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Version 0.16.1 - 2003-08-25

   * fixed the multiple basedirs and --ignore-case bug
   * fixed recognition of --indent and --ignore-case long options
   * fixed oidua to actually use the --ignore-bad option
   * fixed "bad files" logic for --debug
   * fixed case insensitive sorting of wildcard expansions
   * fixed the broken unescaping of escaped brackets in the format string
   * documented the --merge option
   * improved error handling in the conf module
   * all files now refer to COPYING instead of including a long legal text of
     their own

Version 0.16 - 2003-08-15

   * added customizable output. obsoleting --preset and --width
   * added audiodir module (brand new)
   * added conf module (abstracted from
   * added --merge option to merge output of (partially) identical directories
   * added --strip option to strip empty directories from output trees
   * added --ignore-bad option to not list audiotype failures
   * added support for mp3 spacer files
   * added support for id3-tags in flac-files, thanks to Nathan Owen
   * fixed directory duplication in output. they are never listed twice
   * fixed listing of root directories as nameless
   * fixed a bug in the mp3 profile dectection
   * fixed a compatibility issue with python 2.1.3, thanks to Ford Prefect
   * removed --global-sort option in favour of --merge
   * removed --preset option. use --output instead
   * removed --width option. use --output instead
   * changed the magic line to look for python in the entire path
   * better progress indication
   * more error checking in options parser
   * major code rewrites

Version 0.15.1 - 2003-06-17

   * fixed a crashbug introduced in 0.15. oidua crashed when audiotype failed
     on the first file in a directory
   * turned wildcard expansion off by default
   * added -w/--wildcards option to reenable wildcard expansion
   * removed some error message crippling code
   * added a workaround for win32 NTFS drives
   * removed an obsolete workaround for Real(tm) mp3 files with id3v2

Version 0.15 - 2003-06-16

   * added CTRL-C handling
   * added wildcard support for base directories
   * added base directories sorting option -g/--global-sort
   * added output-file option --file
   * added audiotype failure reports
   * added empty directories omission
   * added progress indication and --quiet
   * added legend to README
   * added --debug option - non-developers can safely ignore it
   * added short/long names for all options (except --debug)
   * fixed a crash bug in the id3v2 code
   * fixed statistics corruption due to audiotype failure
   * changed -p semantics
   * changed -C option to -W
   * changed all error messages to go to stderr
   * new command line parser
   * output has separators between all fields
   * better error handling
   * lots of code factoring and clean up

Version 0.14.1 - 2003-06-12

   * fixed bug in -C
   * fixed bug with -e and trailing directory separators

Version 0.14 - 2003-06-12

   * added FLAC support
   * added Ogg preset guessing
   * added MusePack preset guessing (This actually was in 0.13
     already, we just forgot to mention it. Doh!)
   * added statistics output option -S
   * added HTML output options -H, --text and --bg
   * added case insensitive directory sorting option -i
   * new command line option parser
   * improved flexibility of the preset guessing
   * fixed division by zero for empty directories
   * fixed division by zero for "non measurable" execution times
   * moved Changelog to NEWS
   * moved gpl.txt to COPYING
   * added README
   * added script for building win32 binaries
   * changed the output format again
   * more code clean up

Version 0.13 - 2003-06-06

   * LAME preset guessing implemented. Use with -p
   * major speed up for mp3 files with id3v2 tags
   * small changes to output format
   * minor code clean up

Version 0.12 - 2003-05-30

   * added Changelog
   * added #!-tags
   * added encodings tags
   * updated licence info in

Version 0.11 - 2003-03-25

   * mpc is fixed, although it probably won't work that well on non-SV7 mpc's
   * "special character" problem fixed

Version 0.10 - 2003-03-25

   * initial release
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