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// -*- Mode: C++; c-basic-offset: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-brace-offset: 0; -*-
// Class: dviRenderer
// Class for rendering TeX DVI files.
// Part of KDVI- A previewer for TeX DVI files.
// (C) 2001-2006 Stefan Kebekus. Distributed under the GPL.

#ifndef _dvirenderer_h_
#define _dvirenderer_h_

#include "bigEndianByteReader.h"
//#include "documentRenderer.h"
#include "dviexport.h"
//#include "dvisourceeditor.h"
#include "fontpool.h"
#include "dviPageInfo.h"
#include "pageSize.h"
#include "anchor.h"
#include "prebookmark.h"

#include <ksharedptr.h>
#include <kurl.h>
#include <kprogressdialog.h>
#include <QHash>
#include <QPolygon>
#include <QStack>
#include <QVector>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QtGui/QPrinter>

class Anchor;
class DocumentWidget;
class dvifile;
class dviRenderer;
class ghostscript_interface;
//class infoDialog;
class QEventLoop;
class KProgressDialog;
class PreBookmark;
class TeXFontDefinition;

extern const int MFResolutions[];

class DVI_SourceFileAnchor {
  DVI_SourceFileAnchor() {}
  DVI_SourceFileAnchor(const QString& name, quint32 ln, quint32 pg, const Length& _distance_from_top)
    : fileName(name), line(ln), page(pg),
      distance_from_top(_distance_from_top) {}

  QString    fileName;
  quint32   line;
  quint32   page;
  Length     distance_from_top;

/** Compound of registers, as defined in section 2.6.2 of the DVI
    driver standard, Level 0, published by the TUG DVI driver
    standards committee. */

struct framedata {
  long dvi_h;
  long dvi_v;
  long w;
  long x;
  long y;
  long z;
  int pxl_v;

/* this information is saved when using virtual fonts */

typedef void (dviRenderer::*set_char_proc)(unsigned int, unsigned int);
typedef void (dviRenderer::*parseSpecials)(char *, quint8 *);

struct drawinf {
  struct framedata data;
  TeXFontDefinition* fontp;
  set_char_proc set_char_p;

  QHash<int,TeXFontDefinition*>* fonttable;
  TeXFontDefinition* _virtual;

class dviRenderer : public QObject /*: public DocumentRenderer*/, bigEndianByteReader

  dviRenderer(bool useFontHinting);
  virtual ~dviRenderer();

  virtual bool  setFile(const QString &fname, const KUrl &base);

  dvifile* dviFile;

#if 0
  bool isModified() const {return _isModified;};

  void          setPrefs(bool flag_showPS, const QString &editorCommand, bool useFontHints );

  virtual bool  supportsTextSearch() const {return true;}

  bool          showPS() { return _postscript; }
  int           curr_page() { return current_page+1; }
  virtual bool  isValidFile(const QString& fileName) const;

  /** This method will try to parse the reference part of the DVI
      file's URL, (either a number, which is supposed to be a page
      number, or src:<line><filename>) and see if a corresponding
      section of the DVI file can be found. If so, it returns an
      anchor to that section. If not, it returns an invalid anchor. */
  virtual Anchor parseReference(const QString &reference);

  Anchor findAnchor(const QString &);

  virtual PageNumber totalPages() const;

  void setParentWidget(QWidget *parent) {parentWidget = parent;}

  void setEventLoop(QEventLoop *el);

#if 0
  /** Called by the exporter or editor in order to update the
   *  contents of the global info dialog with @c text.
  void update_info_dialog(const QString& text, bool clear = false);

  // These should not be public... only for the moment
  void          read_postamble();
  void          draw_part(double current_dimconv, bool is_vfmacro);
  void          set_vf_char(unsigned int cmd, unsigned int ch);
  void          set_char(unsigned int cmd, unsigned int ch);
  void          set_empty_char(unsigned int cmd, unsigned int ch);
  void          set_no_char(unsigned int cmd, unsigned int ch);
  void          applicationDoSpecial(char * cp);

  void          special(long nbytes);
  void          printErrorMsgForSpecials(const QString& msg);
  void          color_special(const QString& msg);
  void          html_href_special(const QString& msg);
  void          html_anchor_end();
  void          draw_page();
  void          export_finished(const DVIExport*);
//void          editor_finished(const DVISourceEditor*);

public slots:
  void          exportPS(const QString& fname = QString(), const QStringList& options = QStringList(), QPrinter* printer = 0, QPrinter::Orientation orientation = QPrinter::Portrait);
  void          exportPDF();

//void          showInfo();
  void          handleSRCLink(const QString &linkText, const QPoint& point, DocumentWidget *widget);

  void          embedPostScript();

  /** simply emits "setStatusBarText( QString::null )". This is used	//krazy:exclude=nullstrassign for old broken gcc
      in dviRenderer::mouseMoveEvent(), see the explanation there. */
  void          clearStatusBar();

  virtual void  drawPage(RenderedDocumentPagePixmap* page);
  virtual void  getText(RenderedDocumentPagePixmap* page);

  SimplePageSize sizeOfPage(const PageNumber& page);

  QVector<PreBookmark> getPrebookmarks() const { return prebookmarks; }

  const QVector<DVI_SourceFileAnchor>& sourceAnchors() { return sourceHyperLinkAnchors; }

private slots:
  /** This method shows a dialog that tells the user that source
      information is present, and gives the opportunity to open the
      manual and learn more about forward and inverse search */
//  void          showThatSourceInformationIsPresent();

  friend class DVIExportToPS;
  friend class DVIExport;
//  friend class DVISourceEditor;

  /** URL to the DVI file
      This field is initialized by the setFile() method. See the
      explanation there. */
  KUrl baseURL;

  /** This method parses a color specification of type "gray 0.5", "rgb
      0.5 0.7 1.0", "hsb ...", "cmyk .." or "PineGreen". See the source
      code for details. */
  QColor parseColorSpecification(const QString& colorSpec);

  /** This map contains the colors which are known by name. This field
      is initialized in the method parseColorSpecification() as soon as
      it is needed. */
  QMap<QString, QColor> namedColors;

  /** This method locates special PDF characters in a string and
      replaces them by UTF8. See Section 3.2.3 of the PDF reference
      guide for information */
  QString PDFencodingToQString(const QString& pdfstring);

  void  setResolution(double resolution_in_DPI);

  fontPool      font_pool;
  //infoDialog    *info;

  double        resolutionInDPI;

  // @@@ explanation
  void          prescan(parseSpecials specialParser);
  void          prescan_embedPS(char *cp, quint8 *);
  void          prescan_removePageSizeInfo(char *cp, quint8 *);
  void          prescan_parseSpecials(char *cp, quint8 *);
  void          prescan_ParsePapersizeSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParseBackgroundSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParseHTMLAnchorSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParsePSHeaderSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParsePSBangSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParsePSQuoteSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParsePSSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParsePSFileSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_ParseSourceSpecial(const QString& cp);
  void          prescan_setChar(unsigned int ch);

  /* */
  QVector<PreBookmark> prebookmarks;

  /** Utility fields used by the embedPostScript method*/
  KProgressDialog *embedPS_progress;
  quint16         embedPS_numOfProgressedFiles;

  /** Shrink factor. Units are not quite clear */
  double        shrinkfactor;

  QString       errorMsg;

  /** Methods which handle certain special commands. */
  void epsf_special(const QString& cp);
  void source_special(const QString& cp);

  /** TPIC specials */
  void TPIC_setPen_special(const QString& cp);
  void TPIC_addPath_special(const QString& cp);
  void TPIC_flushPath_special();

  /** This timer is used to delay clearing of the statusbar. Clearing
      the statusbar is delayed to avoid awful flickering when the
      mouse moves over a block of text that contains source
      hyperlinks. The signal timeout() is connected to the method
      clearStatusBar() of *this. */
  QTimer        clearStatusBarTimer;

  // List of source-hyperlinks on all pages. This vector is generated
  // when the DVI-file is first loaded, i.e. when draw_part is called
  // with PostScriptOutPutString != NULL
  QVector<DVI_SourceFileAnchor>  sourceHyperLinkAnchors;

  // If not NULL, the text currently drawn represents a source
  // hyperlink to the (relative) URL given in the string;
  QString          *source_href;

  // If not NULL, the text currently drawn represents a hyperlink to
  // the (relative) URL given in the string;
  QString          *HTML_href;

  QString           editorCommand;

  /** Stack for register compounds, used for the DVI-commands PUSH/POP
      as explained in section 2.5 and 2.6.2 of the DVI driver standard,
      Level 0, published by the TUG DVI driver standards committee. */
  QStack<framedata> stack;

  /** A stack where color are stored, according to the documentation of
      DVIPS */
  QStack<QColor> colorStack;

  /** The global color is to be used when the color stack is empty */
  QColor              globalColor;

  /** If PostScriptOutPutFile is non-zero, then no rendering takes
      place. Instead, the PostScript code which is generated by the
      \special-commands is written to the PostScriptString */
  QString          *PostScriptOutPutString;

  ghostscript_interface *PS_interface;

  /** true, if gs should be used, otherwise, only bounding boxes are
      drawn. */
  bool               _postscript;

  /** This flag is used when rendering a dvi-page. It is set to "true"
      when any dvi-command other than "set" or "put" series of commands
      is encountered. This is considered to mark the end of a word. */
  bool              line_boundary_encountered;
  bool              word_boundary_encountered;

  unsigned int           current_page;

  /** Data required for handling TPIC specials */
  float       penWidth_in_mInch;
  QPolygon TPIC_path;
  quint16    number_of_elements_in_path;

  drawinf currinf;
  RenderedDocumentPagePixmap* currentlyDrawnPage;
  QMap<const DVIExport*, KSharedPtr<DVIExport> > all_exports_;
  //KSharedPtr<DVISourceEditor> editor_;

  /** Flag if document is modified

  This flag indicates if the document was modified after it was
  loaded. It is set to 'false' in the constructor, in the clear() and
  setFile() method. It can be set to 'true' be methods that modify the
  document (e.g. the deletePages() method of the djvu implementation
  of this class).
  bool _isModified;

  QMutex mutex;
  quint16  numPages;

  //TODO: merge into dviPageInfo
  QVector<SimplePageSize> pageSizes;

  QMap<QString, Anchor> anchorList;

  /** pointer to the parent widget

  This pointer can be used by implementations e.g. to display error
  messages. This pointer can well be zero.
  QWidget* parentWidget;

  QEventLoop* m_eventLoop;

  QPainter* foreGroundPainter;

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