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jNutList example application

This directory contains source files for the jNutList application.
It allows to connect to an UPSD then retrieve devices and their variables.
It is a little example application to show how to use jNut.

jNutList building

As jNut, jNutList is a maven project so a maven environment must be set.
Please reffer to jNut building notes.

jNutList running

jNutList can be run launching it in a console:

	java -jar jNutList-x.x-xxx-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Some parameters can be passed :

	java -jar jNutList-x.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar host port login password

For example:

	java -jar jNutList-x.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar localhost 3493 admin passwd

By default, host is localhost, port is 3493 and login and password are not
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