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What is this? 
An audio SPI implementation for java that uses PulseAudio as a mixer 
(so as a bonus you get all of the ear candy that PulseAudio provides)

How To Build?

  autoreconf && ./configure && ant && make

Note: Building requires PulseAudio 0.9.12 and java-devel etc..
How To Run the Tests?

After building, do:
  ant test

  (a few tests might fail; they test the networking capabilities of PulseAudio 

Where does it come from?
All of the code was written by the authors

The sound files new.wav and logout.wav were taken from (and renamed). 
They are licensed by the copyright holders as GPLv2.

The sound file error.wav is part of gnome-audio
It is licensed under the LGPL by the copyright holders.
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