arnaud Quette <>

	* [r3254] docs/config-notes.txt: Add a note on nut-scanner
	* [r3253] docs: Mark some forgotten generated HTML files as
	  Subversion ignored files (no functional changes)
	* [r3252] docs/, docs/developer-guide.txt,
	  docs/new-clients.txt, lib/README: Complete lib/README and convert
	  it to Asciidoc, as 'Appendix B: NUT libraries complementary
	* [r3251], docs/macros.txt, docs/man/,
	  docs/website/, drivers/,
	  m4/nut_check_libfreeipmi.m4, m4/nut_check_libwrap.m4,
	  m4/nut_report_feature.m4, tools/nut-scanner/,
	  tools/nut-scanner/nut-scan.h, tools/nut-scanner/
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