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Title   : OCF to PC/SC Lite layer
Author  : David Corcoran
Requires: pcsc-lite-0.5.2 or higher 
Purpose : This provides a means to use OCF under
         Unix to talk to PC/SC supported readers

Note: This is pre-alpha stuff so email me with problems.
I'm not an OCF expert so your feedback is valuable.
I have tested this with all the demo applications included
with OCF except the stockbroker demo.

To install type make

To use this make sure this library is copied into a path
that is included in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or that is included
in your such as /usr/lib

You must have pcsc-lite installed (0.5.2) or higher and OCF 1.1.1.

You will also have to include only 1 reader in your /etc/reader.conf

You will need to update your file.  An example
is included.

For questions please contact:

Best Regards,
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